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Nine bridges across the Yuyao River in the urban area of ​​Ningbo-Jiefang Bridge
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Jiefang Bridge is located at the former site of Yaocangdu, Yaojiang.

East side of Yongfeng Bridge. North of Jiangbei District Daqing South Road, Pingjiao Huaishu Road, South of Haishu District Jiefang North Road, Pingjiao Heyi Road

And Yongfeng Road. Close to the river is the five-star hotel-Marriott Hotel.

Jiefang Bridge was built in 1972, and it was originally a fixed bridge on the north bank and a floating bridge on the south bank. In 1982, the whole bridge was rebuilt as a permanent bridge. In 2011, Jiefang Bridge was widened. The whole bridge was widened from the original two-way 4 lanes to the two-way 6 lanes.

The green belt on both sides of the Jiefang Bridge is very beautiful now. In the past, I often went for a walk in the morning to suck the fresh air in the morning.

Yuyao Jiang and Heyi Avenue intersect each other at sunset

And when night falls, the lights on both sides of the bridge are illuminated everywhere, especially the Heyi Road area is even more beautiful.


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