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Jiangnan House in Huguangshan Scenic Spot, An Independent Xanadu, A Luxury Hotel Guide
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Where to go in the summer? This will be a question for many young parents to take their children to fun and interesting places, while at the same time being able to vacation for themselves. Some time ago, Meizhanjun recommended many popular check-in hotels. Today we will change to a luxury hotel to give children a different holiday experience.

Speaking of Hyatt Hotels, presumably a lot of hotel controllers like it, and as a luxury brand of Hyatt Hotel Park Hyatt, senior hotel controllers like it. The design of sexually indifferent and windy hotels, the appearance of each Park Hyatt is very stunning, whether it is Park Hyatt in Beishangguang high-rise building, or Park Hyatt by the shore of the mountain lake, has attracted countless guests.

Follow in the footsteps of Mezhanjun today to explore Hyatt's first Park Hyatt brand resort in Greater China. The hotel is located on the bank of Dongqian Lake. The white-walled and black-tiled Jiangnan mansion blends with the surrounding lakes and mountains, but it is low-key but exudes luxury, like an independent paradise.

At this summer's Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel, you will find that in addition to the magical Jiangnan garden-like architectural community, the hotel has also created many elements of parent-child vacation for guests.

You can take photos and check in at the infinite and hydrophilic platform integrated with vast lake views;

You can take your baby to a warm and comfortable children's room;

Go to the "tea garden" converted from an old mansion in the Qing Dynasty to make dumplings by yourself;

Enter the 700-year-old historical palace converted into a "red" bar to listen to Kunqu;

Go to the Qianhu fishing port restaurant with black pearls and three diamonds to taste the summer dishes from Yunnan mushrooms;

Experience colorful lawn activities and enjoy the happiest summer;

Go to Park Farm to grow your fruits and vegetables;

Or take a classic meal to visit Dongqian Lake and enjoy a fine afternoon tea;

Or take a sailing boat and feel the vast charm of the smoke of Dongqian Lake.

The hotel is located in a mountain range of more than 500 meters above sea level. The designer uses the traditional Chinese Jiangnan water village as the design style and contrasts with the wonderful lake views. Green trees such as forests and Japanese maple trees embellish it, and the simple gray-walled shingles and white triangular gable roofs stagger, like a natural village carved by time.

The most striking thing about Ningbo Park Hyatt is not only the pleated classical architecture, but also the boundless hydrophilic platform of the designer. Go straight into the elevated lobby corridor, open the side door, you can see the magnificent sunset on the lake, come here to feel the beauty of "water and sky".

This summer, in order to please the children, the hotel designed its own image IP, "Parker Little Frog". From children's passports to parent-child bags and Parker Farms, you can find little Parker frogs. The hotel also gave itself a nice name, "Parkland".

Every child will get a Parker bag when they check in. Inside the schoolbag are fun children's passports, children's slippers, children's toothbrushes, eyeglasses straws, and hotel maps. Children's passports open up children's curiosity and exploration. Hitting an "Arrival" seal upon check-in is the beginning of the children's journey to explore Ningbo Park Hyatt. Then, following the footprint of Parker's little frog, they start the journey of exploring Park Paradise.

Green bean frog theme room, low-key luxurious and lively and cute

The Park Hyatt Ningbo rooms use a simple hue and natural materials to create a modern Chinese style. The overall decoration is low-key and luxurious, elegant and tasteful, maintaining the consistent quality of Park Hyatt.

Step into the Park Hyatt's guest room and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The solid wooden furniture and floor reveal a strong classic atmosphere. Park Hyatt has always been simple and designed with local characteristics: the roof made of straw mats, Improved desks and chairs, simple and elegant murals ... the quaint design is low-key and stable, without placing extra interiors.

The modern, open-plan bathrooms feature oversized luxury bathtubs, separate showers and dressing areas, as well as modern lighting and curtain design.

Today, the hotel also prepares a children's dream room for children. The room is super cute and heart-warming. When the door opens, children's fun comes out, cute toiletries, mouthwash cups, toothbrushes, towels, and children's bathrobes, slippers There are also cute children's toilet circles, as well as bead toys and dumb dolls suitable for children.

The chic rocking horse makes children's childhood more joyful. The hotel also brings the joy of camping to the room, so that children can enjoy the starry sky in a safe and bright interior, and have a sweet dream.

Enjoy the beauty of Dongqian Lake and enjoy a variety of food

The hotel has four restaurants and bars with different styles, no matter which one can fully experience the artistic essence of dining.

Yue Xuan Restaurant: Home-style full-time restaurant with beautiful views of Dongqian Lake

The hotel's Yue Xuan Restaurant offers a variety of gourmet dining throughout the day, from a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning to a semi-buffet lunch at noon, as well as an exquisite afternoon tea time and buffet dinner, which will always satisfy your discerning taste buds.

A lot of hot food and on-site cuts make the freshness and taste of the food very good. In addition to Ningbo-style soup noodles, the restaurant also offers Ningbo-style dumplings. The hand-made charcoal scones for breakfast and the barbecue of Chinese food are all culinary experiences you must not miss.

Guests can dine indoors or choose to dine on the wide outdoor terrace. While enjoying the food, they can overlook the outdoor infinity pool and the vast lake.

The hotel also provides a rich children's menu for your babies, which will make your appetite open. The delicious pasta with children's meat sauce, refreshing vegetable porridge, crispy fried chicken nuggets and french fries, and cute pig mousse all make the children ecstatic and willing to be dominated by appetite.

Qianhu Fishing Port: Enter Jiangnan Restaurant and taste special dishes

Black Pearl Restaurant Qianhu Fishing Port's latest summer dishes are also a good choice. This time, the summer dish, with the theme of mushrooms, was popular with countless diners once it was launched. Just looking at the menu, you can see the intention of Executive Chef Zhang Shaohua. Eating more mushrooms in summer can improve your body's immunity.

"A good pot of soup" is selected from Yunnan wild mushrooms with fresh pork ribs. The soup base is stewed with mushrooms, and then the pork ribs and fresh mushrooms are stewed. The soup has a sweet flavor and a strong aroma.

"Wild Fungus Pomegranate Bun" wraps wild fungus from Yunnan in rice skin. The entrance is full of juice and refreshing taste.

"Black truffle sauce crispy BB duck", duck meat is clear, black truffle sauce is rich, the two Jinfengyulu meet each other, get crispy and delicious flavor.

More Qianhu fishing port summer dishes are waiting for you to taste.

"Red" Bar: Modern and Classical Collision

It looks simple and stunning inside. It is transformed from an ancient building and retains the original old stage. The courtyard and daylighting roof become the atrium of the four seasons. The contrast between day and night is huge, it is worth experience once.

Tea Garden: Cozy Jiangnan Water Village Lifestyle

"Tea Garden" is located in the center of the hotel. It is converted from the original house of the ancestral house. It has outdoor seating and lake views. Inside there is a patio, there is also a card seat, and the lobby is decorated in Chinese style. There are many kinds of snacks here, as well as upgraded versions of the market snacks. The most worthwhile experience is to make dumplings in the "tea garden". Children can turn the stone mill in person and feel the fun of making gourmet snacks.

Enjoy the perfect summer at Park Hyatt Ningbo

Outdoor infinity swimming pool

This summer, there is always a need for paddling. The outdoor infinity pool of the hotel will definitely make you stunning, whether it is lying on a comfortable deck chair for a sunbathing, or playing in the infinity pool, you will be relaxed physically and mentally.

Lake Yue Spa for a refreshing summer

The hotel's spa is very famous in Ningbo. It consists of eleven independent hot spring villas. Each villa not only has beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, it makes people feel relaxed. While the children are playing wildly, adults also have their own free time. You can go to Yuehu Spa and enjoy summer detoxification therapy, 120-minute detox therapy, adjust the body's yin and yang peace, and let the body get soothing and energy.

Grow fruits and vegetables on Little Frog Park's farm

On the farm of Little Frog Parker, the variety of vegetables is very rich. Mr. Zhang Shaohua, the hotel's executive chef, specially explained the vegetables-related knowledge to the children.

Children can claim their own garden, plant vegetable seeds, water them, and fertilize them.

The hotel will also have gardeners to look after the children's claimed garden. Children can often come back to look after their own vegetables. At the harvest time, the gardener will send the fruit to its little owner in the distance, so that the children will experience the joy of harvest.

Colorful lawn activities

The colorful lawn activities allow children to walk under the blue sky and white clouds, breathe the freshest air, and enjoy the happiest summer. Oversized human flying chess, ice cream castle, mini golf, and pot-throwing activities make children stop here and linger. The children's paddling pool adds unparalleled cooling to this hot summer day, and you can also have a happy water gun battle in the pool. Tired of playing, I came ashore with an old ice-cold ice-cold, letting the heat sweep away.

Swim across the lake and experience the charming Dongqian Lake from a distance

As the only hotel in the Yangtze River Delta with a private luxury cruise ship, Ningbo Park Hyatt can enjoy a unique experience and leisure time on the vast Dongqian Lake by classic dining.

Sailing experience on water, develop children's courage

In addition to going crazy with the children, the hotel also added a professional water sailing experience project to the children's activities. Ningbo Yifan Sailing Club is a club specialized in water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddleboarding.

The hotel works closely with Yifan Sailing Club to promote and popularize water sports. Here, children can have a 30-minute sailing experience with a professional sailing instructor. They can also participate in a three-day sailing training course authorized by the American Sailing Federation (ASA) and obtain international certifications. Exclusive preferential prices have also attracted many parents. Experience the fun of riding the wind and breaking the waves, and cultivate the courage to move forward. This is the meaning of the holiday.

What kind of vacation do you want to bring your children this summer? Parker Frog, takes you on a journey to explore Park Hyatt Ningbo, giving children a summer to remember.

Park Hyatt Ningbo

Address: No. 188, Dayan Road, Dongqian Lake, Ningbo, China

Transportation: It is about 2.5 hours by car from Shanghai to the hotel; the hotel is about 21.7 kilometers from Ningbo High Speed ​​Rail Station, and it takes about 50 minutes by taxi.

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