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[Photographed by hand] Gathering at Dongqian Lake
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Dongqian Lake is located in Lixian County, Ningbo, surrounded by green mountains, green trees, winding lake shores, numerous streams and beautiful lake scenery. Dongqian Lake has no severe cold in winter and no extreme heat in summer, and has been praised as "Western Charm and Taihu Spirit" by Mr. Guo Moruo.

The hotel I stayed at was Qianhu Yuezhuang, a pretty good resort. Next to Dongqian Lake, you can watch the sunrise on the balcony in the early morning, and you can also enjoy the view of Dongqian Lake.

Farmhouse dishes "Qianhu Eight Bowls" refer to: radish bonito, Qianhu stir-fried snails, bamboo shoots, braised river prawns, steamed fish with soy sauce, herring bacon, white-cut farmhouse chicken, wild cress fried bean sprouts Qianhu Mochi. Friends of the lake, herring, river prawns, and snails are said to be the four treasures of Qianhu Lake. They are a must-try for those who set foot in Dongqian Lake.

In the Yuan and Ming dynasties, there were writers who lived between lakes and mountains. Yuan Shiyuan, a poet of the Yuan dynasty, said that “the lake is full of footsteps, and who believes that Qianhu Lake is more peaceful.”

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