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2015 summer vacation Xitang, Xiangshan parent-child three days and two nights tour
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For my family, the summer vacation basically did not take the initiative to go out, because the three of us are too physically weak.

Early this summer's early autumn, this is not the case, it is already very cool near the end of the holiday, so at the invitation of my family, Xiangshan traveled by car, plus our professional aunts and sons, a group of 8 people happened to have two cars.

As a guide, it took more than three hours to drive from Shanghai to Xiangshan. My dad decisively proposed to add a night tour to the ancient town of Xitang.

Xitang, Xiangshan three days and two nights tour!


Live: Xitang Liren Garden Hotel (280 yuan / room, Ctrip official website)

Xiangshan Lanling Hotel (RMB 398 / room, Ctrip official website)

Eat: around 1200 yuan

Transportation (round trip): The fuel fee is about 400 yuan / car, and the toll is about 480 yuan / car.

Tickets: 1. Xitang: (we chose to enter for free after 8 o'clock because we arrived late)
Night tour tickets: 50 yuan / person, starting on sale after 15:00.

Cruise ticket: Sunday-Thursday, there are individual tickets for the day, 20 yuan / person, chartered boat 150 yuan / boat. 30 yuan / person for non-day tickets, 250 yuan / boat for charter; Friday, Saturday, national holidays, the cost of tourists with tickets is exactly the same, 40 yuan / person for non-day tickets, including The cost of the boat is 280 yuan / ship.
Preferential instructions: Children below 1.2 meters are free of charge; children from 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters are half tickets, half tickets for seniors over 50 years old. Tips: Online reservations can be cheaper.

2. Baixi rafting 100 yuan / person

DAY1 Xitang (homestay, bar)

Xitang Ancient Town belongs to Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, and is located at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The ancient name Xietang, Pingchuan, is one of the six ancient towns in Jiangnan. It is 90 kilometers from Shanghai in the east, 110 kilometers from Hangzhou in the west, 85 kilometers from Suzhou in the north, and 9 kilometers from Jiashan County in the south. [1] The total area of ​​the town of Xitang is 83.61 square kilometers, of which the ancient town area is 1.04 square kilometers and the population is nearly 86,000. Xitang has a long history, rich human resources, and beautiful natural scenery. It is one of the birthplaces of ancient Wuyue culture. As early as the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Wu and Yue were the places where the two countries intersected, so they were called "Wu Genyuejiao" and "Yuejiao People". On October 8, 2003, it was included in the first batch of famous historical and cultural towns in China jointly evaluated by the Ministry of Construction and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. In 2011, the millennium ancient town of Xitang was included in the preliminary list of world historical and cultural heritage, and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Historical and Cultural Protection by the United Nations. [1] China's first batch of historical and cultural towns, China's AAAA-level tourist scenic spot, the most charming film and television base in the countryside.

18:00 After breakfast and dinner, each family will set off (if we implement a two-and-a-half day rest system, we can leave early)

19:10 Navigate to the door of the ancient town of Xitang, but the boss told him to enter the ancient town after 8 o'clock without tickets. Helpless to drive around, I met a group of Shanghainese bosses at the intersection ahead to pick them up. I heard that I could walk through the back door, so I followed them decisively.

The scene of the drama came, and after reaching the lap of the boss, they arrived at their homestay. At this time, it was 5 minutes before 8 o'clock. Our boss called and it turned out that we had arrived at the homestay in the country. No wonder we saw someone outside the homestay. (Vaguely heard the boss said, "Then don't order it, do you order it ...?). It's really not possible to steal chicken to get rice on credit. I knew I was waiting obediently.

At 20:10, I entered the guesthouse. The owner was very good. When we picked us up, we had to look at the terrain first because there was no parking space nearby, so we stopped decisively in the neighborhood where they lived.

We walked through a little lane to the hotel, and when we saw the rattan basket inside, the boys began to go to the evening. This courtyard is ours tonight.

Special round bed room, sleep as you want.

After I settled in, I started shopping, various chicken feet, trotters, beer, snacks.

Bar Street, with all kinds of high inside, I like it very much, but my sister can't stand this thunderous music.

After leaving Bar Street, the ancient town at night is still very quiet.

DAY2 Xiangshan (Jiaoxixiasha, Chinese fishing village, ancient harbor city, seafood street)

Xiangshan County is a county under the jurisdiction of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is located on the coast of the East China Sea, on the southern edge of the Yangtze River Delta region, and on the eastern coast of Zhejiang Province. It is located between Xiangshan Port and Sanmen Bay. In the second year of Tang Shenlong (AD 706), the county was named Xiangshan because there are mountains in the northwest of the county "like elephants". It is composed of 608 islands and reefs in the east of Xiangshan Peninsula and the coast. The land area is 1175 square kilometers, the sea area is 5350 square kilometers, and the coastline is 800 kilometers, accounting for one sixth of the coastline in Zhejiang Province. It has 10 towns, 5 townships and 3 sub-districts, with a registered population of 503,300 in Xiangshan. [1]

I woke up early in the morning.

Happy, happy!

Departure at 8:00, breakfast in the ancient town, the shops in the ancient town opened so early, tourists on the street have been endless.

Have a good breakfast and stroll around a little bit, I feel that the breakfast across the river is more favorable.

Departure at 9:30, arrive at Xiangshan Lanling Hotel at 12:00 (driving time: 3 hours). I was excited when I did n’t take a photo, and then I used the hotel exterior on Ctrip.

The hotel has connecting rooms, one double bed and one double bed, baby loves it. (This is the hotel map on Ctrip)

After settling down, I went to the old place for seafood lunch. The owner was very beautiful and gentle, and it has been a local shop for decades.

After eating, I thought of taking photos and discs. 6 dishes and 1 side, the price of 270 yuan is very close to the people.

Depart for the beach after siesta. Juexiaxiasha Beach recommended by the hotel owner!

Crotch hem, close to the sea!

The sea water is warm and very comfortable!

It hasn't been developed yet, so few people, the beach is very clean, and the sand is very fine, that is, the seawater is not blue enough. The Hilton Hotel is still under construction.

Borrowing the light of the sea-view room reception center, gazebos, amusement facilities are all available, free of charge, all for free!

Have a good time at the beach and reluctantly leave for Shipu.

In the evening the fishing boats came ashore.

Arrived at 6 o'clock in the ancient town, and the old man at the door looked at the ticket check, and our group of 8 people were tourists. No choice but to follow the locals and walk to the ancient town from the path behind the door.

Qian Zhuang in the ancient town, that abacus is big!

Many of the conch pots here are beautiful. Conch flower pots range from 10 to

Go shopping in the ancient town and eat at Seafood Street in front

Many stores have their own parking spaces. After comparison, I finally chose sister seafood.

The live octopus, the flexibility of that claw, couldn't catch it at all.

This time I ’m good at school, I ’ll take a photo!

A table slowly, 700 yuan. After eating, I had to pack supper.

The children love shells very much, and the boss also deliberately found two conch in each house, but the children were happy!

After eating at 9 o'clock, I went back to the Chinese fishing village. It's too late. Don't buy tickets. I heard that tickets are free before 7am. It should be a good place to watch the sunrise here. There are many people in the tents. Is it just watching the sunrise?

DAY3 Xiangshan, Baixi (Lingyan Mountain Scenic Area, Xiangshan Film and Television City, Baixi River Rafting, Return to Home)

Lingyan Mountain is located in the southwestern part of the Xiangshan Peninsula. It belongs to the area of ​​Sizhoutou Town. It is close to Crab Tong Port, 19.6 kilometers away from Dancheng Town, and 74.6 kilometers away from Ningbo City. The scenic area is a subtropical monsoon humid climate, with four distinct seasons, sufficient sunshine, warm and humid, and abundant rainfall. Surrounded by mountains, the trees are lush, the mountains are clear, the trees are lush, the vegetation is intact, and the mountains, forests, and valleys have the charm of the original ecology.

Admission: Free

The two-hour drive allows us to appreciate the 18th bend of the mountain road!

The undeveloped attractions are primitive, and the mountain road is quite good.

Encounter crew shooting

Plane wreckage!

Look at this scene, and pass through in an instant!

It's not easy to make a TV. Take a picture, there are fiftieth or sixty people.

Because of the shooting, I won't let you go to the top of the mountain, so I will rest in their base.

After climbing the mountain, I decided to take a walk around Xiangshan Film and Television City. I had a hurry and took a picture to leave.

At 13:30, everyone didn't want to go home, so they decided to take the next spot, Zhejiang East Grand Canyon.

(Today ’s itinerary is a bit taken for granted, so if I go back, it would be smoother if Xiangshan Film and Television City first, then Lingyan Mountain, and then Baixi rafting)

It took 2 hours to traverse the mountains and ridges, and I only ate dry food in the car, and finally arrived near the Grand Canyon at 3:30. See Baixi Drifting first, okay, stop the canyon, let's talk about drifting first.

100 yuan / person, there is no discount for 1.2 meters or more. This rafting started a little irritating. The kayak was full of water. The others were small drops and very little, so the stimulus was not enough, but the surrounding environment was OK. Rowing in it is good for fighting water. Bathing and changing clothes are arranged in the bathroom of the hotel opposite. Basically there is no hot water, which is very inconvenient.

At 17:30, he returned to his warm home and drove all the way while the sky was still bright. Dinner was eaten at the rest station, and arrived at the cozy home at 10:00.

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