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The 30th Anniversary of the "Pan Wife" Celebration Plum Blossom Awards at the Chang'an Grand Theatre 2013-09-22


The misty waters of the south of the Yangtze River, the stream flowing through the bluestone slabs, and the sound of the "唉咗唉咗" of the bearers came from afar... Last night, the drama "The Wife", the local opera that once shocked the Chinese drama industry, appeared in the capital. Beijing, once again demonstrated her charm at the Chang'an Grand Theatre, and let more than 700 experts and audiences lament that "it is a classic." To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award, the Chinese Literary Federation and the Chinese Drama Association selected 30 of the hundreds of repertoires that have been starring in the Plum Blossom Awards for 30 years. As the "a landmark drama in the history of the opera", the drama "Pan Wife" includes almost all the drama awards in China. Starring Wang Jinwen won the 20th Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award for the play. "The Wife" is among the first to be invited. In September in Beijing, the plum blossoms are fragrant, and the famous artists gather together, which is comparable to the "Dance National Games". 30 boutique repertoires gathered in Beijing to receive a review of the audience in the capital. "Daily Wife" was invited by the Chinese Opera Society in 2007 to perform at the Beijing Capital Theater. With its profound humanistic consciousness and exquisite and beautiful tragic opera style, it has touched the hearts of countless audiences. Last night's audience missed the special occasion to make up for the regrets, and some people who have watched it again and again. Everyone came here. The nearly 700-seat Chang'an Grand Theatre is almost packed. A viewer who has watched several dramas such as the Jin Opera "High Red Lantern", the Henan Opera "Red Plum under the Scythe", the Yue Opera "The Beauty", and the Pingju "My Hulan River" said, "Dian The beauty of the artist's atmosphere is still unique among the many plum blossom actor's fine plays, especially her simple but elegant and refined stage style is unmatched by many large production repertoires. It is a classic." (Ningbo City Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd.)