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Songlan Mountain-Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City-Chinese Fishing Village-Dongqian Lake Xiao Putuo-Taogong Village-Tianyi Square-Old Bund: Ningbo-Xiangshan 2-day tour
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In the small autumn holiday in September of September, a tour that says "go away" starts from Changzhou. After passing through six cities of tin, su, shanghai, jia, hang, and shao, we finally arrived at the destination of this trip-ningbo.

Due to the compact time schedule, in order to provide myself with a relaxed and comprehensive understanding of Ningbo's travel opportunities, I chose the high-speed rail to travel, arrived in Ningbo, and then rented a car to the scenic area. Although it took a lot of soft girl coins, but without the fatigue of boat and car fatigue, I would naturally feel that the gameplay is heavier.

The general arrangement of Ningbo trip is [Ningbo Railway Station]-[Songlan Mountain]-[Shipu Town]-[Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City]-[Chinese Fishing Village]-[Dongqian Lake Small Putuo]-[Tao Gong Village]-[Tianyi Plaza]-[Old Bund]-[Ningbo Railway Station], the specific schedule is as follows:

D1: Changzhou-Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiangshan

07:45 to the train station (G7857 train departs at 8:46)

10:00 Simple dining at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Wait at 10:45 and head to Ningbo (departure at 10:59 on G7509)

13:00 Arrive in Ningbo, 1 Hi rent a car and pick up the car and go to Xiangshan County

15:30 Songlan Mountain Tour (book the same day)

18:00 to Shipu

19:00 Check-in at Xiangshan Fangyun Seaview Hotel

19:30 Seafood Night Stall Dinner at Nanping Road

20:30 Shipu Ancient Street, stroll by the sea

22:00 End of the day

D2: Xiangshan-Ningbo

08:00 Get up for food

09:00 Check out and head to Xiangshan Film and Television City (later planned to change to Chinese fishing village)

09:30 Xiangshan Film and Television City Tour (Later plan is changed to Chinese fishing village)

12:00 Return to Ningbo after foraging nearby

14:00 Arrive at Xiao Putuo, Dongqian Lake, Ningbo for a tour

16:15 proceed to Best Western Ningbo Jianghua Hotel

17:00 Return from the train station

17:30 Hanging out in Ningbo (Tianyi Square, Old Bund ...), having dinner

22:00 End of the day

D3: Ningbo-Shanghai-Changzhou

07:00 Breakfast

07:40 Taxi to Ningbo Railway Station

08:15 Waiting for Shanghai (G7532 train leaves at 8:32)

10:45 Arrive at Hongqiao Railway Station for a simple meal

Wait at 12:00 and go home (G7576 train leaves at 12:16)

13:14 Arrive in Changzhou, end pleasant journey in Ningbo

[Songlan Mountain]

Songlan Mountain Seaside Resort is located on the seashore 9 kilometers southeast of Xiangshan County. The seaside scenery in the area is beautiful, the marine culture is thick, and the leisure and vacation facilities are complete. Compared with the Chinese fishing villages to visit later, Songlan Mountain is simply Bai Fumei. It is said that there are six major beaches in Songlan Mountain, the most famous of which are South Beach, East Beach and White Beach. Because we were in a big traffic jam when we went, it was almost an hour from the road outside the scenic area to the beach, so we only went to the East Beach. The beaches of Songlan Mountain are very delicate, and the waves are also gentle, not hurried and impatient, which is very simple, relaxed and comfortable to meet their needs.

[Shipu Town, Shipu Ancient Port Town]

The ancient city of Shipu Fishing Port is built along the mountain, facing the sea by the mountain, and is known as "the city is on the port, and the mountain is in the city." It is connected to a fishing port on one end, and buried deep in the mountains and valleys. The city walls are built with the undulations of the mountains, and the gates are shaped. The high-control port is the main feature of the ancient city of Shipu, a “seaside town”.

It's almost nine o'clock in the evening when I first knew the ancient city of Shipu Fishing Port. It wasn't to save a few dozen yuan of tickets, but it was indeed caused by the tight schedule. In addition to the crowds during the day, the quiet ancient city has only sporadic shops open, and there is the leisurely summer night life of the ancient people of the ancient city. The ancient city of Shipu Fishing Port is not large, and the commercial development is not large. It is commendable that this is an ancient city still inhabited by people, unlike the ancient towns in southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang where only merchants have few residents.

[Chinese fishing village]

As a comprehensive marine cultural and recreational resort in Shipu Town, Xiangshan County, the Chinese Fishing Village Scenic Area is also a popular spot for those who use Shipu as their travel destination to play in the sand and watch the sea. However, compared with Songlan Mountain, the high fares and low-standard commercial development of Chinese fishing villages will obviously make people feel disappointed. Although there will still be many people looking at the beautiful seaside European-style buildings on the Internet, but the basics Every time I come back, I feel a little bit sick. The gap between reality and imagination is so large. Therefore, the original plan was to go to Xiangshan Film and Television City the next day. I did not expect to temporarily change the direction and change course to a fishing village in China, but I felt fooled. Personally, it's better to go to the beach to go to Songlan Mountain!

[Little Putuo]

East Putian Lake Putuo, also known as Xiayu, is located in the center of Dongqian Lake, with its vast cultural heritage. The main attractions of Xiao Putuo include Bu Tuo Dong Tian, ​​Qian Di Yan Bo, Tao Gong Diao Ji, Qingfeng Xianggui, Chenghu Mingyue, Xiayu Suolan, Erling Gliu and so on. Among them, entering the scenic area is a long lake embankment. It is very pleasant to bathe in the sun with the lake wind blowing. The core attractions of Xiao Putuo are located in Xiayu, which is in the center of the scenic lake. There are water Guanyin and Xiayu Zen Temple on the island. It is a scenic spot that integrates humanities, history, and beauty. It is worth playing!

[Tao Gong Village]

The lake in front of the village is rippling, the river network in the village is intertwined, the boats on the river are moored at night, and the trees on the mountain are lush ... It is a charming scenery of Jiangnan Water Village. This is Taogong Village by Dongqian Lake. In fact, when driving to Xiao Putuo, he was amazed by the mini scenery in front of him. Tao Gong Village, known as the most beautiful village in China, is an ancient village with unique characteristics. A horseshoe half surrounded Tao Gongshan in it. The name of Tao Gongcun is said to be the place where the celebrity Fan Yue, a beautiful woman in the Spring and Autumn Period, lived in seclusion. Fan Ye later abandoned the official business, claiming to be Tao Zhugong, Taogongshan and Taogong Island. There are two very tall buildings on Taogong Mountain that are very eye-catching. The first time I saw these two buildings, the first feeling was that it was abrupt. Taogong Mountain is not high. The houses in Taogong Village are basically built according to the mountains, but these two houses are built at the top of the hillside. They have a feeling of standing high, and they are a little out of harmony with other houses under the mountain. At least from the floor, it can be said that it is the highest, and other private houses are at most three floors, but these two houses are estimated to be four to six floors high. At first I guessed that they should be abandoned factories, and then went back and forth to browse the Internet to find out that the two east and west buildings were the abandoned teaching buildings of Ningbo Teachers College.

Tao Gongshan Ningbo Normal School was built in 1960. At that time, the east building was a liberal arts building, and the west building was a science building. The school was relocated in 1988. The two floors have ended their mission and have been deserted. Due to years of disrepair, rumors of haunting these two buildings have also been circulated on the Internet. It is said that many explorers have chosen to camp here at night over the years. Of course, no ghosts have been found except for some school relics. A few years ago, someone went to the West Building to explore and found that there were two empty coffins in the basement. There were a lot of residual chemicals and experimental instruments in it. They were left for more than 20 years and the smell was pungent.

We only went to the East Building and turned around. Now the building has been completely sealed by iron bars, and the wall of the building has also been graffitied with many yellow words. Although it is still in the sunshine, when I walked to the East Building, I still felt the chills, so I gave up the thought of entering the building, walked along the mountain road to the other end of Taogong Village, and took pictures along the way. Take the local customs.

Tao Gongcun is a point in the Ningbo trip that was not planned for the game but unexpectedly brought a lot of surprises.

[Yangxing Street Catholic Church]

The main hall of Ningbo Yaoxing Street, the Holy Mother of Heaven in Yaoxing Street, is located near the Tianyi Square in the center of Ningbo. It is a church with Romanesque and Gothic shapes, which can accommodate 2,000 people. The church is 51 meters long from north to south, 22 meters wide from east to west, 31 meters high from the ridge of the lobby, 66 meters high from the bell tower, and a stainless steel cross with a height of 6 meters and a width of 4 meters on the top. integrate. The roof of the second floor of the lobby is covered with bluestone glazed, surrounded by bluestone railings along the eaves, and decorated with stalagmites. It is imposing and elegant.

[Tianyi Square]

Tianyi Square is located on the south side of Zhongshan Road, a prosperous commercial street in the center of Ningbo. It covers an area of ​​200,000 square meters. The main building is composed of 22 European-style modern buildings with a total construction area of ​​220,000 square meters. In the center of the enclosed building complex is a central square of 35,000 square meters and 6,000 square meters of landscape waters. Tianyi Plaza integrates shopping, leisure, entertainment, culture and tourism. It is known as Ningbo's commercial aircraft carrier and is a beautiful business card for Ningbo City.

[Old Bund]

The Old Bund is located in the Jiangbei District on the northern shore of the Sanjiangkou in Ningbo. It opened in 1844, 20 years before the Bund, and is one of the few remaining Bunds with a century-old history in China. From the Internet, a very interesting little story is the origin of the name of the Bund (has a deep root with the old Bund in Ningbo)-because the three rivers in Ningbo Sanjiangkou resemble the English letter "Y", The Bund area is called "Y-Town" by outsiders, and it is "Bund" after transliteration. It is said that this is also the earliest reason for the name of the Bund. At present, the cultural relics preserved on the Old Bund are: British Consulate, Patrol House, Japanese Army Aquatic Command, Zhejiang Customs, Catholic Church, Jiangbei Holy Church, Ningbo Post Office, and Commercial Bank. ", The merchant's private house" Yan's Villa "," Zhu House "and other buildings, these buildings have a strong continental style, representing the British, French, German, Dutch and other architectural styles. In stark contrast to traditional Chinese houses. Of course, young people also love the Old Bund, because there are the most famous bar streets in Ningbo, where various cultures and people are intertwined and intricate, creating an old Bund that is fiercely colliding with modern history.

Sincerely Ningbo is a good tourist destination, so if you have the chance, you can go back!

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