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2013 National Day Ningbo Zhoushan Self-driving
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Hotels and tickets are booked by Ctrip

There is no congestion on the road, and there is almost no traffic jam.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge


(Heavendas Store at Heyi Avenue was redeemed with Ctrip points)

Ningbo hotel 598 / night with breakfast

Hotel breakfast

Tintin Legend Spicy Hot

(Super delicious location: the hotel goes out over Lingqiao)


The oldest long-span pontoon in Ningbo. It was built in the Tang Dynasty Dongjin Floating Bridge.

Zhoushan Bridge Bridge

Zhujiajian Hotel 550 / night with breakfast (less breakfast)

The hotel looks good and the internal facilities need to be improved.

Hotel balcony shot

Hotel exit, the first farmhouse downhill

(The first meal I ate were the following dishes. The lunch was pretty good. So I decided to continue eating here at night. The dinner here was much worse. For 3 crabs, I saw two crab horns, and when we weighed It's fresh, and it's replaced with dead crabs when it's cooked, and the portion is obviously insufficient)

60 yuan soup, forget the name

100 RMB

80 RMB

300 RMB

150 RMB

The picture below is a seafood family portrait of Nongjiale (look good! Look carefully slaughtered)

Recommended for two days in Sanlian Hotel

Address: No. 6 Jinsha Road, Dadongzhu, Zhujiajian, Zhoushan

The ground floor of this hotel is a designated tourist restaurant. It is very hygienic, the price is cheap, and the taste is very good. Do n’t be afraid of being slaughtered. A lot of seafood too!

Zhujiajian Nansha

Located in the center of Shili Jinsha Scenic Area, the famous Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival is held here.

Sand sculpture

The barbecue at the entrance of Nansha Scenic Area is not bad!

Zhujiajian stayed at another hotel 480 / night recommended early breakfast, the environment is very good, the hotel is built against Wu Shitang

Sea fishing club lobby


The ticket on the left-hand side of the hotel going down the ramp is 40 / person. After 5 pm, you can enter the scenic area without a ticket.

Wushitang Scenic Area is composed of Wushi gravel beach, Zhangzhou harbor, reef promenade, Wuyudongtian, fisherman style, Zhangzhou Bay beach, Yunwu tea garden and other attractions. Wushi gravel beach is 500 meters long and 30 meters wide It is 5 meters high. Whenever the tide rises and falls, the microwave waves in the pond and the "Wutang Tide Sound" is played. The momentum is magnificent and magnificent.


Open-air terrace of the sea fishing club

Sea fishing club hallway


Sea Fishing Club

Impression Putuo

Address: Zhujiajian Impression Putuo Grand Theater (formerly Guanyin Cultural Garden), Zhoushan City

Ordinary seats: 238, VIP seats: 288, distinguished seats: 888

The famous director Zhang Yimou served as the art consultant, the famous director Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue were the general directors, and more than 400 actors and actresses jointly performed the real scenery performance.

The whole performance took the theme elements of big love, kindness, virtue and self-awareness in Buddhist culture to express the common emotions of human society in all times, and to experience the beauty of life through thinking and discovery from different angles.

Haitian Yizhou on the Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Zou Daxian of Jiaxing

1F, Huijin Plaza, 319 Guangyi Road, Nanhu District

No. 452 Youyi Road, Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing

Zou Daxian Foods detoured Jiaxing on the way back to eat this meal

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