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2019 "Hometown 610" Fenghua Rural Tourism Product Promotion Conference 2019-07-10


Spring to the sea to enjoy the beautiful scenery, rent a boat in the summer to pass a fisherman addiction, picking kiwi and citrus in the autumn driving village, drink a cup of fragrant tea in the winter to the tea house... With the establishment of Fenghua A-class scenic village and “One Village In the depth of the development of the characteristics of the “One Product”, the rural tourism in Fenghua District has developed vigorously, and tourists have come to visit.

Time: June 28, 2019 (14:30-17:00)

Venue: Ningbo City Tourism Window (258 Wufeng Road, Haishu District)


(1) Speech by Fenghua District Culture and Radio and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau.

(2) Speech by Ningbo Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau.

(3) 2019 Fenghua Rural Tourism Product Release (released: 10 B&Bs, 10 flavors, 10 experience events, 10 cultural villages, 10 characteristic routes, 10 major hiking trails).

(4) Introduction of Fenghua's characteristic rural tourism activities in the near future.

(5) Negotiation and exchange.

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