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Ninghai-Zhejiang East Grand Canyon: A group tour with Ctrip friends
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As the temperature is getting stronger, it has broken through 40 degrees, making us only a pinch of cumin powder with kebabs. In mid-to-late July, the girl paper dolls followed Ctrip's friends and set foot on Ninghai, Zhejiang. The itinerary. To be precise, they are here. As a family member of Ctrip's employees, Xiaonianzhi is very honored to have this opportunity to play with the friends. The ancients, Yun, want to know the grace of the newspaper, so the little girl paper inspirationally became a hardcore fan of the Ctrip Raiders community, begging for organization to keep. As a member of the organization, of course, it is indispensable to return to play, to briefly show my sincerity to the organization.

7/27 Songlan Mountain Beach Resort

Early in the morning, with joy, heading towards Ctrip downstairs under the big sun. At the moment when I got on the bus, shouldn't I feel a little nervous, after all, it was the first time I contacted the organization, and the little girl paper was still so embarrassed and embarrassed. But the process was too short, and there wasn't enough time to shoot. People were already sitting on the seat. In order not to be so eye-catching, sister paper decided to sit in the back row. So, the two-day tour was so rough. Here should be attached a photo before departure, but the helpless girl paper is too unprofessional and actually forgot to take it, everyone imagines it.

The car was rough, and our cute team leader came to a lively atmosphere at this time, but everyone seemed to be awake, so the intimate editor decided to let everyone make up a little sleep first. So everyone went to find Zhou Gong together. It was broken to half, and the sister paper woke up accidentally. I heard the sound of snoring coming from somewhere. May I ask which brother, you can sleep so safely. I glanced out the window and passed the Hangzhou Bay Bridge.

Broken feeling almost broken, after going to the service area, Kannai Xiaobian once again took everyone to play the game. Guess the number game, I believe everyone has played it. After several rounds of play, it is still very happy.

Unconsciously, the first stop arrived, the fishing village of Songlan Mountain

Where people eat lunch at noon, people take food as the sky. But the tragedy was that the meal was too tangled, my friends and I were really shocked. There are a lot of people in a hall, eating at almost the same time. Can't wait for the dishes, can't wait for the dishes. Sitting around, the little friends stared. After all, it was not easy to serve a dish. A dozen people at a table hadn't had a turn to clamp it once. Then everyone looked at the empty plate and continued to look at it. You know that scene.

If you can tolerate slow serving, and unpalatable dishes, then what does it mean to have such a large plate with two mini fish. It is intolerable and must be photographed and must be taken as evidence of a complaint.

Waited N long and finished this meal. If you can, the public comment network or something, Songlan Mountain Fishing Village, I will give you a bad review. After eating and getting in the car, our editor gave you some snacks to eat.

The car drove for a while and went to the seaside, Songlan Mountain Seaside Resort.

Although the seawater can't be compared with those famous seaside resorts, in this summer, you can still feel the coolness brought by the seawater and sea breeze. Of course, the sun is still in the air, so various sun protection measures must be taken Well done. Sun hats, sunglasses, sun umbrellas, sun cream, sun protection clothing, all can not be less. Although it is not easy to do this, it is better than sunburn. Of course, in order to take some poses, some sun protection appliances that affect performance will be temporarily thrown aside.

Here's the sea, come on!

Several of our little friends form a beach football team. Of course, the photographer brother next to him cannot be ignored here. He looks very professional.

In fact, there should be two pictures of love here, but I'm afraid of being blocked by the organization, so I just describe the content of the picture. This is a story about two men's silvers. I took a photo with great love and it was extremely harmonious. It always made people think a little more. The other one is these two male silvers. A love heart is drawn on the beach, and the two sides of the loving heart write the names of these two male silvers. Everyone YY, the picture is very strong, there are wood. The world is so harmonious. The hero is actually in the picture above. You guess who it is.

It's really sunbathing, but to take a picture of Meimei, what kind of umbrella, sun protection clothing, go together. The spirit can sing and cry.

Children's shoes, sister paper is really cut out. It can jump up and be photographed, and it is not a SLR. Under the gravity of the earth, plus the sister paper itself is slightly bulky. It is not easy to do this. There should be applause everywhere. In fact, there is one that jumps a little higher, but the expression is slightly funny, and the paper is not shown here.

We walked away, got into the water, we couldn't avoid getting wet. Who makes it hot? Please ignore the slightly turbid sea here.

Sister paper can't swim, so save trouble without having to bring a bikini or something. Just walk along the shore, OK.

Hey, that little boy friend, your bare butt is really good.

I just want to say that the next time I take a photo of this shadow, we must pay attention to what the clothes are good. Otherwise, the effect is now, the body is extremely burly, there are wood. The feet are so dark that they shouldn't come up to grab the shot. Sister paper is actually not so sturdy, the truth is that clothes are causing trouble.

The owner of the shadow is actually like this.

The clothes were too wet, and the girl's skirt dragged the skirt obviously, so she tied the clothes and walked more conveniently.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you going on a long voyage? Wait for the sister paper to take a picture first.

Well, you have gone on a voyage, and the sister paper has also been withdrawn, and the sister paper can't stand the birds in this way.

Return to the bus, continue with coarse hair, and go to dinner. The boss boldly decided to improve the food for the big ones at dinner.

The leader said, this is a very famous local shop. Dinner started, and it really was different. As soon as I sat down, the dishes were all up, several different fishes, several different shrimps, and several different clams, which couldn't fit on a large table. Blind eyes of little friends. This contrast is too great, compared with noon, this meal is too extravagant at night. Little friends are easily satisfied. Because I ate too much, my sister's paper was very unpromising, and I forgot to take a picture. It was so good. Hey, don't weird girl paper. But I took one of the dishes and I remembered it when I was about to eat it.

This should be a type of clam. Shumei's paper is short-sighted, and I really can't remember what it is called. But this Dongdong is really super hard to peel, there is no crack at all. So at first, the sister paper tried one, and it was quietly thrown aside before it was opened. The elder brother sitting next to me was super strong, and he found 5 cents in his pocket, and then started to eat with skill. Girl paper was stunned, sao ga, it turned out to be props. Later, I asked the brother how to eat. By the way, I borrowed 5 cents from my brother. The sister paper also started to eat. After a long time, I opened one. The sister paper ate in the mouth and secretly vomited. . The others at the table also learned, and they started to take out coins. So, in the end, the plate was almost empty. But on the other tables, this plate was almost untouched. The master is in folk, there is wood.

Oh, I just remembered that I forgot to write something that happened before eating. One of Sister Paper's sunscreen tools, sunglasses, traversed a small road on the way to the bus just for dinner, but there was a car accident and the glasses died unfortunately. The thing is like this, the glasses are hanging in the pocket on one side of the backpack, and someone carried the backpack out of the messenger of the messenger bag, so the glasses fell out and then had no time to look back and came to a car, Then the glasses shrank, leaving only one temple. That car was not an escape after the accident.

However, the sadness that lost her glasses soon disappeared in this sumptuous dinner. Verify a sentence, sister paper is food.

After dinner, the bus will go to the hotel that night, Jinhai New Century Grand Hotel, five-star.

Most people sang K at night. Of course, sister paper also wants to make fun. But helpless, there is one thing about the girl's psychology, that is, the spectacles sacrifice, and the next day must be used. So I want to go shopping on the street and see if there is any jewelry store or something, just buy one for free. So, after Da Barra arrived at KTV, the sister paper went in for a walk, and then flashed people. Fortunately, I really found a jewelry store when I was strolling around. I bought glasses and walked back. I bought a watermelon, two halves of everything. Do n’t eat too much when you go back. Then, I scrubbed and slept.

7/28 East Zhejiang Grand Canyon

Woke up in the morning call and hurried to the restaurant for breakfast after cleaning. Due to the rush of time, Sister Paper didn't have time to taste the buffet breakfast of the five-star hotel carefully. After filling up her stomach as quickly as possible, she rushed to the lobby to gather. Having said that, I was thinking of taking away a bottle of yogurt and drinking it when it was hot at noon, but it was a matter of course that I would forget it by the memory of my sister's paper. After the meeting, the bus headed for the direction of the East Zhejiang Grand Canyon. This time, of course, is used to continue to make up for it, no doubt.

Because the sister paper was to go to bed early and wake up late, she had a good rest. She didn't sleep much in the car and looked at the scenery all the way. I really feel that there are so many mountains in Zhejiang. The bus traveled so long that all the way down were mountains. The winding mountain road, after making N turns, finally arrived at the parking lot of the East Zhejiang Grand Canyon. The restaurant next to the parking lot is also our lunch place. Get out of the car, follow the leader, enter the ticket gate, and walk a short distance, the vision widened suddenly. The highlights came, beyond words. Walk to the pier and wait for more than 20 minutes to get to the Grand Canyon. But this 20-minute boat trip made me very shocked.

Picture in Picture.

Shumei is awkward, except for "beauty", I didn't even know how to describe it.

Seeing that, after I took this photo above and returned, I started to have a look of Mu Na, and I was so beautiful.

So, nonsense, just go directly to the picture.

It was on this boat that paraded.

The boat passed, and the ripples came out.

Reached the other end of the pier, got out of the boat, and entered the Grand Canyon. It's really natural. Sister Paper was fortunate enough to have been a scenic guide for a short time in a gorge in her hometown, and quietly told everyone that the gorge was artificially chiseled, which can't be compared with this natural one. But there was a little disappointment to the sister paper, shouldn't there be drifting. Shouldn't there be rafting in the canyon. For Mao, I didn't see it here. Still I didn't walk to the place where there was drifting. Well, for the sake of such a natural and beautiful scenery, there is nothing more.

Nongfu Spring is a bit sweet, I'm just a porter of nature. Packed a bottle of mountain spring water, really delicious.

My little friends are really too happy. Another photographer appeared here. Excuse me, this is the same person who patted the beach football team.

There are too many irrelevant people in the background, but the helpless girl paper will not be PS, so everyone, please only pay attention to the protagonist in the middle.

The paper cerebellum is underdeveloped, and the balance is not enough, and the stones are slippery, so they are very careful.

Walked to the end of the canyon, then returned the same way, and went to the restaurant to start lunch.

This large bowl of chicken soup, if not seen, there is a whole chicken. But what I want to tell you is that this is just a pot of chicken soup. The meat cannot be eaten, because the chicken is only seven mature, and the meat cannot be pinched. So, sister paper is thinking, will this be a recyclable chicken? what do y'all think.

After dinner, I got on the bus, the two-day trip was basically over, and then I returned to Shanghai. Nearly four hours away, some strong friends have a good spirit and play the killing game all the way back. Another group of friends slept all the way in the shout of murder.

At about six o'clock in the evening, the car arrived downstairs at Ctrip. The tour ended here on the 2nd.

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