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Close to inheritance sharing 2013-10-10


Recently, the “First Alafi Heritage” hosted by the Ningbo Cultural Center was a wonderful ending. Nearly 30 Chinese old brands from Hangzhou, Huzhou, Wenzhou and Jinhua and nearly 40 outstanding non-legacy projects in Ningbo were displayed. The interactive activities of outstanding non-legacy performances, non-legacy classroom training, non-legacy guards and talent competitions attracted a total of more than 25,000 people. The Alafi relics allowed the Ningbo people to play a cultural paradigm during the National Day holiday. The actor of Beilun Chaiqiao staged the performance of ancient and modern performances. The actor who is the most famous in his 70s is only 5 or 6 years old. Deqing cadre Moxie sword shows the fan sword carving process. The guardian of the small guards performs in the Ming Dynasty. The four-in-one family boxing, such a non-permanent project, was put on the stage. The dragon dance performance of the Fenghua House in Fenghua was carried out. The Fenghua House and the Dragon Dance Team and the father and son learned to do the Cicheng Water Mill Rice Cake. The audience followed the Xiangshan paper-cut inheritor Xie Caihua at the scene. The beautiful shape of the paper-cut Huanggulin straw mat weaving craft auspicious hydrangea and sachets attracted the audience to take photos. Jiangdong Jinwen's drama club's pipa opera sings Jiangdong Minglou street's prestige, drums, passion, art, young dragon dance kids, the golden dragon dance ups and downs Flying dragonfly is a good-looking young face-painting man to show the exquisite face-lifting skills Ninghai Sangzhou wheat cake rich local flavor Ninghai bamboo heritage inheritor Yu Xingyu show bamboo baskets enthusiastic audiences have raised the camera to retain the wonderful non-legacy picture The first Alafei relics opening scene the grand opening scene of joy 1 joy inaugural Allah Intangible Cultural heritage Department of the inaugural grand 2 Ala non-heritage site grand Wang Sheng Hui live demonstration of big wooden mill The operation process of the box is so powerful that the children of the non-existent spirits of Ningbo have also come to feel the water-grinding skills of the Cicheng rice cake. The Tianjin Dog Buick Booth booth is lined up in front of the Changlong Yuyao Cloth Loom. The curious audience Yuyao Yumeng stunned puppet wrestling Yuyao Yumen puppet wrestling let the audience happy to open the Yuyao Qimen Town folk art group puppet wrestling kiln celadon every step of the process must be carefully carved leaves most woven by the children Welcome to the Alafei Heritage Exchange, an innovative activity carefully planned by the Ningbo Cultural Center and the Municipal Intangible Protection Center. It continues the operation concept of the Ningbo Cultural Center, which has always been open and innovative, and the joint participation of social subjects. Thanks to its original creative design, the first Alafi relic was invited by Ningbo Cultural Square. Under the cooperation of both sides, the non-legacy activities also became the biggest highlight of the Cultural Square Cultural Festival. The Alafi Relics also invited the joining and cooperation of the old-fashioned enterprise associations of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo Mobile TV to jointly create the largest, most-projected and most comprehensive exhibition of non-legacy exhibitions in Ningbo. “Close to Inheritance and Sharing” is the resounding slogan and activity theme of the Ningbo Cultural Center on the first Alafi relic, and this concept is vividly integrated into the creativity of various activities. The presence of a large number of Chinese old-fashioned enterprises is a highlight of this non-legacy, and many of them have entered the non-legacy list of China. The world-class non-legacy project, Hangzhou Fuxing Silk Factory, the protection unit of traditional silkworm woven silk technique in China, moved a 3-meter-long Hangluo weaving machine to the non-legacy site, which opened the eyes of Ningbo audience. The protection unit of Ningbo Tangtuan's production skills introduced a free tasting event of the gnocchi, which attracted everyone to queue up for a delicious taste. These old brands with a deep mass base have brought the super-popularity brought to this non-legacy, which is a good example of the purpose of non-legacy. In addition, the Ningbo Non-legacy Protection Center also moved its own brand “non-legacy class” to the non-legacy meeting. From the elderly in the 60s and 70s to the children of the age of six or seven, nearly 100 citizens learned from the inheritors. The manual art of paper windmills, eucalyptus weaving, dough molding, etc., the teaching scene is very popular. In the “Fire-fighting---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . In front of the stage of “Ancient and Modern Charm—Exhibition of Excellent Non-legacy Projects”, many citizens surrounded the camera and mobile phones. Many parents put their children on their shoulders and rushed to see the mountains of folk artists from Fenghua and Beilun. Performing rumors, puppet wrestling, dragon lion dance and other wonderful performances. Ms. Yan and her friends from Fenghua gathered around the booth to make the Yue Kiln celadon. While taking pictures, she praised: “The first time I saw how to make celadon, this opportunity is too rare. I don’t see enough.” Zhang Shaoyong’s Ma cake and mulberry Before the booth of the wheat cakes, there were long queues. The masters were too busy to eat for lunch, or they were in short supply. The withdrawal time originally scheduled for 4 pm was pushed back and pushed. Many citizens refused to leave until 6 pm and kept asking the staff: "This kind of activity Allah likes it, will there be next year?" "" the first non-heritage Allah exchange "is the cultural center of Ningbo City, Ningbo City, try another innovation of non-heritage protection center, not only for the people of Ningbo Pleasant and delicious food, back to Ningbo and outside the province to build a culture of non-heritage excellent Platform. The advanced practices of many old brands in inheritance protection have also provided fresh experience to the city's intangible protection. Through this gathering of outstanding exhibitions, we are also delighted to see that the future of Ningbo has a broader development space. (Ningbo City Cultural Center)