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. . . . . Memory with pictures, Ningbo, Zhoushan. . . . .
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The family of three went to Zhoushan for four days while her daughter was in kindergarten. Move the car back and forth.

DAY1 Xiamen-Ningbo. It was more than one noon to Ningbo. Went to Drum Tower and walked to Zhoushan the next time I noodle bowl (friend drove in Ningbo Hehe)
Loaf rice cake. The broth is beef soup.

beef noodles. Found that Ningbo people love beef noodles. The street is full of beef noodles.

Passing the Drum Tower. Take a picture. Have a popsicle. Depart for Shenjiamen.

I encountered a fruit stand on the way. Looking seductive, bought something to eat on the road.

I ’m hungry if I do n’t eat beef. Bought 2 uncooked buns. . It is said that Shanghai's local cuisine originated in Ningbo. I was imagining that the uncooked buns in Ningbo must also be delicious. . Tried it can only be said to be general. But better than Xiamen.

It was almost four o'clock in the afternoon at Shen's door. Staggered for a moment. I found a local Shenjiamen night stall. Of course I gave 2 words after eating. Cheating! !! Not to mention the taste. How about the price. Just full of chilled seafood. I thought I came to an inland city. .

The helpless companions really came from inland cities. Expressed a desire to eat. Plus you can see the sea. Nice view. So we sat down and took selfies. Ha ~

Free boiled peanuts per table.

The mixed chowder with that snail is pretty good. Other general.

Sitting by the window. Look out. .

After dinner. Drive to Zhujiajian and find a place to stay. Bed and Breakfast by the Sea. . The companions are really not resistant to the two words relying on the sea. . But I think Xiamen is more beautiful. Hey ~

Get up early to watch the sunrise. Taken on the balcony. Still pretty good. It's been a long time since I got up so early.

Go to bed. Get up and stretch. Asked the owner for some seafood noodles. I wanted to eat rice cakes, so I cooked seafood rice cakes. . .

The soup is still very sweet. The so-called seafood is a bit less. . A bowl of 25 oceans is slightly more expensive.

After eating and drinking, I left for Putuo Mountain. .

Lunch was settled in Putuo Mountain. It turns out that tourist attractions can also be delicious. This meal, I personally think the level is OK in tourist attractions. The total price seems to be 470. The main fish is expensive. Spent 300

Mud snails are pretty good. . Xiamen seems not to have. Tired after playing for a day. Find a good place to live. , Eat whatever you want. Just went to play on the beach. . I have n’t eaten meat for 2 days. . . I really don't want to have seafood again. Ordered meat and eggplant and was satisfied with 3 bowls of rice. .


Little friends like to eat dumplings. Ordered 2 plates. Salt roasted and stir-fried.

On the third day, I went to Taohua Island by boat. I forgot what I had for lunch. Did not take pictures. .

The supper for dinner was good. . Have pulled out three bowls of rice. . .

Mud snails are delicious. Ordered another plate.

After eating, I went to the beach. Tickets for cheating beaches. 58 people. . Xiamen is so beautiful without charge. No fees! !! ~~~

After the beach, I went for a barbecue. The black light was blind and no photo was taken. . . .

The fourth day is ready to return. . Because I lived on the island the night before, I had to catch a boat the next morning and take a bus to Ningbo. Then Ningbo moved back to Xiamen. .

Ended the four-day trip. Very tired.

But the most important thing is that children are happy. It's all worth it. .

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