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Sweet stream mouth
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Xikou Town is located 20 kilometers southwest of Ningbo City, with Wuling and Nantunxi in the east and Xuedou Mountain in the north. The water surrounds the mountain ring and has beautiful scenery. The total viewing area of ​​the scenic spot is 140 square kilometers. The main attractions are Xuedou Mountain and Chiang’s former residence. Xikou Town was the birthplace of Chiang Kai-shek and the hometown of Chiang’s father and son. During the Republic of China, it became the command center of the National Government.
Xikou Scenic Area is a national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot. There is a series of humanistic landscapes of the national key cultural relics protection unit “Jiang’s Former Residence”. There is a snow crocodile mountain named after the dream of the Emperor Renzong in the Northern Song Dynasty. Snow Dou Temple and the bronze statue of the Maitreya Buddha.
Attractions Address: Xikou Town, Fenghua City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province View map Business hours Chiang’s former residence: 7:45-17:30;
Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area: 8:10-17:10, 8:00-17:00 (Snow Dou Mountain Tourism Traffic Car Running Time),
Wuling ticket office: 7:45-17:15; distribution center opening hours: 8:00-17:00; ropeway operation time: 9:30-16:40; small train operation time: 9:30-16:10
Rain God Hades: landscape photographer, time-lapse photographer, traveler, freelance writer. Running all the year round, just looking for the most beautiful moment! The net name is Hades (meaning Hades Hades), and it has been named Rainy because it has been raining for many years.
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1. After the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, there is a section of tunnel culvert on the expressway which is a traffic accident-prone section. In the morning, the exit of the tunnel is directly facing the direct sunlight. The moment of the exit of the tunnel glare affects the driver's line of sight, which is very dangerous and dangerous. ;
2, peaches sweet and delicious, but can not eat too much, peaches eat more easily lead to bloating and other discomfort, it is recommended to eat less;
3. When picking peaches in the Xikou pastoral area, the owner of the orchard generally reminds the tourists not to drink water after eating the peaches, which is easy to cause diarrhea, especially for children;
4. Outside the Snow Dou Mountain Scenic Area, there are black drivers and black guides to pull guests. Each person can take 30 yuan to enter the scenic area for free. If you encounter such a situation, don't believe it. They take the tourists to take Xuedou Mountain. Free attractions around the scenic area, don't be deceived;
5, Snow Mountain Scenic Area uphill need to take the ferry bus, the ferry fare is generally included in the ticket, the small train and cable car on the downhill road is a small traffic, additional purchase;
6. The area of ​​Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area is large. The whole scenic spot is about 3-4 hours. The whole route is from the mountain to the mountain. Only the mountain road at the exit needs to climb. The trip is relatively easy. It is recommended to keep some of it. Snacks.
Often said: the big hidden in the city, Xikou is such a hidden hidden in the city side of the world hidden Taoyuan. Here the mountains are beautiful, the sky is blue and white; here is a long history and ancient charm. The clear waters of the Lijiang River, the lush Siduo Mountain, and the former residence of the Qing Dynasty, which is rich in the customs of the Republic of China, are all hidden places outside the city.
In the hot summer of July, the high temperature of the monks who escaped from the magical 40 °C, went to Xikou to visit Qingshan, play Xiushui, return to the Republic of China, taste peach, cool down!
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This summer has been exceptionally extraordinarily fierce, and the outdoor temperature is as high as 40 ° C. The hot summer is always the hottest topic in the summer of the magic, and the green and cool land is the yearning for everyone. All.
Xuedou Mountain gave the beauty of Xikou Mountain, and the clear stream of Lijiang River gave the most cool feeling of Xikou. Once in Xikou Town, it was conquered by the pure beauty of the green mountains and blue sky in front of it.
The fishermen in the river, the waters on the riverside, and the name of the first stream of the Xikou are cool and cool.
Close to the feng shui treasures of Shanghai and Hangzhou, you can be a treasure in the world. As early as a hundred years ago, Jiang’s family wanted to build a house and build a road. Such a feng shui treasure land was the president of the Republic of China. Entering the former residence of Chiang Kai-shek, you can feel the rich taste of the Republic of China.
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In the modern Xikou, it is a joy to be the hometown of Chiang Kai-shek. Although the Jiang family has already lost Taiwan, Xikou still retains the former site of his former residence.
Entering the mountain gate of Wuling, there is the illusion of crossing the period of the Republic of China. The world behind the ancient gates is a building of the Republic of China. No matter the style or decoration, it is full of exquisite and exquisite.
This gray-brick Western-style two-storey building was called a small house and was built in 1930. When Chiang Ching-kuo studied in the Soviet Union, his wife and children returned to Fenghua and lived here.
In April 1937, Jiang Jingguo brought his wife Finna (Fang Liang) and his son Ellen (xiaowen) back to Xikou from the Soviet Union. The small house became a family of three. Since the completion of the small house in 1930, there have been a number of dignitaries, including Chiang Kai-shek’s Australian-based consultant, Tunner. After the Xi'an Incident, Chen Blei was also here to write a pen and wrote "Xi'an Half Moon".
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After Jiang Jingguo returned from the Soviet Union in April 1937, Chiang Kai-shek arranged for him to study in closed doors and cultivate his body, until he went to Jiangxi after the Mid-Autumn Festival in the same year. During this period, I will study the Chinese that has been unfamiliar with the main tutoring in the country, and study the books such as "Zeng Wenzheng's Public Book", "The Complete Works of Wang Yangming", "Mencius" and "The Father's Church", accepting the traditional Chinese thoughts, and writing "Brigade." The Russian report "One Day, "My Day in the Soviet Union", was handed over to Chiang Kai-shek for review, in order to eliminate the impact of the red tide during the stay in the Soviet Union.
On the first floor, there is a stone monument that "washes blood with blood". On December 12, 1939, invading China's Japanese machine, the mouth of the river, Jiang Jingguo's mother Mao Fumei was killed at the back door of Fengqifang. The country went from Jiangxi to the night and night for the mother to mourn, tears the handwritten book "blood-washing blood" four words, and stone stone monument, vowed to hate. After the Japanese occupation of Xikou, the original monument was destroyed to cover up the evil. The existing monument was copied by the Chiang Kai-shek after the recovery of Xikou.
Xiaoyang Building has a number of wide balconies, overlooking the river from the balcony, overlooking the mountains, the scenery is green and the scenery is beautiful. Living in such an environment is a pleasure.
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Xuedou Mountain is the highest peak of the Siming Mountain branch. It is 800 meters above sea level and has the reputation of “Penglai on the sea and rooftop on the sea”. Because of the visit of the Emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, Emperor Zhaozong, he was named "The Dream Mountain", and the Southern Song Dynasty Emperor Zhao Zong chased the book "Ying Meng Mingshan". Take the ferry bus from the Snow Dou Mountain Visitor Service Center and get to the top of the snow sinus in about 30 minutes.
The order of the Snow Dolphin Mountain Scenic Area is basically from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain. It is not necessary to climb up the mountain. As long as you follow the steps all the way down, such a mountain-viewing route is simply the gospel of lazy cancer patients!
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Xuedou Mountain has beautiful scenery and abundant water resources. Numerous streams and waterfalls along the way are unstoppable, and three of the large waterfalls are the famous Sanyin Lake.
In the mountains, Maolin cultivated bamboo, flowing water, flying waterfalls, and the temperature is refreshing and comfortable. In the summer and summer of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Xuedou Mountain is an excellent choice.
There is also a red train in the scenic area, which is located in the car, you can shuttle through the forest and enjoy the wonderful feeling of crossing the mountain. Small trains can take 30 people per car. Because they are too hot, they generally have a long queue. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance and ride in front of various tour groups.
After taking a small train and climbing a small mountain road, you will see the largest waterfall in the entire scenic spot, Qianzhangyan. Not far from Qianzhangyan, you can take the cable car to the scenic spot exit.
Summer is hot, summer and summer can be how to reduce the sweet and sweet fruit! Xikou's beautiful scenery, the production of peaches has a very high reputation.
In the hot summer, it is also the time when the peach is ripe. The Taoyuan area here is quiet and has plenty of rain and growth. Walk into Taoyuan and pick a basket of peaches, each one is sweet and cool.
With the sweetness of the peaches, this weekend's summer heat trip is coming to an end. In fine weather, escape the heat of the magical capital, go to the green mountains and green waters of Xikou, and feel the feelings of the Republic of China in the mountains and near the water. In the twilight of the setting sun, bring the peaches to the full return!