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InterContinental Brand Hotel takes you to "Zhejiang" to have a different summer time
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In summer, in addition to the fiery sun, the tide-like cicadas, and long vacations, you have to swim in the mountains, raft on the lake, and chase the waves. . . . .

InterContinental Brand Hotel takes you to a different summer time in "Zhejiang".

Let us follow the zigzag currents of Zhejiang, starting from Hangzhou, passing Shaoxing, crossing Ningbo, and arriving at Xiangshan.


Ink in Hangzhou

In summer, Hangzhou, full of lotus flowers, find a summer resort in Yuhuang Mountain near the West Lake, overlooking the graceful West Lake, cruise by river at night, and experience the historic Grand Canal and the surging Qiantang River. Or find a water park and play high this summer.

Naliang Resort, Mountainside of Jade Emperor

From Zhijiang Road, a 20-minute drive to Yuhuang Mountain, the stairs are upstairs. There is a hole on the mountainside called "Zilai Cave". The stones in the cave are upside down, deep and strange, and the air is full of negative oxygen. Have fun on the mountain, and when you go down, you can visit the distinctive Chinese Silk Museum. In addition to silk culture, the architectural design of the exhibition hall is also quite artistic, and it is worth checking in.

Prosperous Qiantang, Millennium Canal

Starting from Wulin Pier, passing the Sanbao Ship Lock, bypassing the Qianjiang New City, and returning, this line can not only enjoy the charm of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Qianli Qiantang. Hui, Qianwang Shechao, and Qianjiang Fourth Bridge can be seen in turn.

Nearby hotels: InterContinental Hangzhou

The unique golden ball shape is not only a landmark of Hangzhou, but also an integral part of the light show and music fountain. The magnificent interior of the hotel, the 85-meter-high glass dome, the stacked floors, and the sightseeing elevator shuttle up and down, make the ball feel a sense of interstellar crossing. The 384 guest rooms are spacious and comfortable. 6 different restaurants and lobby bars offer exclusive delicacies.

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Holiday Inn Hangzhou Qianjiang New City is located in the core area of ​​Qianjiang New City, with scenic spots and shopping malls within easy reach. It takes 25 minutes to reach Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, about 10 minutes drive to East Railway Station and City Station, and 15 minutes drive to West Lake. There are 210 simple and modern guest rooms with well-equipped facilities. The suites suitable for long stays are equipped with kitchen, washing machine, dining table, refrigerator and cabinets.

Underwater world, cool summer

The 100,000-square-meter Hangzhou Langlang Langshui Park has a large children's paddling area, Julang Bay, speed slides, big horns, convoluted slides, Juhong Gorge, time shuttle slide, sun slide, and skateboard , Langlanglangshuizhai, Laorenhe, and dozens of other popular water amusement equipment all over the world are offered. The water dance carnival party, hot samba parade, exotic song and dance show and other themed performances will surprise you.

Nearby Hotels: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhongan Holiday Hotel

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhongan Holiday Hotel's guest rooms are in accordance with Intercontinental Global Standards. All imported comfortable beds are selected to take good care of high-quality sleep, creating an unparalleled comfortable staying experience. There are also free and high-speed Internet full coverage, comfortable rainforest showers, free bottled water purification, personal safes and many other intimate and pleasant services, bringing you a warm and homely experience.


Water Town Shaoxing

Wanshan Lane in Sanshan is winding, with hundreds of bridges and thousands of streets

Sitting in a awning boat, shaking, passing through the blue brick and tile tiles on both sides, the small bridge flowing into the house, entering the former residence of Lu Xun, walking through the Shen Garden where Lu You and Tang Wan met, and feeling that the book master Wang Xizhi wrote the "Lan Ting Ji Xu" Be upset.

Lu Xun's Hometown

An authentic interpretation of Mr. Lu Xun's works, a taste of Mr. Lu Xun's writings, and a real place to experience the life situation of the year. It is the most well-preserved and most culturally connotated city in Shaoxing, the classic style of the ancient water town and the unique historical style of Jiangnan.

Shen Yuan

The pavilions and pavilions in the park, small bridges and water, are lined with trees, in addition to enjoying the scenery of the south of the river, you can also experience the beautiful love story of poet Lu You and cousin Tang Wan.


It is the garden residence of the well-known calligrapher Shu Shengwang Zhi of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and it is a garden of the Jin Dynasty. Lanting is surrounded by shallow streams, quiet and elegant. The "geese pond", "qushui liu", "lanting stele", "yubei pavilion" and "right army temple" in the park are exquisite and simple, which are rare garden masterpieces.

Nearby hotels: Crowne Plaza Shaoxing Shimao

Backed by the beautiful Meilong Lake, it is adjacent to Shimao New City and other major commercial areas. With its beautiful environment and modern architectural appearance, it has become a new landmark of Shaoxing. The hotel is a 50-minute drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport; 25 minutes to China Keqiao International Textile Noodle Accessories Expo; adjacent to Mr. Lu Xun's former residence, Shen Garden, Wanda Cinemas, Shaoxing Theater, Yue Opera Museum and 2 famous golf courses Attractions and leisure places.

Nearby hotels: Shimao Holiday Hotel Shaoxing

Located in Didang New City, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, there are many high-end office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment venues. It is within easy reach of Lanting, Shenyuan, and Zhou Enlai's former residence. It is only 8 minutes away from the city passenger transportation center. convenient. It is only a 50-minute drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which allows people to easily travel between the Yangtze River Delta region and even travel around the world.


Harbour ningbo

Book collection ancient and modern, Hong Kong through the world

Seeing the softness of Shaoxing, Ningbo, where tranquility and waves intersect, have a different flavor. Feel the deep culture of Ningbo at Tianyi Pavilion, stroll through the old streets of Nantang, experience local life, and travel by river.

Tianyi Pavilion Moon Lake Scenic Area

The 5A-level scenic spot is composed of the Tianyi Pavilion Museum and Yuehu Lake, two core scenic spots, with rich historical resources and profound cultural heritage. Tianyi Pavilion, which radiates 450 years of Han Mo Shuxiang, is China's oldest surviving private house, the first in Asia and the third in the world. It is one of China's top ten historical and cultural buildings.

Yuehu Lake, as Ningbo's mother lake, has been known as "Zou Lu, a country of literature, and a place of education" since ancient times. It has a history of more than 1,400 years and can be described as "a Half of the history of Ningbo's construction is in Moon Lake. "

Nantang Old Street

Between the river, the bridge, the pavilion, and the one, there are densely carved small buildings with large and small green walls and tiles. You can find many old and well-established shops and authentic restaurants in Ningbo in this ancient street, which is mainly in the style of Jiangnan folk houses in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Melaleuca cakes, bean cakes, frozen rice sugar, oil sesame seeds, crystal oil buns ... are all old Ningbo snacks worth trying.

Sanjiang night scene

The Sanjiangkou in the night, the water is rippling, and the lights are full of light. View the ten bridges by boat (Chenglang Bridge, Xingning Bridge, Qin Bridge, Jiangxia Bridge, Ling Bridge, Minjiang Bridge, The Bund Bridge, Xinjiang Bridge, Jiefang Bridge, Yongfeng Bridge) Ten Scenic Spots (Yu Miao Miao, Jiangxia Commercial Port, Shang Gang Relics, Sanjiang Farewell, Bund Situation, Water and Fire Butterfly Love, Mingzhou Former City, Qingshui Qingyuan, Ambilight, Changhong Feidu), Three Rivers and Six Coasts The dazzling lights reflected on the river surface, gorgeous and picturesque, in the wind of the river, the feeling of the city people can not escape.

Nearby Hotels: Crowne Plaza Ningbo Kaizhou

The hotel is located in the center of the city, facing the comprehensive commercial square Tianyi Square and Yaoxing Street Our Lady of Heaven. The comfortable and warm rooms take in the night view of the two, and you can enjoy a moment of quiet time. The grand and elegant European-style lobby is unique in style, as if stepping into a European church. The traffic around the hotel is in all directions, and subway lines 1 and 2 can be directly reached. Line 2 can take you directly to Ningbo Railway Station and Lishe International Airport, all the way. Within three kilometers, you can reach Tianyi Pavilion, Nantang Old Street, Old Bund, Drum Tower and other popular tourist attractions.

Nearby hotels: Ningbo Intercontinental Hotel

Located on the banks of the Xin River, the air is pleasant and the view is wide. Here you can enjoy the 180 ° riverside scenery or overlook the 7,000 square meters of European garden. Enjoy a ray of sunshine, a bottle of wine, and delicacies in front of the floor-to-ceiling window; take a round trip in the fitness center, unload your heart guard in the hydromassage pool, and lose pressure; open-air seafood BBQ in the back garden, enjoy the fun of outdoor cuisine and various interactive games . Meet your intercontinental life in Ningbo Intercontinental.


Xiangshan, Ningbo

Majestic and calm harbour peninsula

The coastline, soft white sand, and a wide variety of seafood, like Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and Hawaii, are located on the golden line of 25 to 30 degrees north latitude.

Follow the waves to the ends of the earth

The Banbian Mountain Scenic Area of ​​the East China Sea is located on the coast of the East China Sea in Shipu Town, Xiangshan County. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and facing the mountain on one side. Mountains, oceans, beaches, islands ... all kinds of strange reefs and rocks, the wonderful island of the sea, the heart of the heart, the heart of the heart, the four seasons and four seasons of the herb garden, self-cultivation Dedonghai Academy, Nanlonghou Garden The sports field ... the tide rises and falls, the space and time flow, the mountains and seas, the Taoyuan, let the sun, the moon, the stars, the green hills, and the green forest awaken the joy in your heart.

Nearby Hotels: Crowne Plaza Ningbo Xiangshan Seaview

The hotel is built near the sea, like a giant dragon lingering on the east coast, looming in the mist of mountains and sea. The hotel is full of unique local mountain and sea fishing culture. The anchor-like lobby, dragon-scale walls, wavy carpets, and the East China Sea are far away from each other through tall floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The boy's fantasy ocean journey quietly began.

The hotel is composed of two parts, the Peak Hotel and the Beach Hotel. Each room has an open balcony, creating an excellent viewing angle, or overlooking the magnificent East China Sea of ​​Lingxiu Mountains, or watching the starry night spins of the starry night, or listening to the sea Enjoy the sea breeze quietly, everything is beautiful during the period.

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