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East China Pearl Yushan Island, the best hydrophilic original ecological island in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai
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From the ancient town of Shipu, Xiangshan, Zhejiang, sailing about 25 nautical miles in the southeast direction, we reached the most southeast island of Xiangshan and the base point of China's territorial water line, the Yushan Islands. This is the most azure seawater in East China. The air is fresh and the sun is shining. The islands and reefs are lined up, and the reefs are lined with clear water and pleasant scenery. Because it is located in the confluence zone of the North and South Ocean currents, it has abundant fish, shellfish and algae resources. It has a total of more than 300 species of marine specialties. It is known as "the first fishing ground in Asia" and is a good place for leisure vacations, camping and sea fishing. local.

The Yushan Islands are composed of 13 islands and 41 reefs, but most of them are uninhabited. Yushan is generally referred to as Beiyushan Island. Its area is small, only 0.5 square kilometers, but the vegetation is lush. A quiet pass serves as a natural harbour. Beiyushan Island is high in the south and low in the north, and its highest point is 83.4 meters above sea level. There are not many inhabitants on the island, less than a hundred people. They basically use fishing as their business, and they also run family hotels to provide convenience for tourists and sea fishermen. Every evening in the evening, fishermen will go out to sea in a boat, and the lights will catch local fish such as real seabream and black seabream. If you are interested, you can go with them to experience the life of fishermen.

The Beiyushan Lighthouse is a symbol of the Yushan Islands. It was originally built by Shanghai Customs at a cost of 50,000 silver in the 21st year of Guangxu. Because of its huge size and important status, it has the reputation of "the largest lighthouse in the Far East". And become an international beacon. During the Second World War, the lighthouse was invaded by Japanese troops and repeatedly destroyed by war. Now the lighthouse on the island was rebuilt by the Ministry of Communications in 1985, and the equipment configuration is still domestically leading. In addition to the heavy historical sedimentation, the shape of the lighthouse is also very beautiful. The red and white tower is beautiful against the blue sky and blue sea. Standing under the lighthouse and overlooking the waves, the fishing boat shuttles, and the sea and sky are all. After the sunset, the silver plate was empty, the tower lights flickered, the fishing fire was lit, the jellyfish flickered on the sea surface, intertwined with the starry reflections, and the cool sea breeze came across, making people feel like dreams.

There are many precipices around the island, and many cactuses planted in the war years are grown on it. When the tide rises, the sea beats against the stone cliffs, and the rumbling sound is thrilling. These natural precipices are also good climbing training grounds, although facing huge challenges. , But Wanqing Bibo tumbling under his feet is also a treat. There is a huge "Immortal Bridge" next to the lighthouse. This is a stone beam suspended over a hundred meters above the sea. It is horizontally placed above the stormy waves. It overlooks the bridge, the waves roll, the sound is thunderous. Dare to come to this.

The sea around the island is very clear, and the visibility is as high as ten meters when the weather is good. In the reef crevices that extend into the sea, there are dense sea creatures such as anemones, conch, seaweed, jellyfish, and many crabs and small fish move in the water and bow their heads. Available. Further reefs are a good place for sea fishing. Yushan Island has a sea fishing time of up to 10 months throughout the year. It can be fished from March to December. It can carry out rock fishing, trolling, and boat fishing at the same time. Various sea fishing activities.

Yushan Island was liberated only on February 13, 1955. It is the last batch of liberated islands on the southeast coast. Many military sites are still left on the island. Blockhouses and barracks can be seen everywhere on the island. The hills on the island are hollowed out and tunnels Crosswise, with a flashlight to shuttle back and forth inside, it is also a good sense of adventure.

Because there are few knowers, there are not many tourists going to Yushan Island. Find a weekend to Yushan Island to sneak out and enjoy the sun and fishing; or go out to the sea with fishermen and be a fisherman at sea; you can also The villagers chat and play chess, forgetting to return; These lives and feelings are like the myth: One day here, one year on earth, time has been completely forgotten.

Travel Tips:

1. Transportation: Take the bus directly to Xiangshan, or take the train to Ningbo and then transfer to Xiangshan by car. There is a boat at the Navy Pier in Shipu to reach Yushan Island. There is one flight each morning and afternoon on the weekend. The departure time is not fixed due to the wind and waves. You need to arrive at the dock in advance and contact the crew for confirmation. The boarding time is about 4.5 hours. Please be prepared to prevent seasickness.

2. Accommodation: There are many fishermen's hotels on the island. The accommodation conditions are as high or low as the standard rooms on the mainland, but they are more narrow and simple. The price is about 150 yuan / person / night or 300 yuan / room. set.

3. Dining: The food on the island is almost all seafood, and the amount of fruits and vegetables is small and expensive.

4. Note: The drinking water on the island comes from rainwater, and cannot be directly consumed. There are many mosquitoes in the grass and the sun is strong. It is recommended to wear long sleeves with insect-proof and sun protection.

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