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Heyi Avenue in Ningbo
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Heyi Avenue Shopping Center "Heyi Avenue" is located in the center of Ningbo.

East near Sanjiangkou and Qianye Hall

South of Zhongshan Road and Battleship Street

Heyi Road to the west and Marriott Hotel to the north. From north to south, it is close to Ningbo's mother river, Yuyao River.

It is designed by the world famous commercial architectural design company JERDE in the United States. It is intended to create Ningbo's top leisure business district. Its main building is a large shopping mall with 3 floors underground and 4 floors above the ground, with a building area of ​​100,000 square meters. There are about 1,000 parking spaces. Yao Jiang

Side high-density green belt,

Formed a green business landscape belt. Architectural features of the platform retreat, layer by layer, and stand by the river, making Heyi Avenue a unique scenic line of the Ningbo Riverside, building a new landmark of Ningbo city.

Many big domestic and foreign brands are gathered here,

From top consumer brands LOUIS

Cartier, Ermenegildo 636Emporio 606- and other big-name brands, such as the top 100-year-old shop in Ningbo, No. 1 restaurant Ding Wenting

Fine dining Ue cuisine.

But for us ordinary people, we basically do n’t spend money, at most we just look at it.

Close to Yuyao River, a world-class large-scale dreamy waterscape music fountain,

It was designed by the French.

Up to 75 meters, the sound covers the entire performance area. This musical fountain has created four of the best in China: the most imposing performance, the most artistic appreciation, the most advanced technology, and the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly project. Every time at 10 am, 7 pm and 8:30 pm, there will be a 15-minute water fountain performance. It echoes with the fountain of Tianyi Square and becomes another new landscape of Ningbo.

The beauty of the Yuyao River and the magnificent music fountain are really good places for our people to take a leisurely walk.

Traffic tips:

"Heyi Avenue Station" has a number of bus lines passing through: No. 2, 506, 350, 504, 517, 515, 521, 821 and so on.

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