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Feel the "power" and "beauty" of yoga in Tianyi Lecture Hall 2013-10-05


On the afternoon of October 5th, the music of the Tianyi Hall of the Ningbo Library was melodious. Under the leadership of senior yoga coach Guo Yan, hundreds of listeners experienced the breathing control, the introductory movement and the meditation of yoga. Different from the past, the listeners of this lecture not only "listen" to the lecture, but also "moved" the whole process to experience the rhythm, strength and beauty of yoga. Under the guidance of Coach Guo, the listeners adjusted their breathing to relax their body and mind. Then they practiced their shoulders, neck, abdomen, back and leg exercises to stretch their muscles. Finally, they meditated together in the music and felt the peace and peace brought by yoga. With pleasure. Speaker Profile: Guo Yan, a senior yoga instructor, graduated from Beijing Fanyin Yoga College. She has followed the famous Indian yoga master Iyengar, the famous American yoga instructor Lois and many other domestic and foreign yoga masters. He has been engaged in the yoga industry for many years and is proficient in various Yoga genre, good at physiotherapy and body shaping courses, love yoga and health. He has been invited to lecture abroad many times, and has been training many companies in Ningbo for many times. (Ningbo City Library)