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7 years, love the Ningbo Museum 2014-12-08


Smiling faces, enthusiastic guidance and professional explanations, Ningbo Museum volunteers have accompanied the visitors through seven spring and autumn. In the past seven years, in their beautiful explanations, the historical scroll of the city slowly unfolded. Today, let us listen to their ups and downs and see how they are doing their best to inherit the culture and make unremitting efforts to promote and share human civilization. In the two years of life in Ningbo, Shu Ai has been able to communicate smoothly with Chinese friends from a German who does not understand Chinese at all. In March of this year, she joined the volunteer team of the Ningbo Museum and became a design team volunteer. After coming to Ningbo, Ai did not continue to work, but gave the husband the task of making money and raising a family, and concentrated on learning Chinese and local culture. "Some foreign friends come to China to work, and new friends are limited. This way, there is no way to understand the culture of a city." In Ningbo, Aizhen has more Chinese friends than foreign friends. “I like the Tianyi Pavilion, Art Museum and Museum in Ningbo,” she said. The first time I went to the Ningbo Museum, Ai was attracted to the folk museum. The "Ten Red Makeup" and the old-fashioned display in the exhibition hall made Aizhen feel very fresh. "I have also been to the Zhao Da You South Store on Nantang Old Street. I like the buns they sell." I learned that the Ningbo Museum is in Recruiting foreign volunteers, Ai Wei immediately decided to join. Before coming to China, Ai was a professional graphic designer. She opened her own design studio in Germany. She worked in German local TV stations for many years. She also designed the German team for the 2008 European Cup and Beijing Olympic Games. Official magazine. In her spare time, Ai Wei is a volunteer of the local Braille magazine, helping them to design some textbooks for the blind. "I am very happy to join the volunteer team in Ningbo," she said. The "Ningbo Museum Volunteers 5th Anniversary" is a Chinese magazine designed by Ai Wei for the Ningbo Museum. It has an international perspective. “In the process of participating in the design of the Ningbo Museum publication, I further understood the history and culture of Ningbo, and I am very happy and enjoyable,” she said. Zhong Ning took the baby as a commentator at the Ningbo Museum. There is often a young volunteer who takes the baby to explain to the visitors. She is the volunteer of the Ningbo Museum, Zhong Ning, the baby in the stroller is her 24-month-old daughter. Zhongning is a native of Jilin. After graduating from university in 2004, she went to Ningbo to work in foreign trade. After the establishment of the Ningbo Museum, she used her spare time to volunteer, and became one of the volunteers who can explain the whole process of the Ningbo Museum. In 2009, she became an outstanding volunteer of the Ningbo Museum. In 2011, she was named an outstanding volunteer of Ningbo City. In 2012, she was awarded the title of Samsung Volunteer of Ningbo Museum. Six months after the child was born, Zhong Ning began to take the baby to the museum to explain. "Before she was small, I was holding her when I explained. She used to sleep. Now she is big, she can sit in the stroller. In other strange places, the child will cry, but in the museum, she will It will be quiet. I do what I like to do, there is nothing worth paying attention to.” Zhong Ning said that the museum is safe, the visitors are friendly, and the children are always healthy. After the child was born, Zhong Ning started a full-time mother. She felt that volunteering at the museum could help others, and she and her children could be edified. When Kim Jongke explained that the boy was obsessed with Kim Jong-il’s graduation, he chose to be a tour guide because he loved history and culture, and he has won many excellent rankings of national tour guides. One afternoon, a woman hurried to the service desk. She said that 19 of them came from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Because they like Ningbo, they came to visit the Ningbo Museum. I hope to find a volunteer lecturer to explain to them. "I will tell you," a little fat, glasses-dressed man stood up. During the conversation, he took the microphone and came to everyone with a whirlwind of portable headsets. Explain that the Ningbo Museum cannot but say that the characteristic construction inside it--the corrugated wall, the young man's exploration of the corrugated wall suddenly attracted the attention of the visitors. “Ningbo is located on the coast of the East China Sea and is a pearl of the East China Sea. Therefore, the exhibition hall of Ningbo history is called the Oriental Shenzhou. The East, taken from the geographical location of Ningbo, Shenzhou, taken from a miles built in Ningbo during the Southern Song Dynasty. Shenzhou, used to sail to Goryeo, this is the beginning of Ningbo history.” The young man stood in front of the Oriental Shenzhou Pavilion on the second floor, and the slightly magnetic baritone attracted more visitors. More and more people gathered around. . The professional explanations of the young people aroused everyone's curiosity and let them appreciate the development and prosperity of Ningbo's history, deep and heavy. In the explanation, he also raised a question from time to time, greatly mobilizing everyone's enthusiasm. The team moved with the pace of the young man. There was a little boy who listened very seriously and kept close to the young man. His mother couldn’t help but shouted: "You are almost a bodyguard!" The little boy dressed up a face again. Followed in. More than an hour passed quickly. The young man started from Ningbo's seven thousand-year-old Hemudu culture and talked about Ningbo in modern times. He explained the history of Ningbo in his own way and deepened the visitor's history and civilization development in Ningbo. To understanding. At the end of the explanation, everyone gave a warm applause. "The young man spoke too well, really no white!" An aunt sighed. This young man is a volunteer of the museum, Kim Jok, a new Ningbo native. Because I like history and culture, I came to Ningbo. Because I like Ningbo Museum, he stayed at the museum for 6 days in the Spring Festival of 2013. He provided volunteers to explain the visitors from all over the country and brought you the charm of Ningbo culture. (Ningbo Museum)