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The 117 Art Center of Ningbo Cultural Center launched the creative market “Tianyishengshui” 2014-02-20


On February 23, 12:00-17:00, the 7th "Tianyi Deep Water" Creative Market will be held at the 117 Art Center of Ningbo Cultural Center. The name “Tianyishengshui” was inspired by the famous Tianyi Pavilion in Ningbo. The owner of the cabinet took the word "Tianyi" from the "Yi Yi Sheng Shui, the land is 60%" theory, taking the meaning of "water to fire". The word "Shen Shui" originated from the special group of this special group. The meaning of the fish bones, deep underground, this market is intended to let the underground culture buried deep in the corner of this noisy city in front of everyone. The creative market will include film/old/divination/street/folk/tattoo/handmade/art exhibition/public interest, hand-made objects from the stalls, and items collected by the stalls around the world. Not only the stall owners from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Taizhou, etc., but also the creative people from other provinces. The invited creative team is the tryken crew, an independent young artist group founded in 2009. The green tryken crew consists of five young artists zen, smk, bala, bmk, and con. It is a new creative unit integrating graffiti communication, brand cross-border, graphic design, independent image, tattoo culture and other cultural arts. We look forward to injecting new creative animation DNA into this market. The Eye Market Selects 117 Art Center as the location of this creative market. Not only because of its excellent location, it is located in Tianyi Square, Ningbo Commercial Center, but also because of the purpose and spirit of 117, so that ordinary people can enjoy art. Let the people "take home with art." “Creative Market” is an emerging communication mode that emerges in the development of creative industries. It aims to provide an open and diverse creative environment and display platform for all kinds of emerging designers and artists, advocating personal creativity and spiritual innovation, and encouraging creativity. Establishing a career, especially emphasizing cultural value-added beyond the practical value of products, services, etc. for culture, art, design, etc., is an experimental arena for generating ideas and commercializing creative works. At present, the main form of “creative market” is to provide young people with the opportunity to display and exchange their creative products. The event also incorporates lectures, small concerts, street cultural performances, screenings, creative competitions, etc. The theme is still focused on a variety of specific forms of original culture, becoming a carnival-style youth gathering. Many international metropolises such as London, Paris, and Tokyo all have their own “creative marketplaces”. These fairs have become the starting point for new designers and artists to spread their careers, and their role in promoting local economic development has become increasingly evident. For the current urban development in China, “Creative Market” can effectively build a communication platform for interaction between designers and quality life leaders, which is conducive to enhancing the sense of innovation of the whole society and accelerating the pace of design-driven independent innovation. Discover outstanding talents, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of designers, further expand the growth of design talents, encourage and drive Chinese companies to attach importance to designing and developing original products with independent intellectual property rights, and accelerate the way of economic growth from “Made in China” to “Created in China” "The process of transformation. At present, the creative culture industry is gradually developing in Ningbo. The Creative Market is a very good situation that allows people who love creative life in Ningbo to show themselves at a lower cost through the market. Due to the influence of various aspects of Ningbo, the market culture of the market has entered a relatively late stage. The eye-catching body is the first to bring the market culture into Ningbo for the first time. So far, a total of six issues have been held, "The Eyes of the Creative Market: The Beginning", "The Eyes of the Creative Market: The Mid-Autumn Festival", "The Eyes of the Creative Market, the Third Blood: Chongyang Pension趴 》, "The Eyes of the Creative Market: The Mobile Circus", "The Eyes of the Creative Market: Scientific Exploration", "The Eyes of the Creative Market: Mistaken into the Heaven" reached nearly one million The amount of transactions, the number of young people involved is also close to hundreds of thousands. (Ningbo City Cultural Center)