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Combine two into one, one-half. —— 2014.08.16-17 On the Hangzhou Bayside Weekend Tour to Cixi and Hengyuan
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The word "Cixi" , to others, is named after "Mother Cizi Filial Piety" and is located on the coast of the East China Sea and on the shore of Hangzhou Bay. Also the license plate number starts with "Zhejiang B" and belongs to the place name of Ningbo. To me, the marriage of Shanghai Xiaoxi and Cixi Lang is the second hometown, and there is a deeper feeling in the heart and a sense of belonging.

So when I saw on the WeChat Ctrip weekend tour “Cixi Hengyuan Hotel Free Experience Live, Eat, Live and Play”, I did not hesitate to sign up. After uploading photos and texts of my past travels to Xiaobian, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a "weekend traveler" . I understand that this good luck is hard work and cannot be disappointed.

Thanks to Ctrip Weekend for giving me the opportunity of this "two-in-one" trip, so that this "one-half" Cixi person is still fake and can accompany Da Cao (Mr. Di Nick) to visit his in-laws, Can lead mother to experience the facilities and services of a five-star hotel. At the same time, it prompted me to stop diving and start my first travel blog in the Ctrip Raiders community.

Check the map before you go. In view of the free Hangzhou Bay Wetland Tour between the Cixi Hengyuan Hotel and the Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge that must pass by and back, in order to avoid going back, we have roughly arranged a weekend tour for two days and one night from August 16 to 17. stroke:

8.16 Starting from Shanghai in the early morning, via S4 Shanghai-Jinan Expressway-G15 Shenhai Expressway, take the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, exit at Hangzhou Bay New District, first return to the in-laws of Cixi for lunch, and go to Hengyuan University in the afternoon. Check in at the hotel, enjoy a buffet dinner, and experience the hotel in depth.

8.17 Have a buffet breakfast at the hotel on Sunday, use the hotel's leisure sports facilities, check out before 12 noon. After saying goodbye to my parents-in-law in the afternoon, walk to Hangzhou Bay Wetland, then return to Shanghai from the bridge's Tongdong entrance.

The weather forecast on Friday is Cixi, with showers to moderate rain on the weekends. It is ready for the rain and rain. Even if it rains heavily, you do n’t even want to go to the attractions. After visiting relatives, you can stay and eat in the hotel. So, the weekend tour of "combining two into one , one-half" , just walk away.

On the road, there are always unexpected.

It ’s only a third of the drive only to Pinghu and not yet on the bridge. The rain is like squirting from the shower in the bathroom, dense and numb, hitting the head on the window glass, and the car in front passed The water and the steam produced a concerto.

Fortunately, the G15 Shenhai Expressway Shanghai-Zhejiang toll gate was opened shortly after the rain stopped and the weather was gloomy. The high-speed toll is still the same as before, 45 yuan + 90 yuan = 135 yuan when going to Shanghai, 90 yuan + 30 yuan = 120 yuan to return to Shanghai, a total of 255 yuan.

They all say "see the rainbow after the storm", and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the veritable "Rainbow Bridge" . This bridge spans the waters of Hangzhou Bay, China, from Jiaxing, Zhejiang in the north, to Cixi, Ningbo in the south, with a total length of 36 kilometers. It only takes 20 minutes to drive from the north shore to the south shore. To prevent driver fatigue, the bridge guardrail is designed in 7 colors of rainbow, from Cixi section to Jiaxing Haiyan section are red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple, each color covering 5 kilometers.

I remember the cauldron and the time I just met. When the bridge was opened, he especially warmly invited me to play at his house, saying that it was much easier to go from Shanghai to Cixi, at least 2 hours faster than the previous 4 or 5 hours. hour. Unexpectedly, this bridge has witnessed our journey back and forth between Shanghai and Ningbo in recent years. We have changed from a couple into a partner and then into a travel companion. It is like our "Love Bridge" .

If you choose to drive to Cixi, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is also a journey. Seven-color rainbow fence from north to south, the colors are inverted. On the way, you can also go down to a viewing platform called "Haitian Yizhou" , which looks like a seabird with wings spread. It is located on the east side of the bridge, on the left hand side of the journey, and you can get a close-up picture when you return.

Near noon, I finally returned to my home in Cixi Zhouxiang. My mother-in-law has prepared a large table of hearty dishes, among which is my favorite seafood flavor . Using the tip of your tongue and taste buds is the most direct way to feel the characteristics of a place. Cixi's pike crabs and rich prawns, whether steamed or salty, are full of yellow meat.

When my mother-in-law met her mother and met at home, there was always something to say. Parents are short and harmonious. A chat is an afternoon. Seeing that the hour hand was pointing at 4 o'clock, the rain kept falling, and I had to say goodbye to my family. To go to the top priority of this trip, it was also the second destination-Cixi Hengyuan Hotel.

On the road, still unexpected.

Except for the particularly busy traffic congestion in Cishan city center, Laoshan in other towns, it is an indisputable fact that the roads in other towns are wide and have fewer pits. Compared with the developed public transportation facilities in Shanghai, Cixi's public transportation system is relatively weak, which is why you can see that many Cixi people travel by car and almost one private car per household.

If you choose to take a long-distance bus to Cixi Hengyuan Hotel, after arriving at the passenger station, you will need to transfer to two buses (8 & 210). In addition to more than 2 hours of Shanghai-Shanghai transportation, it will take another 1 Hours drive.

I drove from Zhou Xiang to the hotel this time, accompanied by heavy rain, and suddenly encountered the main road to repair the road. The mechanical navigator insisted on a rib and could not give Plan B. Unfortunately, I had to call the hotel to ask for directions. Navigation: Lichong Highway--Xincheng Avenue--Binhai Avenue--Xingci First Road. After 5 minutes, she did not expect her to call back more intimately and ask me if I found the way. This move gave me an instant favor even though I didn't check in at the time.

Diverted around, finally arrived safely at the hotel, free parking. Wind and dust, ticking. I was too busy taking pictures because I was on my way.

Cixi Hengyuan Hotel is located at No. 55 Binhai 1st Road, Hangzhou Bay New District. Check in at the front desk, show your original ID card and pay a 500 yuan deposit, and soon your room card and cash voucher for food and beverage will be in hand. Perhaps it is the relationship of rain on the weekends, there are many guests in the lobby, and the city is full of people. Only at night can you see the tranquility of the picture below. There was golden light, half of the leaf shape, and the wild summer was not enough, and the meaning of early autumn was immediately felt.

The guest rooms are located on the 5th to 9th floors. The rooms for this stay are arranged on the 8th floor. The quiet part of the corridor is undisturbed. Enter the house, insert the card, turn on the lights, close the door, and find that the double security security anti-theft lock is different from other hotels. It is not a traditional chain type or a snap type latch, but a red and black ON / OFF switch with a push button. . Recently, the hotel's anti-theft tactics spread on the Internet. From this point of view, you can rest assured that you can rest easy.

The wood-colored rooms are spacious and warm, with a space of 45 square meters. Floor lamps, glass coffee tables, chaise sofas, and two single beds are arranged in order from far to near. The hotel also provides three pillows with different comfort and hardness for guests to choose freely and considerate service.

Not only that, the hotel anticipated the needs of the guests in advance, and placed the electric mosquito coil in the corner of the entrance hallway, and quickly plugged it into the uninterruptible power outlet. For me who especially attracted mosquitoes, I praised it. This way, even if you leave the room and unplug the room card, you don't have to worry about the anti-mosquito effect.

When I left my luggage and carry-on clothes, I saw that the hotel provided a free shoe shine service. Comfortable, soft slippers, and thirst-free mineral water (with bottle buckle) are free of charge, and have always been a necessity of my stay. Hearing the doorbell, the staff of the guest room delivered a welcome fruit and a sincere smile.

My mother whispered from the bathroom that I could see the entire large transparent glass in the room. I demonstrated the up and down switch of the electric curtains so that she could put down her shy concerns. (* ^ _ ^ *) Above the tub is a lavender scented candle to help sleep , 50 yuan a light.

The bathroom is large and bright, but unfortunately, when I saw an ashtray and a matchbox, when I checked-in at the front desk, the hotel staff did not ask if there were smoking taboos, so I arranged a smoking room for me . After talking with the cauldron, he told me to "follow the customs". Let ’s get some rest. Let ’s go downstairs to the hotel ’s free dinner buffet.

At 7 pm, the Harvest Goddess Western Restaurant on the first floor is still very popular and almost didn't even have a seat. The seat that the leader took us to take a seat is the “Little Black Seat” x2, which has a beautiful privacy by the floor-to-ceiling windows during the day, but is blocked by the wall at night without light and ceiling lights. After communicating with the foreman of the restaurant, a candle was sent to adjust the atmosphere. I comforted my mother and said that mother and daughter can have candlelight dinners. The hotel also promised to arrange for us to go to the sofa seat in the center of the restaurant after the diners left.

Almost half an hour later, we were "shifted" to a seat near the hot vegetable area. Because the standard seafood "snow crab legs + sashimi" of many hotel buffets has not attracted much interest, when you see the Hengyuan Hotel incorporates Cixi's unique flavor seafood, it is different from the onion oil yellow in Shanghai After the mud snails and small yellow croakers, the interest increased greatly. There is also a mix of flaming hemp and pig trotters.

I also took a bit of grilled pasta and fresh coconut, and the meat and vegetables combination was both tired and balanced. My mother loves drinking red wine. It's a free drink here. The year is 2011. Follow your usual appetite, eat as much as you can, and act on the disc!

When the crowd dissipated and dinner was over, the staff was arranging tableware. Thinking about the "candle event", you can better understand the hardships and difficulties of the "hotel man". Tips: The group dinner buffet price is 128 yuan / person.

It is indeed the first five-star hotel in China with the theme of leisure sports . Even the bronze sculptures are concave in shape. The large wellness centre on the first floor is open from 7am to 10.30pm. Dynamic cycling room, body room, equipment gym, indoor badminton, table tennis, billiards, squash court, indoor swimming pool, guests can use all ball sports for free for 1 hour as long as they have room cards. You need to make an appointment in advance and rent sports equipment such as rackets from the front desk.

Didn't expect it? The hotel can also play shooting game machines, which cost 3 yuan per coin. There is also a double table football machine often seen in bars.

After exercising, go back to the room to take a shower and sleep. My mother was lying on the bed to watch the opening ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games. Free WIFI is available throughout the hotel, broadband internet in the rooms is also free, too powerful! Sure enough, mosquitoes came at night, but the electric mosquito coils and their own mosquito repellent water double protection, dreaming of Sunday

At 7:30 on Sunday morning, the floor curtains were opened, and the rain was fine. On the writing desk, there are tags of jogging maps, and schedules of various indoor and outdoor sports. Those who have the habit of morning training can try.

At 8:30, still at the Harvest Goddess Western Restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, enjoy a buffet breakfast (market price78 yuan / person, we experience it for free). Breakfast time is from 6:30 to 10:00, my mother eats Chinese food, I eat Western food, and fresh plums are very sweet.

She also made a pair of pigtails for me, and the memory instantly returned to the early morning before school when I was a child.

Take a walk after dinner, golf courses, outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, everything you can think of. Seeing the ocean ball in the children's playground, I feel that it is also good to have a family-friendly trip to the hotel.

To leave the hotel, take another picture in front of the picture frame in the room. The check-out process was quick, and at the same time the front desk provided us with two tickets for the Hangzhou Bay Wetland (the fare is 35 yuan / piece).

"Heart, rhythm, touch, move by Hengyuan!" We will come again!

And lunch with her in-laws, they gave us parting Shaoshang Cixi specialty fruit, except June rich national reputation of Cixi bayberry, in early August harvest period is only 7-10 days of Run-chang pear, but agriculture brand in Zhejiang Province product. Eat in this late summer and early autumn season, to quench thirst, moisten lungs and lower fire. The pears are delicate, juicy, and really delicious!

Go back to Hangzhou Bay Wetland on the west side of the bridge . The sunken labyrinth corridor feels like walking under water, surrounded by fish and water on both sides, a novel landscape design. The reeds are one of the locations where Chen Kaige directed the film "Search".

Red makeup and green wipes are always suitable for wetlands. The relationship between time has not been able to travel, but when I got on the car, I saw a small flower inserted in the air conditioner's air outlet. In this way, before the rainstorm in the magic city, the weekend of Cixi “combined into one and one half” was successfully concluded.

Thank you Ctrip Weekend for making this home visit more meaningful! Make your next departure even stronger! From now on, every record in the community will make good memories last forever!

Scan the official WeChat QR code of Ctrip Weekend Tour, and join me in the activity of "Weekend Tour Experiencer"!

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