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The best of wood carving
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The old houses in the south of the Yangtze River will praise the carvings of the column and vaults. This time I went to see the old house of Yu Qiaqing in Cixi City. The biggest feeling was that I was not right. I was interested in taking some pictures of the woodcarving in that house.

There are many types of woodcarvings in China, spreading across the north and south of the Dajiang River. The most famous are: Dongyang woodcarving in Zhejiang, gold lacquer woodcarving in Guangdong, boxwood woodcarving in Wenzhou, and Longan woodcarving in Fujian. These wood carvings are named for their origin, selection of materials, or craftsmanship. Some have a long history, high levels of craftsmanship and traditional features, can be skilled craftsmen, and stand out from other places; although some are rising stars, but the woodcarving skills are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the shapes are also Perfect day by day, with distinctive local characteristics.

Woodcarving usually refers to the woodcarving handed down to the people with a long history and strong national tradition. Craft wood carving is divided into two categories of pure ornamental and practical. Ornamental woodcarvings are small, individual works of art that are displayed and placed on cabinets, windows, tables, tables, cases, and shelves for viewing.

And the basic thing I saw this time was a bird's nest, like a pair of wings protruding from the upper part of the column to both sides. A vivid form changes with the grid between the columns. The outline changes from a straight line to a soft curve. Squares become interesting, richer, and freer polygons. Even the appearance of dragons, phoenixes, bonitos, cranes, flowers and birds, flower baskets, and golden toads, and other forms of bird replacements, are extremely beautiful.

I do n’t know much about this, I just know how beautiful it is to look at, so I have this set of photos in the lens.

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