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City Law Enforcement Corps Sets Cultural Market Sunshine Law Enforcement Information Platform 2013-10-09


Recently, the Ningbo Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corps, based on the Implementation Measures of the Provincial Cultural Department's Cultural Market Supervision “Sunshine Law Enforcement”, combined with the implementation of the party's mass line education implementation activities, invested more than 20,000 yuan and established the “Sunshine Law Enforcement Information Platform” touch screen. To actively open the relevant information on law enforcement work to the masses, and actively promote the "sunshine law enforcement" work of cultural market supervision. The Sunshine Law Enforcement Information Platform includes information on the general situation of the team, institutional functions, penalties, discretion criteria, penalties, rights notifications, group discussions, case supervision, inspected items, hotlines, laws and regulations, and convenience services. The entrance hall of the office building is prominently located. As long as the parties touch and click, the relevant information will be displayed at a glance and convenient. Through the establishment of the cultural market sunshine law enforcement information platform: First, promoted open law enforcement. In the Sunshine Law Enforcement Information Platform, the responsibilities of the corps and the functions of the corps, laws and regulations, the punishment process, the rights to inform the parties, the reporting phone, the process of checking the goods, and the contact information of law enforcement agencies are disclosed, so that the masses can more fully supervise the law enforcement departments. And its staff members exercise their functions and powers in a fair manner, and achieve the purpose of "restricting power by power" and enhance the transparency of law enforcement. The second is to ensure fair enforcement. In the sunshine law enforcement information platform, the introduction of discretionary standards for administrative punishment, the disclosure of punishment results, the collective discussion process of major cases, the internal case supervision and supervision process, etc., so that the discretionary power of administrative law enforcement personnel has been more directly and effectively supervised and restricted. The accuracy and scientificity of the exercise of discretion have promoted the legal, normative and reasonable exercise of the discretionary power of administrative law enforcement to ensure the fairness and justice of administrative punishment cases. The third is to promote clean law enforcement. Through law enforcement information disclosure, effectively promote the standardization, transparency, cleanliness and efficient operation of law enforcement work, let power run in the sun, let power accept the supervision of the people, promote public justice, promote transparency and transparency, and further promote the diligence of the corps. Building a clean government. (Ningbo City Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corps)