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Paying Attention to Farmers' Film Culture Life to Meet the Needs of Rural Film Culture 2013-10-19


On the evening of October 19th, the launching ceremony of the 6th China (Ningbo) Peasant Film Festival will be held at Beilun Cinema. The national premiere of the film "King Kong King" will also be held in the same period. The peasant film festival will continue to host the 6th China (Ningbo) Peasant Film Festival "People's Favorite Movies" selection event and the National Rural Film Distribution and Screening Experience Exchange Conference on the theme of "Farmers' Festivals and Film Festivals". The peasant film festival film lecture hall event, the film "King Kong King" national rural premiere event, the China Film Association literary and art volunteer service group under the grassroots activities, the film festival new film screening activities, "Hundred Flowers Screening, Baicun Yingying Activities" and "Ningbo City" Eight events including the awarding ceremony of the corporate public welfare cinema and the national premiere of the "Target War". During the film festival, the promotion of domestic new film promotion will be held. At that time, dozens of producers and distributors will participate in the event. The purpose of this activity is to encourage more producers and distributors to pay attention to rural movies, and to put more domestically produced excellent films into the rural film market, so that the peasants can see more, newer and better movies. This is also a new exploration of the innovative operation mode of the film festival, the introduction of market players, the exploration of government support, business operations, market operations, and the realization of sustainable development mode. The introduction of the “Baihua Film Under the Grassroots” screening event, allowing more cultural volunteers to interact with farmers in Ningbo, is another highlight of this year's film festival. “Hundred Flowers Show” is a charity event set up to match the selection of the “Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival” Hundred Flowers Awards. The film festival's "Hundred Flowers Film, 100 Villages" event is to take advantage of the "Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Award", the brand advantage of the Chinese film industry, let the rural people watch movies, watch good movies, and realize the "Golden Chicken Hundred Flowers Movie". The win-win situation of the festival and the Farmers Film Festival will take the road of sustainable development. In order to make this film festival close to the peasant masses and grounding, during the film festival, the Chinese Film Association's Literary and Art Volunteer Service Group will also enter the Fenghua Xikou to carry out grassroots gathering activities. The grass-roots gathering activities are an initiative of the China Film Association to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress and actively promote the project of cultural benefit to the people. During the event, the volunteer service team will interact and exchange with the villagers and tourists after visiting the new socialist countryside in Xikou, learn from the grassroots people, listen to the demands and voices of the grassroots people, and further strengthen the cultural volunteers. The connection between the people and the masses will enhance the feelings between the two, let cultural volunteers absorb nutrition from the construction of new countryside, stimulate creative inspiration, create better and more excellent film works, and promote the development of socialist cultural undertakings. Great prosperity and make a positive contribution. The film festival will also host the “Ningbo City Public Welfare Cinema Awarding Ceremony”. Public welfare film screening is one of the key livelihood projects promoted by the party and the government. The establishment of a public welfare cinema will enable urban community residents and special groups represented by migrant workers to see movies free of charge, share the fruits of urban development, and promote the equality and convenience of the film. The establishment of a public welfare cinema also symbolizes the transition from “sending a movie” to “planting a movie”. In order to fully implement this film's policy of benefiting the people, Ningbo City will adopt three major measures in the next few years: one is to implement film screening places in large-scale enterprises, install fixed projection equipment; second, free training projection personnel And the gift of digital movie playback equipment, the company will display free movies at any time according to the needs; the third is to provide enterprises with 1,000 screenings to achieve the goal of "skins", so that the new and old Ningbo people can enjoy the film culture and art and enrich their spiritual culture. life. After the awarding ceremony, the domestically produced excellent film "Target War" will be premiered in rural areas and cities nationwide. "Target War" will break the practice of showing film screenings in rural theaters at least three months later than urban cinema screenings. In addition, as one of the important activities of this year's film festival, the one-month "People's favorite film and the most popular male and actresses of the farmers" was announced on September 30th. The selection activities were co-sponsored by the China Film Distribution and Screening Association, the Digital Film Program Management Center of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television. During the period from January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013, the film subscription service platform of the Digital Film Program Management Center of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television will be included in the selection. Considering the order of the order, the type of film and the social benefits, 12 feature films, 6 rural films and 6 science and education films were produced as the candidate films for this selection. The selection activities were conducted by means of issuing and recycling ballots. For the 189 rural cinema lines in 31 provinces (cities) across the country, 15,000 votes were issued, and 1,033 rural people from all over the country participated in the selection. According to the statistics of the ballots, "The People's Tricks of the Way", "The Legend of White Snake" and "Longmen Flying A" were rated as "the best domestically produced films of the peasants"; "I was rated as "the farmer's favorite rural theme film", "Salt and Health" and "Family First Aid" were rated as "peasant's favorite science and education film". Li Lianjie and Fan Bingbing respectively selected "the farmer's favorite male," Actress "laurel. (Ningbo Municipal Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, Radio and Television Office)