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Bravely climb the Bodhi Ridge of Baihua Mountain in Fenghua --- 2015 Qingming Self-driving Tour (2)
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I listened to the rain last night; when it got up in the morning, it stopped raining.
The gloomy weather provides good conditions for today's hiking, otherwise the consumption will increase a lot like the 30 degrees yesterday. Today , the starting point of Baiyan Mountain climbing is Jiajia Village in Fenghua. Most wild donkey mountain climbing starting points will be in Yancun Village. Considering that there will be many people in Yancun Village, we start in the opposite direction. Today is Zhengqingming. There are a lot of tomb sweepers along the way, basically all locals. After arriving at Jiayu Village, we found that there are also many locals grave-scanning vehicles parked in the village. We parked the vehicles at the village service center. At this time, we found that many vehicles did not follow up. Fortunately, the walkie-talkie could be called. It turned out that they all followed the small P Going, and Xiao P's navigation went wrong, the car behind followed blindly. Our eight cars were parked in a small basketball court, but fortunately, they were all our own cars, next to each other. Pack your packs and get ready to go. Go through the village and get closer to the mountain. The village entrance has obvious signs. In consideration of Pharaoh's physical problems, they are advised not to climb Baiyan Mountain and go directly to the Bodhi Road. The Bodhi Road is basically hills and the difficulty is much less.

The mist was thick and the distant mountains were looming.
Seeing a large piece of lively Mingqian tea, Aunt Literary could not help but play the tea picking woman again and come with a real tea picking aunt. Listening to the accent. Aunt picking tea is a foreign accent, like a generation in Anhui . It is estimated that the local hired tea-gatherers are like hundreds of thousands of flower-picking girls in Xinjiang each year to pick cotton in Xinjiang.
March along the dense bamboo forest towards Baiyan Mountain, which is the boundary between Fenghua and Luzhou. It is 628 meters above sea level and is named after the rocks on the mountain are white as jade.
From time to time, I saw locals coming down from the mountains. Most of them were from their original place. They came back to sacrifice their graves in Qingming, and then dug some newly unearthed bamboo shoots to take them back.
It is also faintly seen as a windmill in the distance of a mountain digging bamboo shoots, which is the highest point of the ancient path of Bodhi.
According to the general direction of the mountain people's guidance, we felt that we were climbing to the top of the mountain in the bamboo forest. There was no road at all. It was all through the gap in the forest. I saw the video climbing for a long time. Here comes the information. The front is full of thorny jungles, and the top of the mountain is not visible. It is estimated that the path is wrong. We decided to return the same way. When we saw an old man on the road, he told us that we should go to the old man from the side road next to a nun on the mountainside this year. 83 years old, with a red face and a tough body, he is very talkative. He is the grandson who accompanied the city to dig bamboo shoots; the bamboo shoots here are dug casually. This is the clear window in Yongning Temple Hall, halfway up the mountain, no one; it is noon at this time; we decided to eat here and eat the fishy people all consciously eat on the steps outside the Temple Hall. The Xinjiang ravioli that comes with the video is dipped in chili sauce. The team has a lot of Xinjiang children returning to Shanghai; the ravioli is a necessary dry food for them to support each other.
Standing on the terrace in front of the Tongtang overlooking Jiayu Village after lunch, starting from the path behind the Tongtang did not walk for a while, there is no way, as in the morning, we still need to walk in the bamboo thorns and help each other to climb up the way , A few children led by Xiao P to dig 6-7 unearthed bamboo shoots, and Xiao P also cut off the trekking poles. ZHX dug to a bamboo shoot that had just emerged with a sharp tip, and it was eaten raw. Huanhuan looked in astonishment and asked: how does it taste; answer: great! All the water can be saved. This is the kindness that nature has given us. Aunts and mothers crawled for a long time in front of the growing bamboo shoots. Pioneer LM sent news that, as in the morning, it was necessary to cut through the thorns to get through. At that time, some of the older people in the team were already unable to support, and many places were pulled up. As the saying goes, it is easy to go down the mountain. For safety, we decided to retreat down the mountain and then go to the ancient path of Bodhi. The undead LM went on alone, and after ten minutes the message of success was reached in the walkie-talkie. At this time, it had dropped a lot. I did not consider going up the mountain again. LM said that the mountain top was very flat, and the obvious old road led to the ancient Bodhi Road under the mountain. (The online strategy is the same as the local fellow said); LM did not leave for a long time, they met with the old king who had previously walked on the Bodhi Road at the windmill, and then merged with the second group of people on the old road. After descending from the mountain, we walked from the other side of Yongning Road to the Bodhi Road. On both sides of the mountain road, the scenery is beautiful and the unknown wildflowers are blooming. The mountain is full of greenery. The famous Fenghua peach blossoms in tea forest are in addition to the beautiful pink windmill. The direction is the Bodhi Road. The mid-point Bodhi Road begins to show that the village is constructing new roads to connect to the old road, and the development of tourism Bodhi Ridge from Jiayu Village to Tongxiajia Village (Yan Village); the whole journey is about 15 kilometers. According to legend, in the Southern Song Dynasty, the well-off king passed this path when he fled. In ancient times, the ancient path of Bodhi Ridge was also the only way for locals to go out and foreigners to enter the country. It was named because there was a Bodhi Temple in the valley on the south side of the mountain peak.
The ancient pavement is paved with cobblestones, winding and winding up and down. The scenery along the way, the heart of appreciation, the joy of watching,
There are signs on the side of the mountain road, telling tourists that the road is about to reach the highest point of the Bodhi Road, and the mountain spring water for the tea pickers to drink comes from a bottle, just like iced mineral water. Is green. Fresh green, tender green, dark green, different greens bring different natures. There is a green atmosphere everywhere, and the tea gardens on the mountain seem to take you to a green world; the terraced tea gardens are like the waves of the sea rolling forward.
Please watch the video to reach the top of the mountain, suddenly bright; looking west, the mountains are undulating and rolling, as if at your feet. Standing on top of the ridge, if you sing loudly, the two counties will be heard, and the sound will be suppressed. The summit staff took a group photo and returned to the starting point, Jiayu Village.

Drive for one hour and arrive at the Tianma Siming Mountain Resort in Quzhou to check in. Dinner will be served in this quaint Jiurutang. It has been booked in Shanghai before departure.
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