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Those stories scattered on the island, small and sincere
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Nantian Island, a place that you may not have heard of. There is a corner called Dasha Village. When the car slowly climbs the winding mountain road and climbs over the whole mountain, there are only 20 or 30 families and sea beaches. It appeared in front of me, as if suddenly broke into the Japanese TV movie, blowing the sea breeze, looking at the sea in the distance, the antenna passing by the head, the blue sea in front, the village of white houses, like the pictures often seen in Japanese TV dramas. Very charming.

First encounter in Nantian Island


Feet on the thin and soft beach, white small shells, fishing boats in the distance, the waves of the reef, the sea breeze, watching the village surrounded by mountains, no one is squeezing the beach with you, no one is with you Grab the camera, here you can quietly blow and listen to the sea.


The island has twists and turns, the east coast has many bays, there are beaches, the sea is wide, and the natural beauty of the return is full. On the island, the gorgeous sunrise, the beautiful sunset dusk, and the fishermen’s fishing villages have a panoramic view.

The entire island covers an area of ​​93 square kilometers, and more than 30,000 islanders are here to make sunrises and sunsets. There are freshwater reservoirs, abundant sunshine, specialties such as green pears, alfalfa and other fruits. Shipyards can be seen along the coastline. The fishing industry, which is accompanied by the sea, allows the islanders to eat well.


In the morning, one person, one car, driving on the seaside road, the surprise is that there is no car on the roadside, and occasionally there will be three or three islanders who will smile.

In more than 20 minutes, it will reach the Jinqimen, the southernmost tip of the island. The fishing village is simple and ecological. The fishing boats floating in the sea are swaying and the heart is slowly calming down.

Fisherman's seafood


At noon, next to the Hepu food market, a small shop, the owner's own house, their own hands, more than ten years of taste, quality seafood, full weight, cheap prices make you stunned.

A table dish is as long as 400 yuan, only about 30 yuan per person, everyone can eat. You can also go to the farm orchard to pick fresh seasonal fruits. When you are tired, you can eat and catch crabs on the clean beach. You can also play beach volleyball and beach football if you like sports.

Stay at Qinglan Homestay

In the evening, we stayed at the Qinglan Homestay, which is popular among young artists. Compared with the bed and breakfast located in the bustling downtown, Qinglan is more like a hermit of independence. It is located in the Dasha Scenic Area on the three sides facing the sea. It is surrounded by green mountains and green mountains. It is surrounded by lakes and mountains.

The unique natural environment gives you a rare view and the weather in the mountains is full of life. The whole villa is fresh and refined, and the garden is full of flowers and grasses, and the ears are screaming.

Stepping into the villa, there is a bar at the entrance, and various objects will weave the entire living room into a fun space, and a beautiful spiral staircase stands in front of you.


The homemade fishnet ornaments and the seaside flavors decorate the fisherman's culture instantly from the bones, releasing fresh seafood and bringing a different sense of agility. The wooden lighting hanging on the ceiling of the hall, the hand-painted blackboard with the bar, the rough concrete floor, and the feel of an American restaurant.

On one side of the living room is an original wooden table chair without gorgeous decoration, with a cement wall, simple and original taste. The comfortable tatami is placed on the other side of the living room, and the free and cheerful atmosphere is easily created. Sitting around here, even if you are a stranger in the north of the sea, I am afraid that I will feel the wine in a few moments. The cup is missing.

Each room in the villa has been individually designed with unique tones and themes, industrial, Nordic, modern, Mediterranean, etc. The colors are mostly white, blue and grey. The design of each room is fully considered. The sea and the distant mountain views invite you to enter the outdoor scenery through the large glass wall. Standing on the terrace, embracing the sunshine and the breeze in the mountains, the body and mind are refreshed and clean.

The round bathtub is placed at the edge of the open floor-to-ceiling window, which greatly reduces the sense of imprisonment and restraint. Soothingly soaking a milk bath, you can enjoy the home spa without leaving your home, perfect space layout, natural atmosphere design, at home Enjoy a relaxing vacation.

The most amazing thing is the skylight that was found up in the night. At night, the stars in the night sky can fall asleep and close your eyes, as if they have become part of the mountain.

Late at night, sleep with a frog sound; wake up in the morning, the birds scream, push the window to see the sea, feel the freshness after the rain, peerless and beautiful.

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