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Private luxury motel trip hidden in the natural oxygen bar @ 余姚 阳明 山庄
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BF suddenly proposed that he wanted to drive on the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, saying that the bridge was more than 30 kilometers above the blue sea. I was very excited when I thought about it, so I looked at the map. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge used to be Cixi, Yuyao, and Ningbo. I searched for a good hotel on Ctrip and chose Yangming Hot Spring Villa in Yuyao for our weekend.

DAY1 5/16/2015 Shanghai-Yuyao Yin

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is really spectacular. The road is wide and the wind is strong. I opened the sunroof of the car to take a picture, and almost my phone was blown away. The total length is 35 kilometers, and the color of the guardrail is changed every 5 kilometers. There are 7 colors in total, which makes people feel excited and makes the driver not visually fatigued. As for the blue sea, huh, it ’s clearly a "shit sea" ~~ There is a Haitian Yizhou observation platform in the middle of the bridge. I think there is no interest in watching the sea that is also yellow, and I want to give up the tickets decisively. Already.

The sea near Zhejiang is already a tidal flat. It is Hangzhou Bay Wetland Park. It is very primitive at first glance. I plan to go in the future ~

Take a rest at the South Bank service station. This should be considered a relatively high-end service station that we have visited. The toilets are not very dirty. They are available in Dirks in coffee shops and there are mobile phone charging stations.

Entered Yuyao City. The shops are closed all the way, and occasionally several of them are open. The house price is more than 4,000 yuan, and I don't think it is worth more than 4,000 yuan if there is no business district.

The houses on the left and right sides stand in stark contrast: on the one hand, the laborer's room, and on the other, the wealthy villa area.

After entering Yuyao, drive about 8 kilometers to Yangming Hot Spring Resort. In the beginning, we drove directly to the motel in Yangmingshan Villa. No one went to the hotel lobby to check in, but the staff later said that they could also check in when entering a room like a security room.

This hotel is really very antique, elegant and singular. It blends very naturally with the surrounding landscape and scenery, which is a favorite tone of my young literary girl.

The motel is a room type of the villa, which is separate from the hotel. Each room has its own garage, and the style is different. The staff said that they were randomly assigned, and the first-time guests did not know what style. We were assigned to the British style, but I felt more like the local palace style ~ the door card and key of the hotel, and the switch on the key opened the garage door.

There is a door in the garage that leads directly to the guest room on the second floor. This is not so much a Motel, it feels more like a small villa. It has the American feel. The car is parked, and it goes upstairs to enter the room.

That wooden corner staircase is really my big love! !! Sitting with straight legs is a treat ~

In fact, the luxurious decoration of the entire room is not my and BF's dishes, we still like the kind of warm and small and fresh.

On the stairs to the right is the restaurant. Equipped with wardrobe, chaise longue, and SONY BRAVIA LCD TV. There is a door for food delivery. The waiter delivers food to the cabinet in the doorway. You can pick it up by opening this door. But the outside door can only be opened from the outside, and it is not possible to go out from the inside. The privacy is very well done.

To the left is the bedroom.

This room type does not have a separate bathroom, the bed is opposite the toilet, circular bathtub, sink, shower room. The shower room and toilet are covered by curtains.

I love the round bed!

The control panel next to the round bed is very smart!

SONY's LCD TV can turn 360.

There are so many crystal lamps in the room, there must be hundreds of thousands of decoration. Even switches have such feel.

Can't help but take a selfie!

At 5:30, BF and I were very hungry ~~ After reading the introduction on the Internet, the buffet dinner here was super delicious, so I came to Ming Cafe Western Restaurant. The original price is 188 yuan / person. The group purchase price of Dazhongcom.com is 138 yuan / person. Pay at the door first, and then go in to eat. However, the staff said that the hotel guests were originally 138, and then we used the hotel's 50 yuan voucher, which is equal to 226 yuan for two people to eat! The restaurant's lamb chops, beef, salmon, and crab meat are all buffet! It's so cool. I only took 5 plates of salmon alone-I'm a Japanese food control!

Generally, only 1-2 kinds of cuisines are done well in restaurants, and this restaurant is very delicious for western food, Japanese food and desserts. It is definitely better and richer than Leopard. The price of 113 is the king of price-performance ratio. !! !!

The two big stomach kings, BF and I, ate at 8 o'clock, with their stomachs up, walking around in the hotel, and taking a look at the gym and pool on the 4th floor.

The hotel carpets are a poem. It is said that the owner of the hotel is a Taiwanese. He is really a cultural businessman ~~

The pool was clean and there were few people to swim.

Hey hey hey hey, i just look at not talking

We went back to change clothes, took a bathing suit and went back to the gym to exercise, and then swim ~~ BF is very good. The first time I go into the water, I can swim 5 meters. . . Thinking back then, I also learned to swim for several lessons and didn't dare to swim. . . Now I am very unprofessional even in breaststroke. But it ’s a bit weird here. The gym and swimming pool are only open at 12 noon. People do n’t exercise in the morning? !!

After swimming at 10 o'clock in the evening, I will return to my room to enjoy the private life with BF ~~~ Rain shower in the rainforest, take a bath, watch TV ~~~

The bathtub can directly introduce 45-degree hot spring water, which is said to be provided until early in the morning, but actually stopped at 11:30. After soaking for half an hour, I was sweating all over ~~

Soaking in a private soup, making a mask, drinking an ice drink, watching TV, in retrospect, it is full of sweet happiness ~~

DAY2 5/17/2015

I woke up naturally in the morning. The motel window is very ordinary. Unlike the hot spring suite, it has a large balcony, and you can see the mountains and tea gardens.

Breakfast is also in Ming Cafe, buffet, very rich.

I chose to eat by the window. The hotel's artificial hills and waters are beautifully constructed with all the grass and trees. It feels that the lotus leaves on the pond have been manipulated artificially, but it is natural, unpretentious, and it feels like a poem at random.

After checking out at noon, I did not leave the hotel immediately. I still dangled in the hotel. The villa is worthy of being a villa, surrounded by mountains. Because of the mountains, the scenery is everywhere, and sometimes the small garden is no longer because of the mountains. So stingy, it seems to have a sense of grandeur.

The world is so big, I want to take you to see it ~~

We've been playing selfies on this swing for at least an hour, hahahahaha

Behind the villa is a tea plantation, lush and green. The air is also very fresh!

Wisdom pig at the door of a hotel, please look for highlights o (^ ▽ ^) o

The toilets and toilets in the hotel are the same as in Japan. I really feel that this hotel meets the five-star luxury standard and the service attitude is super good.

The villa is a temple to the Buddha—Foguangchan Temple. I have read the temple in my heart without paying homage to the Buddha. I still drive and decide to go to worship.

The biggest impression that Foguangchan Temple gives me is how small a monk's sculptures are on the grass, playing seats, practicing martial arts, playing chess, autumn harvest, raccoon clothes, or focusing, or laughing, lifelike.

The whole temple is built on the mountain, so when you go to the Guanyin Temple, you can overlook the whole temple and Yangming Villa.

Teaser moment:

The picture below is what I took:

The picture below is taken by BF ~~~ 囧

For dinner, we went to the Little Magi of Jiajiafu in the city center of Yuyao (I always thought it was a copy of Carrefour). It was a bit like Shanghai's cafeteria-like restaurant, but it was small and freshly decorated. !! All 9 yuan a set, the review network also has group purchase, 8.5 yuan / plate!

If in Shanghai, these dishes are at least 100, they are all savory, and seafood, but here, it is less than 70 yuan ~~~

After eating, I went to Jiajiafu and bought a few bottles of drinks. I got coarse hair and went home.

Haitianyizhou at night.

The service area on the north bank and the south bank are not of the same grade and are very dirty.


Fuel cost: 200 yuan

Toll: 30 yuan from Shanghai-Kunming Expressway to Fengjing, 95 yuan from Hangzhou Bay Bridge to Yuyao, 125 yuan one way, 250 yuan round trip

Hotel fee: 688 yuan (including buffet breakfast, no fruit welcome, fitness & pool)

Buffet dinner fee: 226 yuan

Little Magi Dinner Cost: 67 yuan

Other expenses (such as drinks and snacks in the service area): about 50 yuan

Total: less than 1500

Per capita: 750

to sum up:

Yangming Hot Spring Mountain Motel is suitable for young couples. The hot spring suite is suitable for bringing parents together. I personally think that bringing a child may not be able to appreciate the poetic flavor of Ming Dynasty architecture expressed by the hotel designer.

Here in the bubble hot spring, drink tea, walk in the garden, sit and rest after being tired, it is very suitable for the elderly for the elderly, and it is suitable for the urban young people to temporarily avoid the world.

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