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Yi Xue Research Association President Yucheng opens a lecture on Yi Xue and architectural culture 2013-09-28


Yi Xue is a profound and profound study. The so-called "easy way is vast, all-inclusive", and there is a saying that "Easy" is the head of the group. When it comes to Yi Xue, people often think of folk art. How to treat Yi Xue? How to correctly understand some "foresight" in Yi Xue? How to evaluate the forecasting function in Yi Xue? On the last weekend of September, Zhang Tao, Dean of the China Institute of Yi Xue Culture at Beijing Normal University, went to the “Tianyi Lecture Hall” of the Ningbo Library, and talked with the general audience about Yi Xue and architecture. Professor Zhang Tao has long been engaged in the research and teaching of ancient Chinese history, Chinese academic thought history and historical philology, especially in the study of Yi Xue culture. Yi Xue is a summary of our ancestors' experience. Zhou Yi has profoundly reflected the entire history of the Chinese nation. It is a summary of our ancestors' experience. As far as alchemy is concerned, there is indeed a predictive function, but it is impossible to ask for 100% accuracy. This is just a matter of probability. In the past, we divided the Yi-School into an elite-learning and folk-learning, alchemy, which belongs to the mathematics of Yi Xuezhong, and also belongs to the scope of folk Yi Xue. However, we believe that elites should not be separated from the private sector. Without the power of the people, Yi Xue can't influence such a wide range. In fact, in the past, elites and the private sector were the same. Today, they should also communicate with each other. Feng Shui is a feng shui of traditional Chinese architectural culture and Yi Xue culture. It is not only an architectural issue in China, but also closely related to psychology, education, sociology and political science. It is an architectural category, but it speaks five lines and gossip and is linked to the fate of people. The ancients believed that Feng Shui and human self-improvement and all-round development were closely related to the spiritual realm of human beings and even to the career prospects of people. If you say it as superstition, you can't say it. The ancients said: "One life, two transports, three feng shui." This is closely integrated with our modern technology and modern civilization. Chinese architecture is not just a building, it is also a matter of spiritual thought. Chinese people like to buy new homes and hate second-hand housing, which is a good testimony. Someone once bought a second-hand house in Beijing. Later, I realized that the house had died before, and then I sue the landlord, saying that you have not told me that you have died. The court supported the woman’s claim. Here, the law supports theism, which is a manifestation of Chinese culture. The problem of feng shui is still to be respected by our people. The feng shui master is not a profession on the mainland, for various reasons the current feng shui master is not a profession. But Feng Shui masters have a market abroad. Last year it was said to be a Feng Shui company in Singapore, which was listed in London. Now (the mainland) there are a lot of companies that consulted to do this first (see Feng Shui). On the one hand, it illustrates the diversification and diversification of the development of our society. This is a means for all sectors of society to make a living. This shows that there is demand in society. But over-financing, there must be problems. (Ningbo City Library)