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Book collection ancient and modern, Hong Kong through the world-discover Ningbo, 2 days and 1 night by car
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Haiding Ze Boning, Book Collection Ancient and Modern-Ningbo

This is the estuary at the southern end of the Grand Canal in China, the east departure port of the "Maritime Silk Road", and also the water town and seaport city of the southeast coast of the motherland-Ningbo. In the fourteenth year of Ming Hongwu (1381), he took the meaning of "Hai Ding Ze Boning" and renamed it Ningbo, which has been used ever since. It is the hometown of a famous Chinese academician. The summer summer niche tour, 3 hours from Shanghai, 2 days and 1 night in-depth excursion to Ningbo, so that the most cost-effective play. In addition to Dongqian Lake and Hemudu Sites, there are also Tianyi Pavilion and Drum Tower.

2 days and 1 night, Ningbo Discovery Tour

This is the estuary at the southern end of the Grand Canal in China, the east departure port of the "Maritime Silk Road", and also the water town and seaport city of the southeast coast of the motherland-Ningbo. The summer summer niche tour, 3 hours from Shanghai, 2 days and 1 night in-depth excursion to Ningbo, so that the most cost-effective play.

The oldest library in Asia

The earliest existing private library in China, the oldest library in Asia, and one of the three largest family libraries in the world, Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion, a national 5A-level scenic spot, is also one of China's top ten historical and cultural buildings. The owner is the servant of the Ministry of Defense during the Ming Dynasty. According to historical records, the large-scale series edited in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the "Siku Quanshu", was the second book and magazine donated by Tianyi Pavilion at the time of compilation. Without Tianyi Pavilion's long-established books and literature, it may not be the current "Siku Quanshu".
The main features of Tianyi Pavilion, in addition to its long history and collection of books, are as many books as there are today. There are still 30,000 ancient books. The mansion is complete, the ancient trees are towering, the ruins still exist, the charm of history and the landscape are not inferior to the famous gardens in the south of the river. During the rainy season, the weather is bleak, and the rain is fresh and green. Today, it is jointly applying for world cultural heritage with nine other famous buildings in China. Tianyi Pavilion is located in the first half of the left-entry tour line, and the Mahjong Museum is also very good. There is a tea room and study room in the center of the scenic area, suitable for rest. It is recommended from 1 to 3 hours, from March to May and from September to November. Spring and autumn are the best. Ningbo has four distinct seasons, and the spring and autumn scenery is pleasant and suitable for travel. The layout of the scenic spot is relatively concentrated and staggered, and it is easy to get lost. The tour route is left in and right out. If it is convenient to take pictures, you can enter right and left to avoid crowds. It is slippery on rainy days, pay attention to safety. The Moon Lake at the entrance of the scenic area is very suitable for costume photography, symmetrical layout, and pavilions on both sides.
The Mahjong Origin Exhibition Hall is the ancestral hall of Mr. Chen Zhengyao's family, displaying the history of Mahjong, the history of relations with Ningbo, and the types of Mahjong cards from around the world.
"Tianyichi" Tongyue Lake is also being chiseled in front of the building, which can beautify the environment and store water to prevent fire. The architectural layout of Tianyi Pavilion was later imitated by other library buildings. Tianyi Pavilion covers an area of ​​2.6 hectares. It is a thematic museum with research, protection, management, display, social education, and tourism as its core.
Baoshulou is the Tianyi Pavilion collection. The building is a two-storey building on the top of the hard eaves. Dongming Thatched Cottage is the former Fan Qin's library for Tian Yi Pavilion, named after Fan Qin's nickname, also known as "Yi Wu Lu".
Ningbo has always been the center of Chinese book collection culture. Especially since the Song Dynasty, private collections have become commonplace, and famous buildings have sprung up. There are more than 80 well-known collections in the past. After more than 430 years, Tianyi Pavilion is a model of Ningbo's book collection culture and a vivid symbol of China's book collection culture. Nowadays, it has been vividly called "Ningbo's study room". The display is divided into four parts according to the times, which are "the library building of the Ming Dynasty", "the library building of the Qing Dynasty", "the library building of the Republic of China" and "new memorial library building"

Navigation Address: Tianyi Pavilion Arrival: By car or taxi, about 2.3km; Ningbo Station Bus No. 26/38/345/371/380/512 can be reached;
Suggestion: Experience 2 ~ 3 hours, summer opening hours: May 1st-October 31st 8: 30-17: 30 (stop ticket sales at 17:00,
No admission)
Winter season opening hours: November 1st-April 30th, 8: 30-17: 00 (Ticket sales are closed at 16:30, admission is prohibited)
Closed every Monday morning (except for statutory holidays, not postponed) and opened at 13:30 in the afternoon.
Admission fee: Full ticket: 30 yuan Adult half-price ticket: 15 yuan College degree or below holder of student ID (excluding graduate students, short-term training students, adult continuing education students)
60-69 year olds hold ID cards or other valid documents

Tourism team: 24 yuan (must have a tourist guide card, a group ticket, and 10 or more people)

The 100-county thousand bowls of Ningbo's territorial authentic flavor--Jiang Feng Yujia

Ningbo cuisine is known both inside and outside for its seafood name, and is known for its steamed, grilled, and stewed seafood. It is distinctive, light in form, heavy in flavor, fresh and salty, and delicious. Ningbo people nickname it "Xiafan". Ningbo cuisine is known both inside and outside for its seafood name, and is known for its steamed, grilled, and stewed seafood. It is distinctive, light in form, heavy in flavor, fresh and salty, and delicious. Ningbo people nickname it "Xiafan". The top ten famous dishes in Ningbo are rock sugar turtle, bonbon roasted river eel, small seaweed roasted with seaweed, big yellow croaker with seaweed, yellow croaker with yellow bean curd, steamed foie gras with lotus root, steamed meat with lotus leaf powder, sea cucumber with yellow croaker, color yellow croaker Fired back. In particular, rock soft-shelled turtle and pot-boiled river eel are the most famous traditional dishes in Ningbo. Last year, the tourism departments of cities, counties (cities, districts) in Zhejiang Province will join hands with the hotel industry and catering industry associations to widely mobilize the public, organize experts to dig and select, and launch 100 bowls of local cuisine with local characteristics. Finally, the top 10 bowls will be selected. The representative tourist food shows the unique charm of Zhejiang tourist food to citizens.

And Jiangfeng Yuya Tower, located at No. 1 Qiyun Road, No. 291 Qiyun Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, is very popular with tourists. Seaweed soup with yellow croaker

Xuecai soup yellow croaker-Ningboers prefer yellow croaker. There is a lot of yellow croaker in the specialty dishes of famous restaurants. There are many ways to do it. And "Xue Cai Da Tang Huang Yu" is a well-deserved dish. The taste of yellow croaker is self-evident, but as a "helper", the locals firmly believe that "Qiu Yu" has the soul of this dish and can create the unique flavor of "salty and sour" and retain it. The "true temperament" of the ingredients.

Red cream crab—In the food list of Ningbo people, the word “fresh” always takes the lead. The autumn wind rises, and the crab is fattened. Select raw barracuda or white crab and marinate it in saturated brine for several hours to one day. As soon as it was opened, the red and yellow semi-solidified paste, the pale yellow flowing yellow, and the translucent crab meat were crystal clear. The crab paste melts at the entrance, the crab meat is delicate and supple, and the salty and bite-like flavor makes people have an endless aftertaste.

Navigation address: Jiangfeng Yujia, Haishu District Arrival: self-driving or taxiing, about 7km; Tianyige bus 503/510 / subway line 1 or 2 can be reached;
Cost per capita: around 50 yuan

Parking: Free parking

Ningbo Completed Sign: Looking for the "Drum Tower" of the Ancient City with a History of 1100 Years

Ningbo is located in the southeast coast and the middle part of the mainland coastline; the world's top five ports and the east departure port of the "Maritime Silk Road". Therefore, the origin of the name is related to the sea. In the Ming Dynasty in 1381, it was formally named after the meaning of "Haining and Boning" and is still in use today. As a national historical and cultural city, it started in the Xia Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago, but the real construction of the city began in the first year of Changqing (821) in the Tang Dynasty. The Drum Tower (next to Drum Tower), located at No. 2 Gongyuan Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, is the symbol of Ningbo's construction and the only remaining ancient city tower site in Ningbo. In ancient times, in addition to the daily timekeeping of the Drum Tower, there were wartime reconnaissance observations and resistance to foreign enemies. Today, it is a gathering place for major cultural activities in Ningbo. The building fully reflects the traditional architecture of Ningbo and the characteristics of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River. The decoration is particularly similar to well-known city pedestrian streets such as Guanqian Street in Suzhou and Confucius Temple in Nanjing.
The style of the commercial street has a strong historical and cultural texture. There are two ancient stone archways at the east and west ends, as well as the ruins of the city walls and the monuments of the sub-city history. Gulou Pedestrian Street integrates local culture, shopping, leisure, food and entertainment, and is a must-go place for tourism in Ningbo. Across the road is Zhongshan Park-the earliest seat of Ningbo Municipal Government Office. In the spring of 1927, on the second anniversary of Mr. Sun Yat-sen's death, some people proposed that in order to commemorate Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the construction of a Zhongshan Park was immediately approved by people from all walks of life in the city .

It is recommended to play for 1 to 2 hours, the pedestrian street on rainy days is slippery, and long-term parking is not allowed around. Suitable for beautiful friends to take costume photos. At the same time, there are some specialty specialty craft shops in Ningbo. Especially in the summer and rainy season, taking photos has the beauty of Jiangnan charm and traditional characteristics.

Navigation Address: Zhongshan Park, Haishu District, Ningbo / Drum Tower, Haishu District Arrival: By car or taxi, about 8km; bus 503 / subway line 2 can be reached;
Suggestion: experience 1 ~ 2 hours,
Ticket cost: None

Parking: No parking

Discovering Thousands of Bowls in 100 County Ningbo Shipu Hotel

In addition to Ningbo's top ten specialties, there are also top ten Ningbo's famous points: lard dumplings, dragon and phoenix gold balls, crystal oil buns, red bean paste eight treasure rice, lard flaky noodles, three-filament noodles, fresh meat buns, siu mai, fresh meat馄饨, brewed maroon. Most of the cooking process adopts steaming and braising, especially paying attention to the heat and knife skills, and attaches great importance to color, fragrance and taste. So at Shipu Hotel, I ate the most authentic and authentic brewed marzipan.

However, in the high summer season, the most eye-catching is steamed crayfish in a pressure cooker ~ a table full of local Ningbo food, whether it is famous dishes or authentic farm dishes, are very delicious, the price per capita is very affordable.

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Navigation Address: Shipu Hotel (Yuehu), Haishu District
Arrival: By car or taxi, about 2km; buses 380/501/812/819 can be reached;
Cost per person: around 150 yuan

Parking: Free parking

Night "Park" Sky Harbor Jubilee, the dream of Jiangnan Port City

Ningbo Tiangang Xiyue Hotel is located in Ningbo's Haishu District. The nearby Metro Line 2 Liyuan South Road Station is near, and it is about 10 minutes from the highway intersection. Gulou Pedestrian Street and Tianyi Pavilion are both about 5km. Why do you say "night" at night? First, the hotel brand is Tiangang, a well-known hotel brand in Ningbo. Second, Ningbo is a Jiangnan water town and a harbor city. Third, the hotel lobby features small fishing boats and lotus ponds. Landscaping is fascinating, especially like a haven. The hotel's floors are from 8 to 22F, with a total of 130 rooms. The rooms are mainly modern and simple design styles. The rooms are spacious and have excellent lighting. At night, they can overlook the surrounding night view. 1F2F is an all-day restaurant. , Awards and banquets, travel and vacation needs. Rooms are fully equipped with desks, sofas, open dressing rooms, wet and dry washrooms, self-serve tea and coffee, etc. to meet the needs of business travelers. The software and hardware are comparable to a four-star hotel, and have won such awards as the Golden Camellia Award in the industry.

Apart from the comfort of the guest rooms and the high value for money, the hotel's most distinctive feature lies in the rich and elegant lobby of Jiangnan. The central axis of the lobby is symmetrically designed. The left circle is to the right, the left is more modern, and the right is more elegant. Being in it always gives people a visual and spiritual surprise. The archway gate of the unity of knowledge and action is like a finishing touch. It is unknowingly integrated with nature and the environment. One step at a time, it is refreshing.

In addition, there is a wedding planning center, fitness center, business tea bar on the first floor, as well as guzheng and lute performances. Using the moonlight landscape elements of the lotus pond, it has the characteristics of Jiangnan water village. It is worth mentioning that the concierge service is very warm and welcoming.

Navigation address: Haishu Tiangang Xiyue Hotel Arrival: By car or taxi, about 4.8km; Metro Line 2;
Cost per capita: about 406 yuan

Parking: Free parking

Ningbo's supper world “Internet celebrity”, 22 years of popularity “oyster wings”-delicious

When you go to Ningbo, you can't miss the Internet celebrity food—Ningbo Oyster Wing has a good reputation for more than 20 years. It can be called the handle of Ningbo's ground supper and barbecue industry. Do n’t rely on blowing, you ’ll know if I ’m right.

At present, Ningbo's main urban areas have oyster wings, and the popular food rankings in each region are in the top one or two. I went to this one at No.8 Shengyuan Lane, Yuehu Shengyuan. It rained every day, and it was more than 22:00 in the evening. After waiting for about 20 minutes, it was finally our turn. The waiter recommended several must-orders. Steamed oysters are "steamed" delicious, original, full and round; the lobster must be very clean and fresh, such as steamed lobster with oyster wings, the cleanest lobster on Ningbo trip, plus The secret dipping sauce is awesome. Zhendian grilled wings are very delicious, the outer focus is tender, and the heat is just right. When the steam from the pressure cooker is hot, eat it quickly. The crab crab porridge for two people is full, the crab legs still have meat, the mouth melts, and the aftertaste is endless ...

Ningbo is near the sea, and seafood has become an indispensable ingredient for locals in their daily lives. Therefore, oyster wings are mainly scallops, oysters, chicken wings, seafood casserole and other seafood and barbecue. At present, the fishing season in Ningbo is closed. After fishing starts, it must be richer and more delicious. It is suitable for dating couples and family dinners, especially for those who are free in Ningbo and travelling on vacation. Try not to drink beer while eating seafood, be careful of gout. Eaters, remember to try the bullfrog.

Navigation Address: Haishu Oyster Wing (Yuehu Shengyuan Branch)
Arrival: By car or taxi, about 4.5km; Metro Line 2 can be reached;
Per capita cost: around 150 yuan Parking: Free parking

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