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Launching ceremony and pre-job training for the "Civilization and Reading Ambassador" 2019-07-10



In order to provide the children with a practical platform to exercise themselves, to contact the society, and to guide more children into the library, to understand the library and fall in love with the library, the Ningbo Library Yongfeng Pavilion launched a "civilized reading" during the summer vacation this summer. The Little Envoys event recruits small volunteers from the second grade to the first grade. The activity combines both the professional experience of the library and the volunteer service. The small ambassadors can not only learn the relevant knowledge and skills of the library, but also understand the librarian profession. They can also enhance the awareness of civilized reading and serve the society through this activity. Ability.


Once launched, the event received high attention from parents and the active participation of children. The first 36 places were quickly robbed. On the morning of July 6, the launching ceremony and pre-job training of the “Civilized Reading Ambassador” was held in the multi-function hall on the second floor of the Yongfeng Hall of the Ningbo Library.


More than 60 children and parents who attended the launching ceremony gathered together to listen carefully to the training lectures of the leaf sisters in the children's reading room. Mrs. Ye comprehensively introduced the functional layout of the library, the rules of book borrowing, the operation methods of related equipment, and the work content, work requirements, assessment and reward methods of the small messengers. The children in the audience listened very seriously and carefully, and many people also took out the notebook to record the main points. In the last part of the training, Ye Sister asked the children about the training content. The children all raised their hands and answered, it seems that the notes are not done in white!


In the following summer, the small messengers will be divided into 6 groups and serve in different positions in the children's reading room. The practice period of each group is 6 days. Let us look forward to their wonderful performance together!

(Ningbo City Library)