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Youtiantong National Forest Park
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The forest park is located at the foot of Taibai Mountain in the eastern suburbs of Yixian County, Ningbo. It is 28 kilometers away from Ningbo and covers an area of ​​707 hectares. It is one of the earliest 3 forest parks established in China. The park is famous for temples, forests, strange stones, strange caves, sea of ​​clouds, and evening glow.

Tall towering millennium ancient pine, so there are "hundreds of peaks all the way, the tree-lined road turns to hear the bell. Come and listen to the sound of the waves, half of the stream and half of the pine." The ancient poem praised.

The forest park combines the beautiful natural landscape with historical humanities and monuments to form the three scenes of Tiantong Sanguan. Three levels: Wansong Pass, Tieshe Pass, and customs clearance.

Wansongguan: From the foot of Shaobailing to the gate of Tiantong Temple, Qingsong crosses for more than ten miles.

Tiesheguan: Shaobailing, there is a "Five Buddha Town Mana" here. It is said that during the Tang Dynasty Huichang period, a master monk of the Tiantong Temple used this tower to poison poison boa.

Customs clearance: A bridge beside Wantong Pool outside Tiantong Temple has a "clearance snow spray" landscape.

Ten scenes are; deep path back to Songfenggang repair bamboo, exquisite sky chisel,

Taibai Yunsheng, Clearance Snow Spray, Shuangchi Indian Scenery, West Time Minutes,

Donggu is autumn red, the platform is paved, and Nanshan is late.

Deep diameter loosening

In the old days, the ancient pines were called from Xiaobailing. Song Wang Anshi was called "Twenty Miles of Pine Shadow Ruocheng". Commonly known as Wan Songguan. A python tower of Wufo Town is built on Xiaobailing. It is said that an iron snake is used as a urn. I can pick up a stone bun on the top of the mountain, with a bead-crown shape, about 20 cm in diameter, white on the outside, and Chu-colored material on the inside, such as stuffing. The upper tower of Jinling still exists, and an ancient pine path is replanted, about 10 kilometers. There are Fuhu Pavilion, Gushanmen and Jingqian Pavilion hidden among Songtao. On both sides of the deep diameter, the millennium is called millennium spruce.

Fenggang Xiuzhu

In the east of the temple, there are Qingfenggang, the footpath of the mountain, and Fengwei Xiuzhupo's shelter. It is said that Fenglaiyi was once named. Midsummer is involved in this, cool and refreshing.

There is a pimple in the west of the temple, also known as Luohangou, with deep slippery forest and flowing water. There are thousands of ancient vines hanging on both sides of the strait, called Luohan vine.

Yelang was quiet, and the bell was ringing. The more it reached Linglongyan, there was an echo back, like bells ringing on both sides of the strait.

Double Pool Printing

The temple has internal and external Wangong pools, and the old one was a release pond. The water is clear and the fish can be counted. In the reflection of the Biwa Zhuyan pond, there is the fun of entering the Gui Palace. Legend has it that Guanyin was present in Linglong Rock, reflecting the double pond, adding a layer of magic.

Clearance snow spray

The Qingguan Bridge leads to Shuangchi water. The streams overflow and the waterfall splashes like snow gushing. It is said that there are green snakes, and together with Wansong and iron snakes, they are called Tiantong Sanguan.

Delicate Sky Chisel

Linglong rock is a branch of Taibai. The rock wall is in danger, thousands of rocks, strange stones, and lush green trees. Wang Anshi Youtian listened to the ape when he was a child. From the west of the temple, follow the trail, pass Hexiu Pavilion, Zhenshou Bridge, Jiashouquan, Jiashoufang to Pantuoshi, and help drunk a hundred steps, that is, to Linglong Rock, there is Guanyin Cave Water Moon Pavilion.

East Valley Autumn Red

The old maple forest of Taibai Shandong Valley was late to late autumn, and in late autumn, the leaves were red as blood, congested the valley, and seemed to be in full bloom. Surrounded by green hills, surrounded by red maples, the scenery is picturesque.

Taibai Mountain next to the temple is the first peak in the east of the mountain, and the morning is faint. The rain clouds are like steaming, the breeze blows the clouds, and the wind comes out of the river.

Late Cui in Nanshan

In front of the ancient mountain gate, there is Nanshan Ruping, the sun is shining, the sun is shining, and the green color is getting stronger. At that time, the tourists will come back with pleasure.


In the temple there is a stone masonry platform in front of the Tibetan Pavilion, wide and flat, just like a jade platform, the moon is close to the sky, and the ground is paved with green light. With some holiness. In addition, the lion cypress in the Tang dynasty and the Luohan vine in the Ming dynasty seem to have their own characteristics.

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