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Ningbo Cultural Square opened its civic culture festival yesterday 2013-09-29


Yesterday morning, the people's square in Ningbo Cultural Square was crowded and colorful. The opening ceremony of the first opening of the Ningbo Cultural Square and the Citizen Culture Festival was held here. At the simple and grand opening ceremony, the leaders of the city, such as Shou Yongnian, Yu Hongyi, Hu Yudun, Zhang Minghua, and Jiang Jianwei, and the children released the colorful balloons, wishing Ningbo's cultural undertakings and cultural industry to prosper and develop. Ningbo Cultural Square is a large-scale public cultural complex project that is decided by the municipal party committee and the municipal government to implement market-oriented operation and industrialization development. With the theme of technology, art and fashion, Cultural Square covers the main functions of film and television performing arts, technology display, children's entertainment, education and training, physical fitness, art salon, etc., including Poly Theatre, CGV Studios, Danish Lego Education, The well-known cultural brands at home and abroad, such as the Expo Yule Bay and the China Sports Group, and the leading enterprises in the industry provide a comprehensive and multi-level cultural experience for the citizens through professional and diversified market operations. After the opening ceremony, the parade team consisting of more than 300 students from Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Technology College presented the first cultural feast to the public. The sci-fi, film, cartoon, and carnival parade performances interacted with the citizens and guided The public can appreciate the major functional blocks and the main store lineup of the Cultural Square. According to reports, the Cultural Square will introduce and host a series of public cultural activities. The Citizens' Cultural Festival, which was opened yesterday, is the first large-scale public cultural event for the public. During the National Day, the Cultural Square will also carry out the first Citizens' Fitness Festival, the Lego Children's Intelligence Competition, the Alafi Relics, and the "Sports Cup" Sports Photography Exhibition. Cartoon characters such as Kung Fu Panda and Robot Cat are performing parade performances in the square.