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Lower Jiangnan in June, go to see Cixi bayberry fragrance, hydrangea blossoms
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The pace of travel can be fast or slow, but if it is two days between busy work, I hope to slow down the trip, take a glimpse of the lake and mountains, try the fresh fruits just picked from the tree, and stroll around The quiet and quaint town can be experienced in Cixi, a small town next to Ningbo.
Recently, I have just finished a lot of work at hand, and just returned from Europe. I need a leisurely and delicious journey to save the Chinese stomach. My friends in Jiangnan reminded me that their bayberry season has arrived. The annual delicious event, since you want to eat bayberry, you will naturally go to the most famous place, Ningbo Cixi, to pick up fresh food, so just go and go ~

From Beijing to Cixi, you can take the high-speed rail to Yuyao North Station, and then take a taxi. From the high-speed rail station, you can see that every pedestrian basically has a small bamboo basket in his hand. This is the magic weapon for bayberry. When my friend held it down, he immediately wanted to buy a pound to taste, and said that if he wanted to eat, he would pick the freshest in the Yangmei Garden! During the two days and one night's trip, the fragrance of bayberry lingered around me. As for anything other than bayberry, listen to me slowly.

We stayed in Jiangnan Villa and Invincible Lake View Room for this two-day and two-night trip. We checked into a five-star resort hotel in Cixi, Ningbo Cixi Dapengshan Hotel. The main building of the hotel is very modern in design, but we chose The hot spring Nanshu is a garden in the style of Jiangnan. Living in it is like living in a period costume. There are pavilions, pavilions and deep corridors. What's more special is that each room has a small room. Hot spring pool, you can experience the unique experience of ancient families in the courtyard of their own soup.

Our luck was a little bit bad. The day we stayed in the hot spring Nanshu had been raining, but the Jiangnan courtyard in the rain was more poetic and picturesque, and became an ink painting.

Compared with the Jiangnan style of the hot spring Nanshu, the lakeside garden next door is another distinctive waterfront holiday style, which is more suitable for a family to spend their holidays together. The next day we checked into a room on the side of the lake, called "Water Flower", with a huge lake-view balcony, where you can take a bath or relax in the balcony. On a rainy day, you can only see the clouds and rain flowing outside. Imagine how pleasant it is to watch the intersection of the sunset and the mountains and lakes if it is sunny.

In addition to the water flower themed rooms I stayed at, Hu'an Yayuan also has two themes: cold smoke, emerald green, and flamingo, which can meet the needs of residents of different styles. The prices can be very close to the people. The large rooms without water only need 400+ It can be said that the hotel is a super cost-effective hotel.

I tasted the first meal of the trip in the hotel. Cixi is famous for its small seafood and small lake freshness. The coastal tidal flat brought delicious sea melon seeds, rice dumplings, and flower shells, and the practice here is mainly fresh. Let me People who have just returned from Europe are particularly enjoyable!

The ritual sense of coming to Cixi-I ca n’t wait to eat enough in Yangmeiyuan to do the most important thing to come to Cixi: picking bayberry and eating bayberry! Although it is raining, we still can't stop our passion for bayberry, hold a transparent umbrella, hang the traditional bayberry frame, and experience the state of bayberry girl.

There are dozens of bayberry gardens in Cixi, large and small. This time we pick the bayberry garden is purple margin bayberry garden. We need to pass through a bamboo forest first. Most bayberry trees are on the hillside, and bayberry trees are more than two meters high. One red, fuchsia bayberry hung on the tree, just like a ruby. I saw a lot of scattered bayberry on the ground, and I was very distressed. The locals told me that this was actually intentional. Fruit farmers need to control the amount of bayberry on each branch and properly remove some to ensure that the bayberry on the tree can be divided. Only with enough nutrients can each one be sweet and gain knowledge!

Bayberry must be picked in purple and thoroughly cooked before picking. In fact, picking bayberry by itself sounds very cheap. In fact, ordinary people can't judge the maturity proficiently, so they may not be as sweet as the ones sold on the street.
The entrance fee of Ziyuan Yangmei Garden is 30 / person. You can eat for unlimited time in the garden. The Yangmei brought out of the garden is weighed according to the market price. If it doesn't rain, you can actually sit under the tree with a picnic cloth and bento. While chatting, you can pick up Yangmei to eat. This is the leisurely life of Yangmei!

This is what we have today. Cixi bayberry is full, each bite is sweet with a touch of sourness. It is a very fresh taste. You ca n’t stop eating one!

After picking Yangmei, I went to lunch with satisfaction. It was called Lanyu Farm. I told my little friend that the name was so beautiful. The little friend said that we would go to the "Lanyu" for a while.

At lunch, I tried more kinds of Cixi-style delicious food, which really made people reluctant to put down their chopsticks.

After walking around Fangjia Hetou Village, we will go to the legendary Lanyu after we meet the hydrangea to eat and drink. This is an ancient village. It was called Lanyu in the old days. It is the only village in the region that has been preserved for thousands of years. It is very quiet. There are many centuries-old ancient trees and architectural monuments. There are not many tourists. It is very suitable to walk here after picking bayberry.

Soon after entering Fangjia Hetou Village, you will see this lotus pond. Water lilies in the pond are blooming, reflecting the clouds in the sky. There are aunts washing clothes by the pool, which is full of life and a good place to take pictures.

The main road of Fangjia Hetou Village is narrow, but more surprises are hidden in the alleys. For example, two hydrangeas in this alley are carefully cultivated by the owner. One is light blue. The two colors are purple and red. The two colors require different kinds of fertilizers to produce different flowers.
Hydrangea is a relatively common garden flower in summer in the south of the Yangtze River, but it ’s rare for me from Beijing. I do n’t want to take 50 photos before I leave.

Wandering deep into Fangjia Hetou Village, observing the grass and trees and every detail of life, I feel that this is often the case in Cixi. Look around without a burden, see a flower at a corner, a Just a dog, stop and watch and play. In fact, traveling does not have to go to those places of interest, it is also great to relax easily.

The following linden tree is still to be introduced. It is two centuries-old ginkgo biloba. I used a 16mm wide-angle and still couldn't shoot it all, it was shocking.

Visiting Cixi Millennium Yueyao Cixi is a cultural heritage in addition to Yangmei and ancient villages, the center of Yueyao's production center, and also one of the starting points of the ceramic road on the sea. There are many large and small Yueyao kiln fields around Shanglin Lake where Cixi is located. It was the best during the Tang and Song dynasties. We can see this cultural treasure in the Shanglin Lake Yueyao National Archaeological Site Park.

Linhu Yueyao National Archaeological Site Park is free and open. It is strongly recommended that you invite an interpreter to explain it, and you can learn more about the history, culture and shape of Yueyao. Yueyao is a famous celadon kiln in the ancient south of China and one of the treasures of the traditional Chinese porcelain making process. The kiln is mainly located in Shangyu, Yuyao, Cixi, Ningbo and other places in Zhejiang Province today.

On the ground floor of the exhibition hall, various unearthed Yue kiln porcelains can be seen. Among them are many beautifully shaped makeup boxes and vases.
The most famous celadon kiln and celadon system during the Tang and Five Dynasties. Also called "secret kiln". It is named in Yuezhou (now the Shanglin Lake and Binhu area of ​​Cixi, Zhejiang Province). The celadon burnt represented the highest level of celadon at that time.

Don't think it's over after visiting the main museum. Beyond the 15-minute walk from the museum, you can see the ruins of the Yue Kiln in the Tang Dynasty. This 15-minute walk is along the Shanglin Lake. Yang Meilin is a wonderful "treasure hunt" experience.

The following is the ancient site of Yueyao left by the Tang Dynasty. There are many broken pieces of ancient porcelain on the ground. These are all real antiques. If you think that it is not interesting to see such a pit, there is a restored Yueyao furnace built along the slope of the mountain. You can see how the Yueyao was fired in that year, which is very interesting.

I especially like the cold and gentle green color of Yue porcelain, which is a clear color from Jiangnan, so when I left Cixi, I also brought back a Yue porcelain fruit plate to hold the bayberry brought back from Cixi. Don't be too fit.

The millennial elegance of Minghe Ancient Town In addition to the ancient villages like Fangjia Hetou Village, Cixi also has a larger ancient town, and has a good name: "Minghe".
Minghe Ancient Town was built in the Tang Dynasty, and has a history of more than 1,200 years. It is the only ancient town in Cixi City that has the characteristics of a typical Jiangnan ancient town.

The ancient town of Minghe is built next to Baiyang Lake. The river in the ancient town flows from west to east through the town. The river spans seven ancient bridges of the Ming Dynasty. There are Ming and Qing dwellings with Jiangnan water village characteristics along the river. The mansion was built after Minghe Ye's operation of Sinopharm became rich.

Speaking of Minghe Ancient Town, the pharmaceutical industry is a major feature. Minghe Ancient Town has been the birthplace of China's National Pharmaceutical Industry since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Now there is the National Medicine Museum and the Medicine Museum in the ancient town, which is still playing an important role in Chinese medicine.

In addition to the traditional Chinese medicine, there is a lot of delicious features in Minghe Ancient Town. Walking around the ancient town, there are rice cakes, rat sugar balls, and green mochi. These snacks are not imported from outside, but are opened by local residents. It's a small shop, so it's worth a try. The ancient town is not very commercial, and it is a good place to eat while walking.

In addition to the medical museum and snack bar, there are also a lot of B & Bs rebuilt from ancient mansions in Minghe Ancient Town. For example, this Silver Inn is a large yard. If you play longer, you can choose to live in the ancient town. Experience the quaint style of a small town in the south of the Yangtze River.

Since you can't live here, have a meal here! Also specially ordered the famous stinky tofu in the town, crispy and delicious!

After this full meal, this two-day trip to picking bayberry in Cixi is over. To be honest, I have not experienced such a leisurely journey for a long time, whether it is the simple joy when picking bayberry, or the time in the ancient town Soft and cozy, Cixi has a very close feeling. Maybe you have already researched the fast-paced fast travel. It is better to come here to taste bayberry, look at the lake view, and experience a real leisurely vacation.

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