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In winter, go to bath!
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There are not enough holidays and a lot of budget, so this cold spring festival is for the old and the young. In the past two years, Tangchi in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has also visited a lot, this time the choice is Ningbo-Erlingshan Hot Spring. Lingshan Lingshui is called Erling. Although it is not a very famous hot spring, I read the online reviews and said that it is good, so I chose it. The public comment network has a group purchase of 219 yuan (including buffet), the price is very affordable, (a lot of group purchase network are other travel agency agents, it is best to choose Hengyuan Hotel official cooperation this one, you can go to the hot spring hotel without a phone reservation Tickets available)

D1: Departure route: North-South Elevated Highway-G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway-G15 Shenhai Expressway-S19 Yongtaiwen Double Track Expressway-Mingzhou Avenue-South Ring Lake Road-East Ring Lake Road (260KM, exempted during the Spring Festival Travel expenses, trip 3 hours)

Erlingshan Hot Spring is located on the bank of Dongqian Lake, known as "Taihu Lake Spirit and Xizi Charm", at the foot of Erling Mountain, only half an hour's drive from Ningbo city. Along the broad East Lake Ring Road, the windows flashing out are the beautiful scenery of the lake and the mountains.

Arrive more than 10 o'clock, it is very convenient to exchange tickets at the hot spring hotel, we rushed into the first batch to go to the bath. The outdoor hot spring is in the embrace of the mountains and waters, the air is fresh and pleasant. With dozens of different soup ponds, the weather on the fourth day of the year is very cold, and it is too comfortable to step into the warm pool. Hearing the flowing water, watching the mountains and trees in the mountains, and the limbs and bones are all comfortable, really a great enjoyment of life.

I have to mention that the service here is very good. There are wet and dry towel buckets next to each hot spring. After soaking, wipe them with dry towels and then wear a bathrobe. It will not be cold. There are water dispensers near each hot spring. Available at any time, from time to time there will be service staff to help you put away slippers. The lounge is not large, but the environment is good. Each person can enter for free with a ticket. Hot drinks such as milk tea and coffee are provided, as well as cookies and fruits. We booked a buffet for dinner, so we spent a long time in the lounge. There was a pool table and a movie hall next to it.

In the afternoon, I wanted to sleep in the slate bed in the room. I didn't expect that people were much better, and there was almost no empty place. There are a lot of people in the outdoor hot springs, so if you want to have a good feeling, you should come early. Just soak for a while and prepare for dinner. The hotel environment is very good, the buffet is also very rich, the price of 70 yuan is very high.

After dinner, drive to Jiulong Lake and book your accommodation in Jiulong Lake-Yanyang Holiday Health Club (exchanged for points, no money)

Huannan South Road——S19 Yongtaiwen Double Track Expressway—G1501 Around the City Expressway—Kowloon Avenue (63KM, 1 hour)

D2: Jiulong Lake is really a good place for health and vacation. No firecrackers can be heard in the morning on the fifth day of the New Year. Only the sound of rain in Lili. I arrived yesterday night and can't see the surrounding environment. I opened the window in the morning to take a look , Yuanshan Lake is really a good place.

Opposite the Yangyang Holiday Health Pavilion is the Xiangjijiao Temple. While the rain stopped, I walked to see. Very quiet, accompanied by birdsong and floral fragrances all the way up the steps, reminded me of the long-known poem: "Into the ancient temple in the early morning, the first day shines Gao Lin. The winding path leads to the secluded place, the Zen house is deep in flowers and trees. Sex, Tan Ying is empty of heart. Wan Ye is silent, but Yu Zhongyin sounds. "

After returning to the hotel to check out, I bought a joint ticket for Jiulongyuan and Jiulong Lake cruises at the hotel. (40 yuan) I went to Jiulongyuan in the morning. Jiulongyuan is also near the sun. It is a small scenic area with waterfalls, bamboo forests, and clear ponds. There aren't many tourists in the morning. It is good to inhale oxygen.

The Jiulongyuan Scenic Spot is actually not big. It should be over to Shangyaochi, but some of us want to climb up the mountain and see the temple on the top of the mountain, and we keep walking forward. Seeing a yellow temple in front of me, I didn't see the sign on the side (the undeveloped area in front). The road was a bit muddy and difficult to walk. We seemed to be behind the temple. We did n’t know how to get around the front, and we were not reconciled when we walked back. We walked along the muddy road. Very spectacular temple.

——Will be a top performer, look at the mountains

When I was thinking about how others came up, I realized that we had arrived at another scenic spot-Dapeng Mountain Scenic Area. This is Xufu Temple in Dapeng Mountain. Coincidentally, I also visited this area a few years ago. The entrance to the scenic area is 20KM from the Jiulongyuan Scenic Area parking lot. So we can only return to the same way. On the way back, I saw the stop sign of the tourist. So thrilling!

Nothing down the mountain road. Jiulongyuan Scenic Spot is located in Changshou Village, Hengxi. If you have more time, you can go to the village to see. There are also many farmhouses.

Jiulongyuan Scenic Spot is at the end of Jiulong Lake, and the Jiulong Lake Cruise is at the forefront. You have to drive around the lake for 5 or 6 kilometers. If you buy a scenic ticket for 15 yuan, you will probably pass by the inside of the lake. The lake tour is quite ordinary, mainly on the last monkey island. There are quite a lot of monkeys on the island, and there are many free-range breeders. They are not locked in cages. Children like it, and there is a ball movie, and the rest is nothing. .

The weather is bad and the wind is cold, which really affects the interest of visiting the lake.

The two-day itinerary is over, taking the G15-G60 return (205KM). The return journey on the fifth day is slightly blocked. The winter vacation has passed. Let ’s look forward to Qingming, May Day, and wait for the summer vacation.

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