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City Cultural Center Piece, October 3rd, the National TV Commodity Competition 2013-10-02


Created and directed by Huang Ping, a drama cadre of Ningbo Cultural Center, the essay "Sunshine Apartment" performed by the Stars Drama Club will be on the evening of October 3rd in the finals of the "Ninth National TV Commodity Competition" of CCTV. The 9th National TV Commodity Competition was launched at the end of August 2013. It has collected hundreds of outstanding original works for major professional colleges, art colleges, local units, social groups and individuals. After the rigorous screening of the preliminary evaluation and re-evaluation of the expert judges, the essay “Sunshine Apartment” created by Huang Ping of Ningbo Cultural Center was distinguished by many novelities, innovative methods and unique arrangements. It was promoted together with 24 original excellent pieces from all over the country. The final, and the first appearance in the final of the evening of October 3 (the fourth game). Speaking of the inspiration for the creation of "Sunshine Apartment", it also originated from the daily rehearsal of the Stars Drama Club. As a drama cadre of the Ningbo Cultural Center, Huang Ping established this young drama community in 2010 with the support of the leaders of the museum. Through the fragmentary training of tiny items, the performance level of the players was rapidly improved. A whim, Huang Ping decided to make a bold attempt in the form of a combination of fragments, "Sunshine Apartment" was born. In 2011, "Sunshine Apartment" debuted in the Zhejiang Drama Essay Competition, and won a double gold medal in the creation performance. Then, under the advice of the experts, major adjustments were made from the director's technique. In 2012, the silver medal of the East China Region's essay contest was included. After winning consecutive awards, Huang Ping did not stop. He is still thinking about how to make the relationship between people more reasonable and the stage rhythm more compact. In September 2013, Huang Ping participated in the selection of the China Drama Competition, Qianjiang Division, with a re-arranged version, and was successfully selected for the finals. The good news is always one after another. Just after the selection contest of Qianjiang Division, Huang Ping received the promotion notice issued by the Ninth National TV Commodity Competition. He immediately decided to take the actors to Beijing and immediately put them into the tight country. The finals are in preparation for the finals. The essay "Sunshine Apartment" has undergone three years of polishing, a total of five major changes, in addition to the actor who plays the little girl nanny did not change, the other actor has adjusted. Among them, the actress who plays "her" was temporarily borrowed from the Deqing Cultural Center. In order to participate in the competition, she also changed the wedding scheduled for October 2nd to 6th. This time, in addition to participating in the small-scale performance, she will also participate in the individual competition on behalf of the group of drama drama club. In the essay, Hong Bo, who plays the father, bursts with kidney stones in the morning when he is going to Beijing. In order not to affect the game, he set off with the powerful painkillers. The actor who plays the little boy in the team is just five years old, but he is not on the stage at all. This is the first time in his life to appear on CCTV, which makes the whole family excited. It is reported that the final of the Ninth National TV Commodity Competition will be broadcast live on September 30th - October 4th at CCTV's three sets of 19:30 every night. Welcome everyone to watch it, cheer for our Ningbo works and players! (Ningbo City Cultural Center)