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The four most typical beach spring games are re-launched 2013-09-26


The picture shows the rehearsal site. "The seventy-two small dramas of the beach spring are recognized as the early representative works of the opera. After more than half a year of excavation, sorting and rehearsal, we selected the most typical four-playing dramas, "Pull Orchid", "Double River" and "Kang Wang". The Temple and the 扒 扒 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与 与Dean Guo Guoqiang told reporters yesterday that "this show is completely 'repairing the old as old', is the grassroots and the most folk performance." According to reports, before 1939, the main performance of Shanghai's Ningbo Beach Spring was seven. Twelve plays can still be seen in the 1950s, but since then these repertoires have disappeared on the stage for many years. "The later actor has only heard of it, but no one knows the whole picture." Guo Guoqiang said that in the "Rescue Protection Project of the Old Artists of the Opera" of the Municipal Art Research Institute last year, the staff occasionally discovered about 70. Some clues and scripts for the second play. "We can't just stay on the paper, but also resurrect the classic parts of these traditional plays." The four small plays that will meet the audience belong to the Qing opera, the Liyuan opera and the grass flower play. Guo Guoqiang believes that four out The biggest feature of the small play is “grassroots and folk”, which can represent the artistic characteristics of the traditional Ningbo beach spring. It was very popular at that time. “It reflects the thoughts and emotions of the lowest working people, including a lot of original wisdom, grounding. The performing art of the air and the simple grassroots style are valuable historical experiences for today's dramas and other art forms.” The actors who participated in this performance were based on the folk troupe Jiangshan troupe and were invited. Some old artists joined. "The effect of the overall performance theater will reflect the relaxed rhythm and style of the old beach spring drama. The old audience may recall the memories of watching the drama in childhood, as if the time goes by, the picture of Ningbo life a hundred years ago reappears." Guo Guoqiang said. Wu Xingkang, the director of the drama drama center and the famous actor actor, took the stage to be a squad. "I will blow the whistle and stop the game, and I will show you the drama." Yesterday, he introduced: "The old stage The dance scenes are very simple, only the two lights above the stage, the audience are directed at the actors to perform. Therefore, our props are also very simple and simple, no complicated lighting design, the soundtrack is also original. In order to find the ancient arias, Wo Xingkang recorded the sings from the old artists, let the actors learn to sing the original vocals. These rhymes and vocals may not have been heard by the old actors who have been from the art for many years. This performance will be reproduced one by one. The "seventy-two small plays" are used to being regarded as early representatives of the traditional dramas of the opera. The content of the local flavor is very strong, basically the ordinary people at that time as the main public, focusing on their democratic spirit of demanding freedom of marriage. Only the "Liuzhou House", "Kangwang Temple" and "Wang Auntie Make Up the Cylinder" are three historical dramas and historical dramas. The thinking tendency of most dramas is healthy, and there are a few things that cater to the low-level tastes. Seventy-two plays were scattered everywhere and have not been systematically sorted out. Seventy-two small plays are divided into five types: Qingke Opera, Grass Flower Play, Family Play, Liyuan Opera, and Comprehensive Play. The Qingke Opera is dominated by Xiaosheng, Zhengdan and Caidan, with the largest proportion, a total of 38, such as "Ancestral Hall", "Window Building", "Double Falling Hair", "Pull Orchid", etc.; Mainly, there are 11 out, such as "selling 馄饨", "selling winter vegetables", "selling garbage", etc.; "Kangwang Temple" and other Liyuan operas are transplanted from other operas, there are 8 out; There are more than five plays, which are late in the period, most of which came out after Ningbo Beach Spring entered Shanghai. The comprehensive drama is a ten-horse wave drama, which is a big drama. It can be seen that Ningbo Beach Spring is from small play to big drama. The historical process of evolution is divided into ten sections, each of which can be performed separately.