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Walking in the sea of ​​flowers-Baoguo Temple in Ningbo, Zhejiang, Siming Mountain in Yuyao
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Tired the day before, April 5 about to get up at 9:30, Yuyao rain.

I ate early at a restaurant called Feilongshengjiantangbao, and ate the prawns, which cost 2.5 yuan each. When it was different from other places, the fried noodles were crispy and had a special flavor. A bowl of tonkotsu porridge, 4 yuan, a bowl of small soup , 3 yuan. The shop also went to Yuyao's local newspaper.

A strawberry in a strawberry Yuyao downtown to buy a plantation called "red cheek" of new varieties, based on "Hong Xing" male parent, "Zhang Ji," as female bred high-quality large fruit strawberry varieties . Slightly sour taste, so that the taste of strawberries is not greasy, very "fresh", refreshing, the feeling of entrance is particularly good, 20 yuan a catty, 15 yuan a catty, the price is slightly more expensive, recommended.

On the return journey, I went to Cixi Zhouxiang to buy seafood. At 11 o'clock, the town ’s vegetable market was closed. It was raining. When we crossed the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the fog and visibility were less than 100 meters. We passed the rear speed limit of 50 yards. Later it was learned that the Zhoushan Bridge was closed.

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