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Revisiting Nantang Old Street-Crossing Centennial Market
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According to media reports, after three years of planning and construction, the second phase of Ningbo Nantang Old Street kicked off on September 26, so I went with my daughter's family to have a fun and enjoy the century-old market, one river, one street and one city Beautiful after transformation. Because "Volkswagen CC" is still in the 4S shop, it can only be reached by taxi. After taking the rental at the west gate of the residential area, follow the southbound alley of Huancheng West Road, go through Xindian Road and Fufeng Road, and soon reach Nantang Old At the west exit of the street, the taxi fare is not much and it is exactly 20 yuan. The second phase of Nantang Old Street is located in the southwest corner of the first phase. The volume of the second phase of Nantang Old Street is three times that of the first phase, including catering and specialty retail. In addition to the first phase of Nantang Old Street, which has already opened, the total length of the old street has reached 1.2 kilometers. According to reports, the second phase of Nantang Old Street will continue the architectural style of the first phase, mainly in the Ming and Qing dynasties, with traditional buildings such as the theater, octagonal pavilion and wind and rain promenade.

The door is almost extinct now, and the little one feels very fresh. He refused to leave for a long time.

The format of the second phase is mainly catering and retail, with a total of more than 100 merchants. Among them, the retail category accounts for about one-third, and the catering industry accounts for about half, including regional specialty catering, light coffee, homestays, Internet cafes, bookstores, galleries and other diversified formats, and leisure health. There are also quite a lot of old things: such as rolling iron rings, hopscotches, etc. also appear in front of tourists.

Many foreign friends also cooperated with businesses to help:

The traditional cuisine is another major feature of the second phase of Nantang Old Street.

The former prosperity of the "Nanmen Three Cities" has reappeared today, and the streets are clean and tidy, and the transportation is convenient. I think it can be compared with Xitang and the ancient town of Nanxun. Today is Saturday again, and there are crowds everywhere, and there are long lines in front of almost every restaurant. Even the front of the shop selling milk tea was crowded.

After eating something unknown that seemed to be a dessert workshop,

As we walked, it was just one o'clock in the afternoon, but many restaurants had already finished dining, and we could only line up to buy a few snacks to fill our stomachs. Although the weather is nearing the autumn of October, the sun is not weak at all, and tourists are almost sweating.

Come and enjoy the old streets in the late autumn. The Nantang River facing the street is very quiet under the blue sky and white clouds. If the relevant departments engage in small cruises on the river, it will definitely add a lot of color to the old street.

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