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Self-driving Tour of the Small Circle Line in Siming Mountainous Area
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(Circulation map of Siming Mountain District)
(For more pictures, please see my blog http://blog.sina.com.cn/weishuhong2000)

A family of five “May Day” stayed at Ningbo Nanyuan Wulongtan Holiday Hotel for two days. The room booked on Ctrip was RMB 650 a day. I have never tasted this cheap since the festival freeway was passed free of charge, this time it is a taste.

On May 1, 2015, at 9:10 a.m., the home was separated from the upper floor, and several highways exiting the city were congested in red. So I chose the inner ramp of Jinshajiang Road and walked the ground. After the road to the outer ring road, go north to Zhai Road and turn to Jiamin and Songze to G15 Shenhai Expressway. I did not expect that the ground road in Beizhai Road was also blocked for a long time. There are more Shenhai high-speed cars than usual, but there is almost no congestion. Drive to the Jinwei Toll Station for 87 kilometers, fill up the gas at 11.40, continue on the road, take a rest in the rest area on the north bank of the Qiantang River. Cross the Qiantang River Bridge and enter the Ningbo Western Ring Road (actually also part of the Shenhai Expressway), then turn to the Jinjin Expressway. The first exit is Dongqiao Town, which exits the Expressway and passes through Qijiang Town, arriving at 13:40 in the afternoon. Wulongtan Holiday Hotel Ningbo Nanyuan in Longguan Township. (170 km from Jinwei Toll Station to Wulongtan Hotel)

Wulongtan Scenic Area contains two scenic spots, namely Wulongtan and Qingyun Ladder. Wulongtan Resort Hotel is located next to Qingyun Ladder. It was only a typhoon in the past few years that destroyed the traffic in the scenic area. It has not been repaired so it is temporarily closed. The hotel is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the internal facilities are very good, which can meet the standard of four stars. Rest in the hotel in the afternoon and have dinner in Qijiang Town, 10 kilometers away.

The next day, I ran out of breakfast at the hotel on the morning of May 2nd, and drove for a day trip at 9:40. The first stop was Shilin Village and Danshan Chishui. The journey from the hotel to Shilin Village was 36 kilometers. I passed Zhangshui on the way. Town, the entire second half is rugged Panshan Road, so it took nearly an hour and a half, arrived at Shilin Village at 11:05, each ticket is 65 yuan (previously booked 55 yuan online).

The former name of Shilin Village is Zhiling Village. Because there are many kinds of persimmon trees in the village, they are everywhere outside the village, behind the house and in front of the house, so they are renamed Shilin Village. Shilin Village is located in the hinterland of the Siming Mountain, surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is not only beautiful in landscape, but also primitive and quaint. The original appearance of the mountain residence is maintained intact. There is only one surname in the village. There is an ancient well with a history of more than 600 years in the village. The well water is clear and pure, and it is the source of drinking water for the whole village. Therefore, there is "one village, one family, one ancient well, one village". The ancient trees around the village are towering and the forest is lush. There is a group of ancient trees on the side of the mountain road behind Shilin Village. Some towering arms are more than 300 years old.

Passing through the ancient village, there is a big stream behind the village. Because the stream flows through the red soil layer, and it is slightly red under the reflection of red mountain rocks, it is called Chishui Creek. There are many ponds down the stream. The stream flows into the pond due to the drop. Larger, forming a multi-stage small waterfall. There is a stone arch bridge built in the Xianfeng period of Qing Dynasty. A stone slab engraved with a lotus flower tent pattern is laid in the middle of the bridge, and stone guardrails are flanked on both sides. They are joined by tenon and mortise. After crossing the bridge, there is a cliff face, and the rock wall is also red. It is called Dan Cliff. The name of Danshan Chishui is derived from this. After visiting Shilin Village and Danshan Chishui, I ate lunch at the farmhouse restaurant in the village.

Depart from Shilin Village to Siming Mountain Scenic Area at 13:00 in the afternoon. After leaving Shilin Village, do not go back to the road, go west to Provincial Highway 213, continue to turn the mountain all the way, and after entering the Libai Line in Lizhou Village, enter the Siming Mountains. I thought that there were not many people in the unpopular scenic spots, and it was unexpected that there would be a lot of holiday vehicles. At the narrow Sancha intersection of the Libai Line, it was difficult to meet the large cars going up and down the mountain, which blocked for nearly half an hour. When I arrived at the Siming Mountain Visitor Center, Siming Mountain Resort, because there were too many cars, I didn't stop to change the tickets booked online, so I went directly to Yangtian Lake Scenic Area. A short 29 kilometers from Shilin Village to Yangtian Lake, there was a traffic jam on the mountain road, which took an hour and three quarters.

Since the ticket booked online was not replaced in the visitor center with a ticket for the scenic spot, a single ticket of 20 yuan was bought at Yangtian Lake. The Yangtian Lake scenic spot is actually a small lake in the Yangtian Lake Villa. It is a scenic spot and you need to collect tickets. It is purely careless. The lakeside is around for a quarter of an hour before leaving.

Drive back 4 kilometers to reach the main attractions of Siming Mountain, Shui curtain cave and Xiuyan in the same place, it is already more than three in the afternoon, it is raining again, asked the staff to go back and forth to the scenic spot After half an hour, hesitated, and finally decided to go in. The separate tickets here are also 20 yuan each.

Down the rocky staircase, birds cry from time to time in the quiet valley. Xiuyan got its name because of starlings here. Reaching the bottom of the valley, there is a cliff face to face. There is a fault zone with a height of one person in the middle of the cliff. From a distance, it looks like a half-moon-shaped cave cut between the cliff walls. A waterfall with a drop of about 20 meters runs down the cliff, forming a water curtain in front of the half-moon-shaped hole, hence the name of the water curtain hole. It was four or five meters wide when the rainfall was heavy. What I saw today was just a string of water drops.

According to online data, the Xiuyan Shuilian Cave, which has a dual landscape of waterfalls and caves, is more than three times larger than the prototype of the Shuilian Cave in Journey to the West, Lianyungang Huaguoshan. Some experts call it "the largest water curtain hole in China." Huaguo Mountain has not been there, but the second one in Baizhangyu, Wencheng County, Zhejiang Province, has such a water curtain hole. I feel better than this. Much bigger and much more beautiful.

On the way back from Shuilian Cave, passing Simingshan Town, I saw a covered bridge called Wendong Pavilion and Wenchang Pavilion, and then passed Xikou Town and Longguan Township along Provincial Highway 213, driving for an hour and three quarters for a total of 59 kilometers Zhong, returned to the Wulongtan Hotel at 18:05. Today, I walked a circle counterclockwise. The whole journey was 162 kilometers, most of which were provincial and county mountain roads.

In the evening, go to Siming Restaurant in Zhangshui Town, 10 kilometers away, and then return to the hotel to rest.

On the third day, I went to Wulongtan Scenic Area after breakfast in the hotel on the morning of May 3, and tickets were bought at the hotel lobby for 40 yuan each, and each one was 10 yuan cheaper. The hotel is 2.5 kilometers from the scenic spot. When entering the scenic area, you need to take a 10 yuan transportation car to go up the mountain. After getting off the bus, it is already Santan. If you want to see Ertan, you have to come up.

Wulongtan is a scenic area featuring streams, waterfalls and strange rocky peaks. Due to the large slopes of the mountains and rivers, the mountains and rivers are constantly flowing, and five waterfalls are formed in the rocky creeks with huge gaps. Five puddles. People think of the natural washed-out water pond as Longtan. In history, Wulongtan was sealed by the emperor twice. Song Lizong and Yuan Huizong had both conferred the title of Wujing Dragon God. They were named Fuzetan, Marsh Pool, Runzetan, Lizetan, and Xianzetan from one to five. . The folk custom of worshiping dragons and praying for rain at Wulongtan Lake has also continued for thousands of years. Ancient sites such as ancient altars, Wulong Temple, Guanlong Temple, and cliff carvings are left in the scenic area.

Go up the stone steps, and after a short time, you will reach the third pond. There is not much rain in the current season, so the waterfall is like a plain yarn of western Shi Qinghuan, wide and non-profitable rice, soft and misty, its sound is like a flute, flute, and peace The song of Yingying birds in the mountains is intoxicating. The third and fourth waterfalls of Longtan Lake are connected to the upper and lower waterfalls, so after passing the Three Lakes, you will reach the Four Lakes. The rock walls around the Four Lakes waterfalls are slippery, like a white hang, and the flowing water is crystal clear. It takes a few minutes to climb the stone steps to the Fifth Lake, which is the most important lake in the Wulong Lake. It is sandwiched between two huge rocks.

After watching Fifth Lake, go straight down, return to Santan parking lot, take the transportation car out of the scenic area, drive back to the hotel, wash out and check out before noon, check out at 12:20, Wulongtan Resort Hotel was separated.

I went to Oujiang Town and had lunch at the Xiaojiang Oujiang Bridge restaurant. I left Oujiang Town at 13:35, and still took the G15 Shenhai Expressway across the Qiantang River Bridge. I refueled in the Pinghu Rest Area in the middle and returned home at 16:45. .

The total mileage of this trip is 698 kilometers, of which the one-way distance from Wulongtan Hotel to home is 252 kilometers.

(Wulongtan Resort Hotel)

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