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The opera "Red Gang Tailor" debuted at the National Grand Theater 2013-09-16


Two nights ago, the original opera "Red Gang Tailor" jointly produced by the city and the Central Opera House was unveiled at the National Grand Theatre and participated in the "2013 National Art Academy Performance Season Excellent Show", with the excitement of the drama. The unfolding of the love story, the gangsters from Ningbo to the world, the hard-working entrepreneurs, and the legendary story of Yu Yucheng became familiar and moved by more audiences. The "Red Gang Tailor" went to Beijing for performance. After the large-scale folk dance drama "Shili Red Makeup", the repertoire created by the city once again boarded the stage of the National Grand Theater. It was also the "Red Gang Tailor" which was successively in Beijing and Ningbo in May this year. Shanghai made its debut after the first round of tour. Four months apart, the newly presented repertoire has undergone new changes in the beauty of the dance and the plot. In the second act of the original drama, when the heroes and heroines of God and the embroidered pirates, the two men jumped into the sea to escape the pirates. Last night, they changed to embroidered one person to jump into the sea, and God escaped; some lines were changed to be more in line with the opera. The singing habits are more elegant. In addition, the stage background of the sea in the original drama was changed to multimedia projection, which enhanced the stage effect. "According to the opinions of the experts and the audience after the last tour, we have been revising and rehearsing these past few months. We have made many changes in the details without changing the overall story frame." The dean of the Central Opera House, the artistic director of the drama, and the commander Yu Feng said in an interview with reporters that "the revisions have made the drama more refined. Our goal is to create an opera that can stand up in art and let the country The audience around the world resonated.” Yu Feng was very satisfied with the performance of the play at the National Grand Theatre. He said that the audience was very high and orderly compared to the audience in the performances in Ningbo. He said that the show will be changed and continued to be polished. "It is possible to increase the number of curtains and the end of the duo, so that it will be perfected." Last night, a number of leaders and experts from the Ministry of Culture came to watch it. The director of the show, Wang Huquan, believes that this is not only a concern for an opera, but also a concern for the form of “central cooperation”. The “Red Gang Tailor” is a model for successful cooperation between national art academies and local art groups. .