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[Zhejiang] Xiangshan, a unique coastal town
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My in-laws are from Zhoushan, Zhejiang. After marrying, they walked to Ningbo and went to Shenjiamen to become a household thing. I also like to communicate with locals in a half-baked Ningbo dialect. As a result, the attractions around Zhoushan have also traveled. However, Xiangshan, not far from Ningbo city, has never set foot.

In fact, the marriage between Ningbo, Zhejiang and Shanghai has a long history, and the former Shanghai Baili Ocean Field has a strong base for Ningboers. During the period of reform and opening up, Xiangshan was once quite beautiful in Shanghai people's vision. Construction sites in Shanghai often pass the signboard of "Xiangshan Construction Company". What is even more fascinating is that for a while, many people were keen to go to Xiangshan to eat seafood, as if it had become the back garden of Shanghainese. For me, Xiangshan is a virgin land away from me, thinking about it, looking forward to approaching it.

In April, spring is here, and it can be blooming and drizzling. Fortunately, I participated in the # 象山 春 旅 拍 # event co-organized by Tongcheng Tourism Network and Xiangshan Tourism Bureau, holding umbrellas with my friends, smelling the island atmosphere permeated with water and gas, walked into Xiangshan, and saw this side The true appearance of the land has really grown up. The original Xiangshan has mountains, water, and an ancient city. The rich fishing culture accompanied by historical rhyme is very connotative. The original and unpretentious island scenery is unique, and there is a film and television city that crosses the time tunnel. In the meantime, you can't help but think of a film city. A wonderful film and television drama. Of course, the mouth-watering seafood meal is endless.

Two days and one night, the time was too short. Fortunately, I finally did not miss Xiangshan.

If you go to Zhoushan, you will definitely go to Xiangshan to appreciate it.

Tour itinerary:

Xiangshan Film and Television City (Republic of China)-Xiangshan Valley Lake Resort Hotel-Old Shipu Town-Tantoushan Island

1. Xiangshan Film and Television City

Xiangshan Film and Television City is located in the ecological tourist area of ​​Datang Port.It has been established for more than 10 years. The first phase began with "The Condor Heroes", and the second phase is "The Orphan of the Zhao Family" by Chen Kaige. Famous masterpiece. The film and television city has a unique architectural design and rich content. "It can shoot spring, autumn, Qin and Han, Tang and Song dynasties, and close to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Film and television subjects of different historical stages can find suitable scenes here." Therefore, it was rated as the national It is not surprising that the top ten film and television bases are well-known, and there are countless well-known film and television dramas, and the hit "The Legend of the Moon" and "The Langya List" are among them.

Fortunately, we were fortunate enough to visit the Republic of China City, which was not yet open. Under the drizzle, we walked through some scenes. If we bumped into the old China, we passed the Shanghai beach that we knew before, and we really felt that we should wear cheongsam.

Tickets for attractions in the film and television city were 100 yuan. On that day, the website was engaged in activities, and tickets were collected by SMS. It was only 19.9 yuan! No wonder, despite the rain, many tourists still came here.

The visitor center has a "every day there is a play" simulation shooting tool card. If you look closely, there are still many big-name stars. It seems easy to see them, but it is actually difficult.

The Republic of China City is a newly-built project. There are no tourists that day, walking in the rain, and savouring carefully. Maybe in the future, you will recognize the scene in front of you.

A building covered a lot of content, just looking around in the luxurious gorgeous building, turned around and went under the remnant wall bombarded by artillery.

There is a pot of green plants hanging on the burnt remains, which is pitiful. A yellow flower stretched the body, tenacious upward.

The old-fashioned western architecture is so wonderful, as if walking into a certain street in Shanghai, is there a new world like Shanghai?

The interior of many buildings is basically empty, and it is said that a certain amount of investment is needed, and subsequent improvements are still in progress.

Along the wall, you can see some courtyard houses, as if they have come to the north again.

Inside the gate of the mansion, there is a strong atmosphere of Beijing.

Advertising on the wall, are you familiar with these videos?

To the end of the building with a beautiful exterior is very familiar, immediately reminded of the Mahler villa in Shanghai.

Villa Mahler presents a Scandinavian style, and its biggest feature is that the exterior walls of the building are paved with colored refractory bricks.

The architecture of the Republic of China City is very close to our lives. In good weather, it is very suitable for taking photos of beautiful women.

It ’s very familiar to see such a dining table in a room. My family used to have such a table of eight immortals. Of course, it was placed here as a prop.

Dark walls, barbed roadblocks, girls, in such an environment, what are you thinking?

Oh, around the corner, I saw a postbox, which is exactly the same as the one on the Shanghai Bund and Zhongshan all the way, handsome, your temperament is much stronger than Luhan!

Roar, after a while, there was a long line. What kind of trouble is this going to make?

I am also directing a youth drama, will this post be hot?

There are too many movies related to Chongqing in the film and television city. Is this Chongqing theater realistic?

Hi! Does the bun sink?

The Republic of China City will be open for trial before May 1st and will be fully open. It is just around the corner and is worth a visit.

Get out of the Republic of China and come to the entrance of the main entrance of the film and television city.

Jin Yong's novel "The Condor Heroes" has stunned many fans of the ancient Chinese hero novels. The TV drama series adapted from various novels have led the tide of the ancient heroine dramas, and the version of "The Condor Heroes" by Huang Xiaoming from the mainland was also popular Expanded the influence of Xiangshan Film and Television City. Several recent TV series promoted by the entrance of the scenic spot have won excellent reputation.

God sculpture helps to open the future.

Enter the main entrance and see such a scene. Friends, do you know "Yu Guang Qu"? Do you know Wang Renmei, Cai Chusheng, Nie Er? "Yu Guangqu" is one of the representative works of Chinese films in the 1930s, and it is also the first film to go global. It was written and directed by Cai Chusheng, starring Wang Renmei and Han Langen.

The film reflects the miserable life of the people in China with euphemism and realism, which caused great repercussions in the society at that time. The film's soundtrack was completed by Nie Er.

Our generation is no stranger to "Yu Guang Qu", but I did n’t know until the filming of the filmed scene in Xiangshan Shipu. Feeling, I think, the origin of Xiangshan and film and television is the foundation of the solid culture of this land.

Entering the scenic area, I saw the walls below the mountains, the walls were severe, and I fully felt the historical atmosphere. I felt very immersive.

Xiangyang City is the main shooting location for "The Condor Heroes".

There is a main street in the moat, which gathers businesses from all walks of life to restore the historical prototype of business.

Someone yelled at the door

The seller of Wu Dalang Confectionery Shop is a dwarfist

Walking through a field of imitation Europe, is also the main base for shooting wedding dresses.

The filming scene of the film "Big Bombing" is Chongqing Chaotianmen Wharf, which was built on a 1: 1 scale. There is a closed fence outside the attraction, and tourists cannot enter.

Country scenery near banyan forest

A strong spring breath is coming

Ascending the tower, you can see the whole view of the ancient street.

There is a camera crew in this room shooting and can only watch from a distance. There are a lot of scenes in the scenic area, including Guiyunzhuang, the tomb of the living dead, as well as the water curtain cave of the amusement park, and Taoyuan Garden. Especially the Spring and Autumn and Warring States scenes for the movie "The Orphan of the Zhao Family" (tourists cannot enter).

Finally came to the Dali Palace, which has a large performing arts stage, with live performances every day at the prescribed time.

There were many tourists. After the performance, the actors stepped off the stage and interacted with everyone.

There is a royal chair in the palace for tourists to take pictures. This little girl has a strong desire to take pictures.

Very elegant palace

This is the carriage that Fan Bingbing sat in. Now it's "wind meal and sleep out", a bit down.

When you come to this aisle, you will be in the scene of Lang Lang. I haven't watched this TV series properly. After the rendering of the pictures in the scenic area, I had a desire to chase the drama.

The utensils used by ordinary people in that dynasty are very beautiful.

Enter from 10am to 4:30 pm. If you want to take a closer look at the entire film and television city, you can turn around for a long time. If you are not dining in the scenic area, remember to bring dry food and drinking water.

How to get to Studio City

Transportation: There are many ways, Shanghai has a direct bus to Xiangshan, about 3 hours, the fare is 146 yuan (more trips). Or take the train to Ningbo (there are more trains), arrive in Ningbo and take the bus to Xiangshan directly at the nearby South Bus Station. After arriving at Xiangshan, transfer to the bus in Dingshan (Film and Television City). The fare is 35 yuan.

Suggested self-driving:

Shanghai: Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway-S7-Hangzhou Bay Bridge-G15-Shenhai Expressway-Ningbo Bypass Expressway-Yunlong Junction-Yantai-Wenzhou Expressway (Xiangshan Port Bridge) -S19-Shijiashan Tunnel-South Coast Line- S80-Film City

Depart from Hangzhou: Repeat the above journey directly after the Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway. The journey takes about 290 kilometers.

Depart from Ningbo: Repeat the above journey directly after taking the Taiwen Expressway. The journey takes approximately 110 kilometers.

2.East Valley Lake Resort

That night, I stayed in the best Xiangdong Valley Lake Resort Hotel in the local area and slept peacefully in the lake view room. The resort is as expected and truly enjoyable. From the scenic area to the hotel, you must return to Xiangshan County, and drive for about 40 minutes.

The hotel is located on Donggu Road, Xiangshan County. It is a tourist-related hotel with a construction area of ​​approximately 41,000 square meters. Close to the lake, the location is commendable. The hotel's software and hardware facilities are very good, the rooms are basically fully equipped, the restaurant is attentive, and the seafood buffet dinner is rich.

The stone pattern of the entire lobby is realistically granite, luxurious and intimidating, coupled with chic lights and tall green plants, it looks particularly stylish.

The lighting on the desk is quite temperamental

Japanese style furnishings in the restaurant

Dinner buffet with Japanese dishes

Beer is drunk

Dining environment is very good

Breakfast served with yogurt

Tableware shined brightly

The lake view room you stay in can directly overlook the East Valley Lake, the water reflects the shade of green, surrounded by cyan, and the towering mountain on the other side, there is the quiet peak of Wenfeng Tower. The bedding was soft and well asleep.

This corner is very elegant

The surrounding area of ​​the hotel is pleasant and equipped with free parking spaces, which is very suitable for family trips and self-driving families.

Third, the ancient city of Shipu

Xiangshan is located on the coast of central Zhejiang Province, facing the sea on three sides, and has a long coastline. The unique geographical location has made this small town with historical connotation. No matter from the defensive fortress on the coast, or the survival of fishing camps, years have created a city wall that describes history, and has given birth to a simple and beautiful old street. No matter the sea breeze, the sea waves, Shipu witnessed the change of the times and left behind An air-dried memory.

Entering the ancient city, stepping on the stone steps built on the mountain, up and down, full of surprises is self-evident. In front of you, you can glance over a millennium brick or stone, flash back to a story room, or glimpse. With a lovely conch, my thoughts are going back and forth between the vicissitudes of history, the shortness and romance of the parents.

The first thing I entered was the memorial hall marked "The Vicissitudes of Hong Kong City." I took a closer look, because my understanding of Shipu was still blank. The step-by-step introduction in the memorial gave me a glimpse, so that I could appreciate the glory of this land. Especially seeing the memory about "Yu Guang Qu" makes people feel nostalgic. Shipu provided a realistic version of "Film and Television City" for "Yu Guangqu". The film recorded a real history for Shipu and even the Chinese fishing village. The art originated from life, but at that time, film creation could reflect the suffering of the working people, but it was sufficient. It shows the noble qualities of the filmmakers "fighting in the mud, sneaking in thorns".

There is an exhibition room that keeps playing movie clips of "Fishing Light".

Seeing the millennium in one stone

The ancient city remains the same, it used to be a fortress where soldiers defended.

Entering the city gate to see such a burden, and then another hawker wearing a long shirt and a folk hat, felt that time was turning back.

There is no shouting, only the fishermen's indifferent management, guarding a home, revealing a strong nostalgia.

Ascending the city wall, there will be vicissitudes of history. Although the surrounding area has been surrounded by the new city, you can feel the thickness of the masonry.

Presumably, the officers and soldiers stationed in those days were also the "Qi Jiajun" under the banner of the anti-crime general Qi Jiguang.

The tower remains, the momentum is still

Out of the tower, you walked along the streets of the old city, and met Yiguan Temple, which has a stage and is performing.

The teapot on the small shop table in the temple is very beautiful

A road runs from north to south, and shops on both sides sell things. The couplets from the poets of the Qing Dynasty were used by later generations in this old street, which is very appropriate. I like the atmosphere here, the streets are winding, there is no noise, there are shops run by locals on both sides, and the products are very regional.

In front of a shop, I used the local accent to communicate with the owner and retrieve her homemade seafood. It was like walking with relatives, and a sense of intimacy came into being.

There is also a small facade shop. Four old people are playing mahjong. One of them stepped down to do business. When I left, she continued to serve.

Hehe, this is the most earthly simple format.

The street is quaint but full of life, especially when you see those large and small shell flower pots covered with green plants. This is the first time I can see it and I can't help but like it. Unfortunately, it is not convenient to carry, otherwise we must buy a few and take them home and hang them on the balcony.

The fleshy shell basin suddenly has vitality.

Such an old street has its own unique style, with green plants climbing the wall and colorful shells like a wind chime, calling for a fresh, romantic feeling of the fishermen.

Many old houses on the street have maintained their original appearance, delivering a long-lasting breath to tourists.

On rainy days, at noon, there are not many tourists. Under the mottled arch wall, it is the local residents who come and go, restore the true nature of life, and the old streets become more peaceful.

The ancient city of Shipu is not very large, and it is particularly naturally grounded. It reduces the impetuousness of the common ancient city and adds a valuable peace.


Tickets: 60 yuan / person, half price for those over 60 years old, free tickets for those over 70 years old.

Transportation: From Ningbo South Bus Station, take Ningbo to Shipu Express, transfer to bus No. 2 and get off at the scenic area

Parking: There is an underground parking garage at the entrance of the old city, 4 hours / 5 yuan

Opening hours: Low season 8: 00--16: 30 High season: 8: 00--17: 00 (outside opening hours, free admission to the ancient city)

Fourth, Tantoushan Island

Out of the old street, it was noon, and after lunch, we were going to take a boat tour of Tantou Island.

Cross the road to the beach. The coastal construction of this road is already very large. You can enjoy the harbor style when you walk on the coastal road. There are many fishing boats on the sea, ferries waiting at the pier, and the pennant flying in the wind shows the unique charm of this harbor, this fishing village and this ancient city to visitors from all directions.

Ancient cities, islands, fishing villages, food, whenever you come, there is always a choice for you. Oh, if you have a fishing festival, it's a different experience.

Modern fishing vessels are very domineering. Modern fishermen no longer need to sing "Fishing Light", turning a new page, the scenery here is unique!

Hurry up and play selfie here!

Here's another one, hey, the guy who tightened his cheeks.

What surprised me was that the ferry that sent tourists to the island was very modern, neat and clean, and very comfortable.

The cabin cleaning is in place, and the management of public facilities is the basis for ensuring a good tourism environment.

It takes about 35 minutes to reach Tantoushan Island.

This is a small island of only 10.5 square kilometers. It has a population of over 3,000 and is very quiet.
There are scenic shuttle buses at the exit of the wharf to the sightseeing spots.

The roads on the island are well laid, the building facilities are relatively simple, and the natural atmosphere is strong. There are no luxury hotels. I saw a lot of outdoor club logos. It is said that when the weather is suitable, many outdoor enthusiasts come here to camp and enjoy the original ecological landscape of the natural island .

Take the scenic car and drive all the way. As the altitude increases, the vision becomes better and better.

The natural uncut island scenery is really pleasant, but unfortunately the weather is not good, and the wind is quite strong. No wonder there are "fans" on the hills at altitudes.

Looking back at the winding road

There was a drizzle from time to time, and the visibility was not strong, but there was a kind of elegant beauty in covering the vision with a wonderful tulle.

Fang Cao is swaying and swaying. Dreamy, for whom?

Picking a wild flower, wayward one, the thoughts flow away, and the feelings fly.

The wind power equipment on Tantou Island has also become a unique landscape.

Leaving the high point and reaching the foot of the mountain, I strolled randomly to the beach and saw that the sand here was very fine. The sound of the waves, the waves are not small, and it must be summer, so it is very comfortable to take a bath in the sea.

Visitors are sporadic, and Grand Beach looks particularly lonely. The tide is coming and going, it is best to turn your emotions on. So, why not have a devotion of true feelings?

A distant lover, do you remember our agreement?

Just see the sea, no matter where

Let the seawater send each other's thoughts.

The sea goes with the affection and goes with the waves,

I'm here, you're there,

Far away, but all smell the breath of love.

At the moment, I am waiting for you,

Listen to the sound of the sea together,

There was a faint and gentle Ding Dong,

Send a caring care to you,

forever and always.


Fares on the island

Retail price 150, online booking price 130, (including round-trip boat fees and tickets to the island)

About Food:

Xiangshan has many varieties of seafood, good quality, and genuine prices, but unfortunately they eat at the table and take no pictures.

The following three photos are really recommended for mobile phones.

Homemade fishball: pure ingredients, fresh and refreshing, delicious and not greasy.

Fish Noodles: Noodles made from fish meat are delicious and chewy.

Steamed big yellow croaker: I do n’t need to introduce this one. You can see how delicious it is when you look at it.

I am a half-Ningbo, and by the ferry, I met an old man who was pushing seafood for three rounds. He could n’t stop the temptation. I bought a bag of shrimps for 10 yuan, and 3 salted fish for 15 yuan Partner Dadong bought 2 packs of dried squid for 15 yuan. Okay, don't flicker, anyway, Shanghai people got there, really don't give up the purchase right. Compared with the Shanghai market. You know! The key is fresh, fresh, fresh! (Say three times)

Come and go in a hurry, although the time is short, the gains are great.

Back to Ningbo Railway Station, the weather became fine. Step into the waiting hall of the magnificent shore and sit in the convenient and clean waiting hall. Take the high-speed rail to Shanghai for two hours and sixteen minutes. The traffic in the Yangtze River Delta is no longer the same as before. The construction of high-speed railways and highways across the sea has long made Shanghai and Ningbo close to each other.

Then, go to Xiangshan and Shipu, if you want to go.

Qiuqu wrote in May 2016

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