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Keep in mind the initial mission and take responsibility to ensure market stability 2019-07-10


On the afternoon of July 5, 2019, Jiang Wuji, a member of the Party Committee of Ningbo Cultural Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau and the head of the Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corps, combined with the learning experience, and gave a speech to all members of the Law Enforcement Corps and the Tourism Quality Supervision Office: “Do not forget the initial heart The mission of the special party class on the theme of “Do not forget the initial heart and keep in mind the mission” of the mission, the daring to act as the means, and the stability of the market.

Jiang Wuji pointed out that the communist people's initial mission is to seek happiness for the Chinese people, to revive the Chinese nation, and to serve the people wholeheartedly. Our party comes from the people, serves the people, and is good at finding problems, solving problems, correcting ourselves, and moving forward. . This theme education takes the initial intention and the mission, finds the gap, and implements it as the general requirement, and regards rectification formalism and bureaucracy as important contents. As a law enforcement force that guards the ideology of the cultural market, our cultural law enforcement cadres must take the lead to become the core of loyalty and maintain the core of the core. They should take the lead in becoming the model of learning and understanding, knowing and doing, and taking the lead to become a model for bravely carrying heavy burdens and tackling difficulties. Taking the lead in becoming an example of law enforcement for the people, honesty and integrity, and maintaining a high degree of unity in the ideological and political actions with the Party Central Committee.

Jiang Wuji emphasized that to carry out the theme education of "not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission", we must first study and bear in mind the initial mission. Consciously strengthen learning, read the original work, learn the original text, and realize the principle, and consciously use Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work. It is necessary to combine law enforcement work practice, contact the party to take the oath of the first heart, and benchmark the advanced typical schools around the standard, strengthen the ideals and beliefs of the Communist Party, and strictly demand the standards of party members, constantly enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, and properly handle the big and the small, the overall situation. The relationship with the small bureau, strive to make extraordinary achievements in ordinary jobs, and consciously practice the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly. In conjunction with the current civilized city to create a patrol street (road) law enforcement action, the cultural tourism market for 100 days to attack, each comrade must visit five companies to conduct service research, to communicate with the company with emotions, care about the difficulties of the enterprise, and propose feasible Countermeasures to help companies solve business problems. The second is to shoulder the mission and dare to act. Cultural market regulation is related to ideology security and to the core interests of the country. To do a good job in supervision is to be responsible to the party; tourism law enforcement is responsible for the people and is a guarantee to satisfy people's yearning for a better life. In the specific work, we must dare to take responsibility and take responsibility, improve the ability to deal with complex issues with the concept of law and the legal system, keep the political bottom line and the security bottom line, never form political consequences, and never have the focus of social attention. The third is to implement and ensure market stability. The initial mission of the theme education helps everyone to sublimate their minds and enhance their sense of purpose. Ultimately, the learning outcomes must be translated into practical work. This year is a special year. The cultural tourism market supervision should follow the requirements of building a defense line, keeping the bottom line, innovating highlights, and ensuring stability, and solidly promoting the reform of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement of the cultural market, strengthening the administrative law enforcement of "cultural and bridging" and maintaining the stability of the team. We will work in an orderly manner and the market will not be chaotic; comprehensively grasp the cultural and tourism market, “Welcome the Daqing and protect the peace” for 100 days, and create a good cultural tourism market environment to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China; Conducting street (road) law enforcement actions to ensure that the cultural market does not lose points; to do a good job in politics, to do a good job in the "Internet + supervision" of the cultural market, to achieve comprehensive promotion and application; to conscientiously sort out and complete the comprehensive administrative law enforcement evaluation of the cultural market in the province Strive to maintain the province's precedent.

The special party class report meeting was presided over by Shao Daoliang, director of the Municipal Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Institute, and proposed to strengthen the study and promotion, strengthen research services, and strengthen the work requirements for rectification and improvement.