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Aspirations are not uncompromising, do n’t sacrifice, do n’t sacrifice, or do not spare the cows --- May 2015, Fenghua and Xinchang Walking Tour (3)
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On the morning of the 24th, I will go to Niubishan, the highlight of this trip . After receiving the last lesson, I did my homework before departure. Since there is no detailed guide on the Internet, I can only choose some relatively reliable homework screenshots for reference on my mobile phone; LY also printed a lot of pictures and clicked on the pictures. I came to Ding Village where Niubishan was located again. After parking the car, I asked the fellow whether we should continue on the route we had taken last time. It's been more than half a month, and the stream is obviously much better than the last time

The printed picture still did not match the scene, and the text description was not accurate enough. At this time, LM saw a red ribbon tied by a donkey club at the gap of the fence, and there was a path leading to the mountain at the gap. At this time, I saw a few donkey friends coming here, and it was the first time that they came here, and they were blind like us. During the insurance period, the team stopped at the roadside and waited for the donkeys coming back. Soon after, I saw several local “old donkeys” who looked very old. They told us clearly that this is the route to go up the mountain. . When "May 1st" came, I saw a donkey's car parked in the village but did not see a donkey who climbed the mountain; this time I met a lot of donkeys; it also provided conditions for us to find the correct route.
I saw a bunch of people grilling by the stream; they were killing with live fish, and they fooled us that they were caught in the stream; several women really believed it. There are red ribbons along the way. , Do n’t get lost; the family is going up all the time, some places are still difficult, you need to use your hands and feet and see a local barefoot climbing, saying that it is good to massage the soles of your feet, and some places have to pull the rope to see the video. Although only 8 years old Little swallow, but has been hardened and finally boarded the ox tail of Niubishan to see the video has always been the hill of the tail car. The mountaineering is also the tail car. It is impossible to take the four-year-old Erbao to the bull's ridge. The queen mother who came from Huhuo, for the first time climbing such a wild mountain, wanted to retreat a few times, but it was difficult for the mountain to go down, and she had to bite her head. Asked the Queen Mother, did you know that you would climb such a wild mountain? A: I do n’t know, "Ni Monkey" (native: son) said to go out and walk around ...
Erbao can be said to be the smallest climber since Niubishan; just like last year's Mid-Autumn Hidden Dragon Mountain, reviewing the image of Erbao Hidden Dragon Mountain in September of 2013, back to reality, Niubishan reached the ridge of the cow. See the video Erbao Niang using a new style. Self-timer's mobile phone device took a group photo to see the video and boarded the top of Niubishan Mountain, surrounded by clouds and seas. It seems to have entered a fairyland, and the distant peaks are looming. Looking up at the sky, flocks of birds fly high. Strange rocks stood on top of the mountain, crumbling. Open your arms and a breeze blows by, you can feel the magic and magnificence of nature. This is the fun of hiking.
Looking back at the ridges I walked by, the mountains were vivid. Looking at the lower level, the cliff where Niubei Mountain was blocked last time should be at the ox ridge; people who had already climbed to the cliff at that time can walk up if they walk for a while; but there is no if in this world ... just in case No?
After walking for another half an hour, I came to Niutou.
We scattered around Niutou and played with Liu's father and son pulling hands on the cliff of Niutou. Picnic in the mountains There is a path leading to a village below the mountain. There are several physically exhausted people who want to go down the mountain first, but after looking at the mobile phone, I found that this village is called Wang Gutou, and there is a distance from the Ding village where we parked. If the car is going to pick up, you need to drive dozens of kilometers around a large circle, which in turn forces several people who want to give up to continue to complete the journey. People are like this. There is really no escape route, so they stick to it. An ox grazing in a large meadow on a high mountain. Buffaloes have oxes on their backs. A piece of grass nourishes people to rest on a large slate. Liu's father and son took another way. We came to this picture before encountering a rock painting wall stacked by a team of donkeys. Below is the stone dog cave we are going to. The clear stream in Shigoudong was washed and I was refreshed and saw someone climbing up the stream and walking back to the starting point. Dingcun encountered a group of goats. She said that there were 94 of our hiking trails at 2pm. We left Dingcun and set off on the return journey with a sense of contentment and conquest. Conquest is a kind of natural old hair of human beings, especially men. I have said that fighting with heaven is a lot of fun; of course, another sentence is fighting with human beings... Everyone decided to go home after dinner together. I was going to go down the corridor first, and then it was too early. Then I decided to go to Qingpu Gion, but was told that it was full. Finally, I went to Zhuwei Nongjiale in Qingpu. This is a place we always go. The farmhouse has a simple decoration, but the taste is very good. After tasting the eyesight dinner many times before dinner, the farm has played in the surrounding green space for a while, and it turned dark, and everyone drove back to the city, ending a happy weekend. Looking forward to the next reunion. xujainzhon 2015.6.2

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