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In the name of enjoying the spring, lying in this rapeseed flower pile in Ningbo
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If you use color to describe the season, presumably the color of "spring" is colorful: white sway, the color of magnolia; red glamorous, is the color of camellia; pink and tender, is the color of cherry blossom; yellow can, is the color of rapeseed...

How far is spring from us?

Only the difference between a flower and a flower.


The old saying goes: Blowing the garden wild wind peach leaf Bi, pressing the spring lupin flower yellow; there is a way: golden can be dyed three springs, reflecting the sun shaking the wind from the fragrance; also visible: the cauliflower butterfly also flies, and the warm wind double go with……

This week, the weather in Ningbo experienced doubled → waist 斩 ​​→ down limit, the down jacket was taken off yesterday, and the day before yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to let #宁海冰雹# brush up on the microblogging hot search list, but these can't affect the material and I want to go out. Spring heart.


Drowsiness wrapped in the gentleness of the sun in the afternoon, taking advantage of the fine weather on the weekend, lying in a pile of rapeseed flowers, harvesting the circle of friends this weekend, the first wave of flowers, and quietly collecting time.


The splendid golden color is particularly eye-catching, and the bright and colorful flowers in the sea seem to be in the middle of the painting, stop the time, get drunk, and warm the heart.

Biyun blue sky, yellow flower land, distant mountains like spring, spring with love.

On weekends, throw away the troubles at work. At this moment, it is the most peaceful and satisfying, and people become lazy.

The air exudes a natural taste, a fascinating atmosphere, and it is scented by the sun. The light is poured through the clouds, and the heavy cotton coat is removed, and the mood is followed by the breeze.


According to the traces of the insects, strolling through the trails in the sea of ​​flowers, the small flower branches are half a meter high, and they are all in line with the spring songs. Like a child, the flowers play, the mountains run, and the breeze is a pillow.

There is no flower in the shadows, and it is more able to convey the tenderness of spring than the rape. Drunk in the sea, the beauty of the world, a total of the best agreement to go to spring.

The scenery is easy to pass away, and in the flowering time, let's go and enjoy the love.


Address: Xitun Village, Datun Town, Fenghua District

Transportation: Ningbo South Railway Station takes CMB to Fenghua East Station, and Fenghua East Station sells buses to Daxie.

Recommended in the city


Fenghua Xikou

The 130-acre village in the mouth of the newly-built village of Xikou Town, Fenghua Town, is yellow and green and fragrant. On the circular hillside, from near to far, the layers are distinct, and the golden flowers are contiguous into the sea.


Address: Xinjian Village, Xikou Town, Fenghua District

Line recommendation: Ningbo South Railway Station takes CMB to Fenghua East Station, and Fenghua East Station sells buses to Daxie.


Zhangzhou·Dongqian Lake

The indiscriminate rape blossoms are full of fragrance and fragrance. When you are busy, come to Shili for the closeness to nature, relax and absorb the fragrance of the original hometown, taste the mountains, water and air, and let the beautiful environment feel happy.


Address: Luye Village, Shixiang Scenic Area, Shili, Dongqian Lake, Yinzhou District

Line recommendation: Take bus 960 to Greenfield Village Station. (about 1 hour)



Here is the diversion irrigation hub project built on the Lancang River, a tributary of the ancient Minjiang River. In the spring, a glimpse of rapeseed grows vigorously. In a few days, the pale yellow rape buds are born from the branches, which is very cute.


Address: Qishan Town, Yinzhou District

Line recommendation:


1 Ningbo Railway Station takes 634, 637 and 638 to Lijiang;

2 Bus Metro Station takes the 627 road to the Lijiang River;

3 Ningbo South Bus Station takes the direct bus to Cangjiang Town.

Self-driving: Ningbo City → Shiqi → Hengshang → Dongqiao → Lijiang



Cicheng traditional experience area Huahai has more than 1600 acres of rapeseed, surrounded by rich tourism resources, watching rapeseed, you can also go to pick tea or lobster to experience the fun of spring.


Address: Yangchen Village, Cicheng Town, Jiangbei District

Line recommendation:

It is more than 20 kilometers from Ningbo Lishe Airport and about 38 kilometers from Beilun Port.

Bus: 331, 333, 336, 337 roads pass through Cicheng, turn to 334-1 to Qilimiao Station.

Self-driving: Qinglin Bay Bridge → Beihuan West Road → Cixiao Avenue → Jiangbei Link → Yang Chencun


In Xujiashan Stone Village, the whole village's houses are built with volcanic stone blocks. The ancient stage in the center of the village has a history of 1,200 years. Visitors can see more than 2,000 acres of terraced rapeseed, which is spectacular.


Address: Xujiashan Stone Village, Ninghai County

Line recommendation:

Bus: Ninghai Bus Terminal → Ninghai East Bus Station → Take the bus to the tea house → Xujiashan.


1 Line 1: Tongsan Expressway → Ninghai Exit → Taoyuan North Road → Taoyuan Middle Road → Taoyuan Roundabout Left Turn → Coastal South Line → Tea Garden Direction → Turn left at the junction (pay attention to the Xujiashan tourist sign on the roadside, go straight ahead open)

2 Line 2: Tongsan Expressway → Ninghai Exit → Xiangshan Direction → Xiangxinghai Road → Turn left on the coastal south line → direction of the tea garden → turn left at the junction of the road (note the Xujiashan tourist sign on the roadside, keep moving forward)


Nanling Village is located in the southwest of Ninghai County and is characterized by terraced rapeseed. In the flowering season, a piece of golden yellow terraced fields, some like golden snakes dancing wildly, some like Jinpeng wings, and other layers stacked, yellow and green, 煞 is good-looking.


Address: Nanling Village, Sangzhou Town, Ninghai County

Line recommendation:

Bus: Ningbo South Bus Station → Ninghai Passenger Transport Terminal → 108 bus to Ninghai West Station → urban and rural bus Sangzhou shuttle bus → Sangzhou.

By car: Via Yongtaiwen Expressway, turn to (Ninghainan) toll station, turn right 500m to the provincial highway, turn right and go straight through the Sangzhouling tunnel to the first bridge of Sangzhou Town, turn right at the bridge About 500 meters to Sangzhou Town Middle School, turn left and go straight to Yunan Village.

Since there are fewer cars to Nannangang (Nanshanzhang and other natural villages), you can choose to travel by car.


Ninghai·Happy Jiatian Farm

Under the blue sky, a large piece of rape blossoms surrounds the windmill, and the breeze hits. The swaying of the rapeseed seems to be dancing to the windmill. Looking down from the view, there is a small mysterious machine in the middle of the rape blossoms. The cartoon version of the windmill house plays its light and heat, giving this piece of rape blossoms endless hope.


Address: Shantou Village, Ninghai Town, Ninghai County (Ninghai Happy Jiatian Farm)

Line recommendation:

Bus: Ningbo South Railway Station Ninghai Express will get off at Ninghai Main Station, transfer to No. 108 to East Railway Station, take the bus to Long Street, and take the Happy Jiatian Farm.

Self-driving: Yongtaiwen Expressway → Ningsong Line

Xiangshan·Xi Zhou

Xizhou Town has planted 1,400 acres of rapeseed fields, mainly distributed in the lotus, Wenyu area and Wusha area near the first-class road.


Address: Wenyu Village, Xizhou Town, Xiangshan County

Line recommendation:


1 Ningbo East Railway Station, sitting in Xiangshan, under the Dancheng, turn to the bus to the Western Zhou Dynasty.

2 Bus South Station, take the bus to Xiangshan, get off at the Western Zhou Dynasty. (Quick passengers can't, can't get off the bus in the middle.)

By car: Shenhai Expressway to Ninghai Interchange, along the West Line, you can go to the Western Zhou Dynasty.


Ningbo Botanical Garden

The large-scale rapeseed flower of the Ningbo Botanical Garden is open to the public on the road of plant evolution. The yellow is overwhelming and the opening is warm and splendid.


Gate No. 1 Address: No. 99, Xinghai North Road, Zhenhai District

Gate No. 3 Address: No. 1314, Yongmao West Road, Zhenhai District

Tickets: Adult tickets 20 yuan / person; students, children under 1.4 meters, the elderly and other countries stipulate that preferential personnel can enjoy half price discount with relevant documents.

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