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"Shen Guangwen" walked on the stage of the Yue Opera, the opening ceremony of the original drama of the Cangzhou Yue Opera Troupe 2013-09-25


A sudden storm, overturned a passenger ship on the sea, on the one hand, the voice of his wife's heartbreaking, and on the other, the unconscious, Shen Guangwen... Last night, the original drama "Shen Guangwen" of the Cangzhou Yue Opera Troupe was in Zhangzhou. The premiere of the Art Center is also the first time that Shen Guangwen’s image is presented on the stage of Yue Opera. Shen Guangwen, a literati from Zhangzhou, broadcasts the “seeds” of culture in Taiwan, allowing Chinese culture to take root and flourish in Baodao. "Shen Guangwen is not only a literati, he is still a politician, and even knows medical skills. Before writing this drama, the information I read about Shen Guangwen was piled up to 20 cm high." The screenwriter Zhang Yong said that he was using his hand to draw "It can be said that Shen Guangwen's life is like a magnificent picture." To condense such a magnificent picture into a two-hour, 20-minute play, Zhang Yong said: "At the beginning of the creation, it was really painful and it took a lot of detours. In fact, the Yue opera "Shen Guang Wen" presented to the audience last night has been revised several times. "The Yue opera is not a documentary after all. If you want to fully express a person, you can't show anything." After understanding this point, Zhang Yong cut off the "branches" and left only "Shen Guangwen promoted China in Taiwan." Culture is the main line. The reporter saw last night that the whole drama was loyal to history. Including Shen Guangwen's establishment of the Chinese language and literature enlightenment education in Taiwan, the use of Chinese herbal medicine to cure diseases and save people, and even his "Taiwan 舆图考" became the historical details of Zheng Chenggong's guiding blueprint for the recovery of Taiwan, which is also reflected in the drama. "Shen Guang Wen" is a Yue opera based on real historical figures. How can it attract audiences? Director Yu Keping particularly emphasized the word "good-looking". "Writing history is to seek truth from facts, but drama is to seek truth from facts. On the stage, Shen Guangwen must be loyal to history and jump out of history." Yu Keping told reporters that the drama mainly shows the three aspects of Shen Guangwen: patriotism, Husband and wife and teachers and students. The reporter found that Shen Guangwen in the drama is not a high-ranking Hongru, but an ordinary person with flesh and blood: just arrived in Taiwan, his wife is still alive and dead, he is suffering in the silence, he has no smile all day; he is surprised to learn that his wife is still alive. At the time, he was very happy and wanted to see his wife right away. Especially the last scene: Shen Guangwen and Zheng Chenggong’s son Zheng Jing clash, Zheng Jing killed Chen Guangwen’s wife. In this scene, Shen Guangwen insisted on the values ​​of Confucian culture, and had deep affection for his wife. The huge emotional conflict broke out in an instant. Yan Peiqin, head of the Cangzhou Yue Opera Troupe, is very confident about this play. She told reporters that "Shen Guangwen" is like a cup of tea. "You need to slowly produce it. The more you smell, the more you will taste it later." Xingguang Village, Shijie Street, Yinzhou District, is Shen Guangwen. Birthplace. There are still many descendants of Shen's life here. Last night's performance, many of the audience in the audience were the villagers of Xingguang Village. Shen Qiyao is one of them. He nodded from time to time during the watching process. He told reporters: "This Shen Guangwen on the stage is more full than I know." Shen Qiyao said that he did not know much about Shen Guangwen before. After a trip to Taiwan, Shen Guangwen’s image was slowly established in his mind. “I saw Shen Guangwen again after watching the play today.” Shen Mao is the father of Shen Qiyao, and Shen Shen once read the rehearsal of Shen Guangwen. ,"Quite good looking". But at the time, he also put forward an opinion: "Shen Guangwen was already in his 40s when he went to Taiwan. The actor's appearance was slightly tender." When he saw the performance last night, Lao Shen was satisfied. "They adjusted. Chen Erdan Shen Guangwen is almost the same as the Shen Guangwen I have in mind. Shen Guangwen, a native of Jixian County, has a character, and is a singer, born in Wanli forty years (1612). After the Qing soldiers entered the customs, he resolutely entered the struggle against the Qing, and was under the post of the Minister of the Ministry of Sealing. In the nine years of Shunzhi (1652), he drifted to Taiwan with his family. At that time, Taiwan was occupied by Dutch colonists and promoted Dutch education. Shen Guangwen was buried in the name of the innocence, and he tried to spread the Chinese culture with his children in the Chinese language. He worked hard and explored geography over the years. He inspected the mountains, rivers, minerals and port roads in Taiwan, interviewed folk customs, and detailed records of all things. He accumulated a lot of information for the creation of Taiwan's first geographical essay, "Taiwan's 舆图考". Shen Guangwen has been in Taiwan for 30 years and has written a large number of poems. His works include "Taiwan's Illustrated Picture", "Grasswood Miscellaneous", "Taiwan Fu", "Flower Residence" and "Wenkai Poetry Anthology". In 1688, Shen Guangwen died in Taihua, Tainan. His achievements as a pioneer of Taiwanese culture were always commemorated by the people of Taiwan. Many colleges respect Shen Guangwen as "Taiwan Confucius". Now Tainan County has left many roads, bridges, street pavilions and poetry clubs named after "Wen Kai" and "Wen Guang".