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The 6th Tianyi Pavilion College Chinese Summer Camp opened 2019-07-10


The Chinese national culture has a long history. In the long history of 5,000 years, it has created a splendid culture, formed a noble moral standard, a complete etiquette norm, and left a good historical episode, which is called "the ancient civilization, the state of ceremonies." ". On the morning of July 8, in the sound of the quaint and far-reaching piano, the children dressed in Hanfu, the money went into the classroom, this is the "Han Han Mo Shu Xiang, Yang Guo Xue Ya Yun" - the sixth Tianyi Pavilion College Chinese Summer Camp Opening ceremony ceremony site.

The teachers of the summer camp started with the opening ceremony of Chinese traditional characteristics. The classical dance "The State of Etiquette" made everyone feel the beauty of the Chinese nation and the beauty of etiquette. "The Millennium Elegant" allows children to cross the time in the song, dream back to the millennium, and feel the long history of Chinese civilization; the opera "Pear Blossom" is elegant, with a deep artistic conception and a long aftertaste, which attracts everyone to applaud. In addition to classical dances, operas, poetry readings and other special performances, "Tianyige Academy" also prepared traditional worship ceremony and cinnabar Kaizhi for the students. The children dressed in Chinese costumes and antiques, and the three teachers who attended the ceremony , paying high respects. Later, the teachers gave each student a cinnabar and opened the eyes of wisdom. In the new form of activity, the students also received constant surprises.

It is reported that this summer camp will launch a ceremonial visit, a smile, a social etiquette, a modest gentleman, a ceremonial table manners, a pen-opening ceremony, an enlightenment calligraphy class, a ceremonial beauty, a Hanfu-style interpretation of the clothing, and a paper-cut. Li Cheng’s Hanfu paper-cutting, ritual poetry, and poetry singing and so on, hope to plant a seed of Chinese studies in the children’s hearts, waiting for him to take root and thrive. Let the classics of Chinese culture moisturize our lives, let the book etiquette accompany us all the way.