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People from Ningbo travel to Ningbo-Fenghua Yueling to find the source of peach blossoms
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Speaking of Fenghua, what do you think of first? Many people think of peaches. Yes, Fenghua peaches are famous all over the world. When referring to peaches, I have to mention the peach blossoms that belong to this season. Throughout March, the spring blossoms and the sun is shining, and I have this trip to Peach Blossom Source.

Many people in Fenghua may know the Xiaowang Temple, but they do not know Yueling. One of my Fenghua friends, when I told her that I was going to see flowers in her hometown, she had not even heard of this place. The older generation knows Yue Ling.

Yueling is located in Waiying Village, west of Fenghua Daqiao Town, about 5km away from Fenghua urban area. Liying Village is over the Yueling Ancient Road. The mountain is not high, the sea is no more than 250m, and the stone steps are circling. Most of them are paved with cobblestones. In ancient times, Fenghua County was the main traffic route to Xikou, Xiuzhai, and Xinchang and Yinzhou in neighboring counties. In February 1949, Chiang Kai-shek returned home for the last time and went from Xikou to the county seat. This was the same way he took the sedan. After entering the modern era, due to the construction of highways and the convenience of self-driving, this ancient road has gradually lost her importance and has been left out.

There is a stone independent sky on Yueling Mountain, which looks exactly like a woman and looks the same from east to west. It is called Mrs. Yueling. Madam Yue Ling was famous in the Song Dynasty. The geography book Taiping Huanyuji of the Song Dynasty once recorded: "It has five colors of stones, and looks quite like the bride's jewelry." She was named Mrs. Ling, and she built a temple on the mountain to worship her. Legend has it that Mrs. Ling shortly after her wedding, her husband went fishing to the sea, and was unfortunately buried with fish belly. The new couple hoped for their husband day and night, longing to see, and their bodies turned into rocks over time.

[Yueling Traffic]

1. Bus: Take the China Bus from Ningbo South Station to Fenghua East Station, the fare is 10 yuan; transfer to No. 15 bus to Waiying Village, the fare is 1 yuan, a total of 11 yuan. Going all the way from Waiying Village is Yueling; you can turn the mountain from Yueling to Liying Village, and down the mountain is Maitreya Avenue, and across the road is Xiaozhen ’s first Taoyuan in the world.

2. Self-driving: Depart from Quzhou Wanda to Heng Shao Line (Yixian Avenue)-North East Ring Road-Mile Avenue to the end. (If you drive yourself, you can drive to Liying Village directly, you do n’t need to go to Yueling, and it is close to the Xiaowang Temple, you can also enjoy the world's first Taoyuan.)

Shanghai self-driving routes:

Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway—Hangzhou Bay Bridge—Shenhai Expressway—Ningbo Expressway—Yinjin Expressway—Xiaxikou Scenic Area / Fenghua / Xikou / Xiaowang Temple (the whole journey takes about 3 hours)

3, chartered car: to Fenghua Zhongshan Park, walk from Jinping North Road to the entrance of North Street, only one road along the river.

Every year from March to April, the Xiaowangmiao Town holds the annual Peach Blossom Festival and the Xiaowangmiao Peach Blossom Pen Association. This year's event lasts two months (March to April). With "flowers" as the medium, and focusing on the theme of "ecology, environmental protection, and greenness", it displays "tens of thousands of acres of peach blossoms and beautiful mountains, and farmer's book fairs" "Characteristics, comprehensive display of Taoxiang mountains and clear water show, outstanding ecological environment and habitats.

The main activities include:
1. The opening ceremony of the 2014 China · Fenghua Peach Blossom Festival and the launching ceremony of the “Fuhua Wuzhi” co-construction of Fenghua Ecological Home
2. Experience the loveliest person in Taoxiang——The 12th Xiaowangmiao Peach Blossom Pen Society and Peasant Culture Festival
3. Get close to the greenest mountain in Taoxiang-"Mom and Dad, let's go" parent-child experience activity
4. Capturing the most beautiful flowers in Taoxiang-"Pretty Flower Primula" flower viewing preview activity, "Drunk Beauty Peach Blossom" photography competition
5. Express the true feelings of Taoxiang-"Chinese Dream · Taoxiang Dream" Essay Contest
6. Share the sweetest peach in Taoxiang-"Love Peach Tree" adoption activity

Along the only path along the river, through a small small village, you will enter Yueling. The path is full of peach trees on both sides of the road, and the peach blossoms in the mountains are just right.

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