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Qilu Land Trip Series
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I didn't expect to start my trip to Shandong with a sudden shower. My grandmother at home urged me to rush away and take this and that, as if I didn't buy it there. I went to the city station at 4:30 and ate two. Meal, wait, wait, just pat, I was captured by a good shot, unintentionally, when I pressed the shutter, I found that this beautiful woman entered my shot.

It ’s a little exciting to see a university classmate I have n’t seen in two years. I do n’t know if she has changed. It ’s still nice when I meet.

The first time I took a long-distance train to travel, I didn't sleep in a sleeper, I washed and slept on the train for the first time. My upper bunk and left bunk (which turned out to be a schoolboy) were all male compatriots. The playing time was so fast that I had to take a break at nine. The conditions on the train are very difficult and I am not used to it. In the sleep, I always accompany the rumbling sound of the railroad tracks, and the bed is very small. It really can only accommodate one person, but it ’s good to experience one. Long journeys are always made up of different experiences. Most of the teachers who went to Shandong were Chinese teachers. They were full of admiration for Confucian culture. Late at night, the yellow street lights outside the window moved backwards. My heart was extremely quiet. It will be more than six o'clock tomorrow morning in Luzhou, and I will go to sleep as soon as possible, and say good night to myself! I fell asleep until dawn, and my sleep quality was good.

11:05 Suzhou Station

Qilu, we finally set foot on this land. In the morning, I went to Qufu for breakfast. They were steamed buns, soy milk was as thick as rice cereal, and Chinese food was steamed. The taste of Shandong still did not meet our people in Jiangnan. Sticky, there are pancake rolls and green onions for dinner. This is my favorite colleague from Shandong. They still miss it in Hangzhou.

The damp churros are very gimmicky, hard pancakes, thick soy milk, Shandong cuisine, and the three "huh" can be summarized: dark, sticky and salty

Qufu is full of Confucius quotes, highlighting the cultural heritage here!
Even the dining room inside is named after the words in Confucius quotes

The three-hole dwellings like a courtyard house—Confucius Temple, Confucian Temple, and Confucius Forest—the weather is hot and the cultural attractions are not the same, but the scale is magnificent. In fact, we have it in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and there is nothing new.

The tour guide took the big horn and told us not to buy anything, it was a mess, and as a result a local passerby heard it. Let's make a theory, haha! I took the netbook on the road, but I couldn't go online outside the province. Fortunately, Qingqing's younger brother is in this business.

The world is established through the relationship between people. I am convinced of the six-degree space theory again. During the conversation at the dinner table, I even recognized a grandfather. He, my classmate's colleague, and my cousin's cousin, are really a thousand worlds. No wonder there are. It is one of the four great joys of life to know someone from another country. Now is the peak tourist season in Shandong, and every summer vacation, I met two teams from Zhejiang, Jiaxing and Fuyang in the morning.

Arrived in Tai'an in the afternoon. Tai'an, an economically underdeveloped city, is very suitable for life, especially in the evening's East Lake Park. The square is like a joyful ocean. Old and young people dance ballroom dance, square dance, Latin dance, or sit next to a fan. There are small tables on the side, people eat food and drink beer in the open air, and life is not good.

Carriage within the scene

Zhu Yuanzhang has good ingredients, this is the second piece that has not been smashed!

Dragon and Phoenix trees Dragon trees are formed naturally? I am a little skeptical that the real emperor got aura after he leaned in?

He was beaten by the Red Guards. The teeth are as strong as iron. Only this is a weakness.

The "heart" in architecture

Cypress trees are surrounded by cypress trees in Jinan

Outside the place where Confucius lectured, a stone altar was placed on the altar.

The height of the Dacheng Hall is 24.85 meters. All the buildings in the old city cannot exceed it, all are suppressed by Confucius! All things go to the Three Treasure Hall (one of them is the Dacheng Hall)

Me and dading

Confucius can't see half of his face

It ’s all a red one praying for God ’s wishes

Two of the inscriptions were not damaged when you approved Lin and Kong. This is one of them because it was written by the party's party.

Why is there more "walls"? When Qin Shihuang burned the book and Confucianism, I heard that the Confucian family's books were cut here

There are more than 2,000 tombstones in the Confucian Temple

Head to Kong Lin, the graveyard of Kong Shangren, author of "Peach Blossom Fan"

This is the cemetery of Confucius' 72-year-old Sun and Qianlong's daughter. I asked if it was open at night. People in the car said that it was open to you. They would invite you to sit in. Open and no street lights)

Group tour, inevitably there are shopping points, came to a family selling knives, Grandpa Fan became a model, scared the sales lady, and covered her ears!

I have the habit of recording while walking, so I take a notebook with me when I go out to record some of my experiences and feelings, and I am doing my homework again!

Day 3: Taishan and Jinan

Taishan, the head of the Five Sacred Mountains, is actually just the same. The famous cultural heritage behind it is how many emperors and enthusiasts come to this shàn. There are more than 3,000 steps from Zhongtianmen to Nantianmen. The vast majority of tourists They all boarded up on their own. Is n’t it a pity to come to Taishan without climbing to Taishan, and there are many old, weak and sick in the boarding team, how can we show weakness? It was raining down the mountain. To find out what it was like, go and see "Mount Tai in the Rain", and we set off with a raincoat. It was very easy at the beginning. By the 18th set, I was a bit tired, but think of picking a mountain worker, and gritting his teeth still went up. Fortunately, it took 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach the end, and his legs were not very sour. After another half an hour, we reached Yuhuangding, where the wind and rain were heavy, the top of Mount Tai was cold, and our hands and feet were cold, it was estimated to be about ten degrees. When we arrived at the hotel, we seemed to have just released it. The hungry one was swept away by us as soon as the food was served. Now we are very accustomed to eating steamed buns. Steamed buns are better than rice. Anyway, I have never eaten rice.

In the afternoon, I lined up to take the cable car coldly and went down the mountain in eight minutes, ending the trip to the head of the Five Mountains.

Funny quote when climbing Mount Tai: A Chinese wants to take a photo with a bearded foreigner and says: "please sit down there" Chinese and English combined, everyone understands.

Qing Qing said, "Let you memorize it." I replied, "It's okay, I'm not serious." I turned it out: Help you memorize it!

"Grandma Taishan Blessing" was read by me as "Blessing Grandma Laoshantai", lose face!

I drove to Jinan, Quancheng at five o'clock, and went to Lao She's "Jinan's Winter". I said to the students that I hope to have a chance to come to Jinan to see it. At that time, I thought that I could realize this wish so soon. However, I can't appreciate the Jinan written by Lao She in the journey like a horse.

Car rental is generally around seven yuan. From the starting price of a taxi, we can see the price level of a city, unlike Hangzhou and Shanghai, which are expensive!

Finished reporting, thank you for watching! Be regarded as a guide from practice, for reference only!

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