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The opening ceremony of Tianyige's family tree culture opened for the famous city day 2014-12-08


Looking for the roots of your ancestors? Want to see what the family tree is like? Then hurry to Tianyi Pavilion. On December 7th, Tianyi Pavilion held a grand ceremony for the donation ceremony of the collection of the genealogy of the family of Hong Kong Dr. Zheng Yuming and the opening ceremony of the roots of the family tree, which opened the ring for the sixth “Historical and Cultural City Protection Day” in Ningbo. It also presented a feast of family culture to the public. The guests attending the ceremony included Mr. Zheng Yuming, the director of the academic department of the Rao Zongyi Academic Hall of the University of Hong Kong, Zhang Minghua, deputy mayor of Ningbo, Chen Jiaqiang, director of the Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, Zhao Jun, deputy director of the Ningbo Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and Zhejiang books. Xu Xiaojun, curator of the museum, Wang Heming, former director of the Shanghai Library History and Literature Research Institute, and the first person of the folk genealogy collection, such as Li Shuangjie, are experts and scholars. Hong Kong "Ningbo people" Zheng Yuming donated two sets of genealogical engravings to Tianyige at two o'clock in the afternoon. There was no wind. The sun shone from the treetop branches to the Tianyige cloud in front of the building, bringing warmth. The ceremony was grandly opened under the auspices of Tianyi Pavilion, the director of Tianyi Pavilion. Director Chen Jiaqiang gave a speech first, thanked Mr. Zheng Yuming for his righteous actions, and reviewed the senior scholars and countless local Ningbo people and the overseas "Ningbo Gang" who gave them various help during the development of Tianyi Pavilion. Mr. Zheng Yuming then donated two kinds of genealogical engravings of his collection to Tianyige. Zheng Yuming, a native of Ningbo, is an "Alainbo people". He currently lives in Hong Kong. He is a senior researcher and director of the academic department of the Rao Zongyi Academic Center of the University of Hong Kong. He is also an adjunct professor and doctoral tutor at the School of History and Culture of Shandong University. Mr. Zheng introduced that these two engravings were accidental incomes from his previous years. Later, he learned that genealogy is one of the focuses of the Tianyi Pavilion collection in his hometown. There is no such family tree in the engravings in the pavilion, so he decided to Donate it. Genealogy is one of the most important documentary materials in ancient China. Together with the official history and local history, it constitutes the three pillars of the ancient historical tradition. Each family tree records the details of a family's prosperity. These two engravings include two genealogies, from Wangshi and Linwu, Hunan. The total of the two is 133, 237 faces, and many editions are double-sided engraving. The time of publication was different, roughly during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China. “Every time I go to Ningbo, I feel like going home. I feel very good here.” In his speech, Mr. Zheng said that although the teenager traveled far, he had a deep affection for his hometown of Ningbo, and his family also liked Ningbo. . He also specifically mentioned that he came to Ningbo this time, and his family also specially asked him to bring a pack of Ningbo rice back. “They all said that Ningbo’s rice is particularly delicious.” Four experts were hired “Zongpu Cultural Consultant”, and the work of three units and individuals to donate genealogy genealogy was the focus of Tianyige’s efforts in recent years. With the improvement of the genealogical culture in recent years, Tianyige has made remarkable progress in the collection, protection, inheritance and research of the family tree. However, in order to further expand the scope of genealogy collection and enhance the depth and breadth of research, Tianyige also established the “Ci Dao Cultural Consultant” system with the help of this genealogical culture exhibition. Yesterday afternoon, Tianyi Pavilion hired the first batch of four “Zongpu Cultural Advisors”. They are Mr. Zheng Yuming, Xu Xiaojun, director of the Zhejiang Library, Wang Heming, the former director of the Shanghai Library History and Literature Research Institute, and Li Shujie, a local genealogy expert in Ningbo. These experts and scholars have a profound knowledge of genealogy research, or have a great influence on the collection of genealogy. Their appointment will provide a lot of help to Tianyige's future genealogy collection and research. At the event yesterday, three individuals and institutional representatives from Ningbo also donated their own family tree to Tianyige. Mr. Chen Ruichang, a representative from the Ninghai Chen Culture Research Association, donated a complete set (9 volumes) of "Ninghai Chen's Score". Mr. Wang Zaizhong, a representative from the Wang’s genealogy editing committee in front of Xiangshan, donated a set of six volumes (the pre-Wang Wang’s Genealogy). There is also Mr. Zheng Xu, who is 80 years old, who has specially arrived from Zhenhai. He also donated his "Seventeen-room Genealogy Collection" and "Zhupu Xiefang Zheng" to Tianyi Pavilion. The family tree of the biography of Jin Gong and the "Zhonghua Zhengshi Tongshu" are three genealogies. The family tree opened the curtain, attracting tourists to “request the roots”. At the end of the event, the guests on the stage and the director of the Tianyi Pavilion, Zhuang Lijun, cut the ribbon together, and opened the curtain for the genealogy culture exhibition of “Question and Roots”. The exhibition mainly includes three exhibition areas. The first is the genealogical engraving exhibition area, which focuses on the two sets of genealogical engravings donated by Zheng Yuming, allowing the visitors to directly experience the engraving and printing art and the genealogy of the genealogy in the traditional family. The second is the traditional genealogy exhibition area. This exhibition area is based on local cultural celebrities and has carefully selected 17 of more than 420 traditional family genealogy collected from Tianyi Pavilion, covering Fan Qin, Liu Zongzhou, Huang Zongxi, Zhang Xuecheng, Quan Zuwang, Chiang Kai-shek, Bao Yugang. Such celebrity scholars can best reflect the characteristics of the "Zhedong History" tradition, and reveal the great influence of Ningbo in the political and economic circles since the modern history. The third is the new home improvement area. This section mainly displays the modern family tree collections collected by Tianyige in recent years. In addition to the subject matter, in the form of the exhibits, this exhibition also fully considers the issue of diversity. There are dozens of exhibits on display, including the "Shui Cheng Liu Family Tree" (Liu Zongzhou series), "The Huiji Zhangshan Family" (Zhang Xuecheng family tree), and the "Yanxi Fan's Genealogy" Such a Qing Dynasty manuscript. Others such as the engraved version, the engraved version of the Republic of China, the wood type, the printed version, and the contemporary typographical version, etc., are available in a variety of forms, allowing exhibitors to see the various forms of genealogy in each era. With so many genealogies, all the parts of the family tree, such as the spectrum, genealogy, family training, ethnic covenant, graceful record, migration record, like praise, strategy, ancestral hall, etc., have all been fully carried out. Show. Visitors took a look at the circle, and they were as vivid and specific as the family tree culture class. They had the most vivid understanding of the richness of genealogy content. The exhibition will last for 18 days, as of December 25. Friends who haven’t seen the show yet have time to pick a good weather and go to visit. At present, the collection of the genealogy of the “Minge Collection Family Tree, the rumors of the patriarchs” initiated by Tianyige is still in progress. We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life at home and abroad to donate all kinds of old and new genealogy and family history materials to Tianyi Pavilion. Well preserve, repair, research, display, use, and inherit these materials, inherit family history, promote genealogical culture, and keep the roots of cultural traditions together. Director of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum Zhuang Lijun presided over the opening ceremony of the Director of the Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, Dr. Chen Jiaqiang, delivered a speech by Dr. Zhang Minghua, Vice Mayor Zhang Minghua, Dr. Zheng Yuming, Dr. Zheng Yiming, Mr. Zheng Yuming, donated a certificate to the Tianyige Museum Deputy Director of the Museum of Library, Jin Jinhong, awarded the collection certificate to Dr. Zheng Yuming. Mr. Zheng Xu Lao donated the "Zheng's 17-room Genealogy Collection" to the Tianyi Pavilion Museum (Ningbo Tianyige Museum)