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One day after climbing to the top of the mountain, stepping on the top of the mountain in two days ----- 2015 "May 1" self-driving travel
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The three-day May Day holiday, once again free high-speed traffic, is bound to be turbulent traffic.

A month ago, I did my homework, went to the mountains and wild forests, to the corner of Jijia, looking for the happiness that belongs to us!

To avoid congestion, we concentrated early in the old place at Pinghu service area at 6:30.

All the way down the Shenhai Expressway, I was at 9:30 at the foot of the Siming Mountain in Yuyao; Xiaopan from Taizhou came out at about the same time, but unfortunately encountered a traffic jam. When we had reached the top, he arrived slowly.

After listening to the report, someone went to Chongming to play and was blocked in the Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge for 6 hours. Imagine if there was any fun at all in this case; therefore, during holidays, especially the troubled free traffic, you must try to get as early as possible .

The first stop of this self-driving is Yuyao's first peak --- Qinghu Bent Post.

According to the online strategy, there are three roads to go up the mountain. We chose the shortest route, Huang Haitian. We found that the road was wrong. This is a video we took when we went the wrong way.

Along the way, when I saw some local cars, they just found a place, walked or barbecued locally, but few people climbed the mountain, so they couldn't ask for directions.

Later, in Huanghaitian, we saw several locals who were digging bamboo shoots to ask about Qinghuwangang. They were also unclear. Asked Huanghaitian Forest Farm, they told us to go down the mountain and go a little further. Huanghaitian Forest Farm can also go to Qinghuwangang. .

Arrived at the Huanghaitian Forest Farm and saw many local vehicles camping here in tents, but no one climbed the mountain, they just sat on the grass and had a picnic; they asked the staff of the forest farm, and the back of the forest farm was the green tiger bend.

Unexpectedly, there is such a beautifully constructed forest farm office building in this remote and quiet mountain stream.

According to the requirements of the forest farm staff, we parked the car on the side of the road, not on the green lawns on both sides.

Following the guidance of the forest farm staff, we started climbing along a trail leading to the mountain behind the office building.

According to reports, Qinghuwangang is the first peak in Ningbo. It is full of green mountains, pine waves, and wild precious animals such as pangolins, otters, red-crowned cranes, and white cranes. It is a good place for many "donkey friends" to climb and climb.

A group of children cheering and walking in front of the team

The whole mountain is our team marching

After climbing for about half an hour, there was news from the front and there was no way out;

Some of the guys in the team and I went to the front to explore, and there really was no way out; some people said that when I went up the mountain, I saw a small road on the left; I went too fast and didn't probe the forest farm staff carefully; I followed the children blindly .

This is the end, let the elderly and children and physically weak people withdraw first; others continue to climb.

We groped in the dense forest and walked forward. The grass on both sides was deep in the dense forest, covered with thatched thorns, and our hands were often stabbed by thorns. After about an hour of hard marching, the pioneering LM finally heard an excited call and reached the top of the mountain. Now, see the road.

Everyone cheered, their strength multiplied, and all of them went to the ridge on the top of the mountain.

The struggling old m climbed to the top of the mountain and collapsed to the ground instantly.

The ridge trail runs from east to west, and the symbol of the peak ---- the abandoned old blockhouse should be east or west, without direction. Fortunately, there is a signal on the mobile phone. Green Tiger Bend Post is marked on the Baidu map. Lili found that she should go west after positioning by the mobile phone. Walking in the large pine forest in the ridge of the team, the green trees are walking west, and the spacing is wide. The distance between the forests and the breeze is so good that it is pleasant and sweeps away the fatigue just now.

After walking for a while, I saw a trail running down the mountain. This should be the way down the mountain, and it should be the way up the mountain.

As we walked up and down the mountain, Lili looked at her mobile phone and said, “The green tiger turned to the back of us; at this moment, I suddenly noticed that there was a road on the right leading to the west, and then I went to explore the road and walk for a while. , Two abandoned bunkers suddenly appeared in front of my eyes, and yelled excitedly with the intercom: I saw the bunkers!

This pleasure and thrill cannot be enjoyed in a regular ticketing attraction.

The two bunkers were built during the Cultural Revolution in response to Chairman Mao ’s call for “deep digging, extensive grain accumulation, and no hegemony”. The air defense shelters were dug in the country during the year of construction. Zhejiang is located along the coast. Counter-offensive mission

Pulling a rope from the tree to the bunker, 31 people came this time.

It's lunch time. In the blue sky in the white clouds in the sun, we are eating the Xinjiang dill dipping sauce and telling jokes along the way. Many of the team usually wear suits and shoes, go in and out of high-rises, and are sitting in a state of danger! Metropolitans who are usually stressed out at work need such opportunities to vent and release.
Picnic scene video
What is it? After lunch, along the trail just found, I walked very smoothly to the forest farm under the mountain; without the tribulations I had just ascended, I couldn't realize the ease when I descended; everyone didn't regret the bush of thorns that I walked up the mountain. Without friends going up the mountain, I took a rest in the green area near the forest farm under the mountain to play with Tai P in Taizhou because of the traffic jam. Erbao and a big yellow dog are playing happily. At this time, his classic action LJC glasses seemed to become a common prop. Last time he used tea for aunt Li Wenyi to give a speech to Erbao to play with dogs. Go to Shipunshan or Admiralty. Climbing the Red Buddha Temple in December last year, due to time constraints, did not climb to the top of Shipun Mountain, at that time I would like to say a word. In less than half a year, I have come to fulfill my promise. According to the navigation instructions, I didn't find the way to Admiralty Mountain on the side of the highway. I had previously asked the employees at the forest farm. He said that the road was not far, but it was more difficult to find. When we reached the top of Red Foshan in December, we used a mobile phone to locate on the machine-cultivated road. At that time, it showed the area of ​​"Xiamen Line, Gaoshan Village". No encounter with machine-tilled roads' is estimated to be a positioning bias. I saw a local BMW car diagonally plugged in from a dirt road next to the highway. I felt a bit similar in orientation. I asked the BMW driver at the time and he said he went to the tip of Siming Mountain. Called Siming Shanjian. I remember when we saw the sign at the Red Buddha Temple, we called the Shipun Mountain or Admiralty Mountain-the main peak of Siming Mountain. So we decided to go back up the hill from here on the BMW route. Video of uphill shot by driving recorder, note: only watch on computer. On the way, I saw many locals grilling here. After inquiries, I learned that the tip of Siming Mountain is the end of Jinzhong Mountain. We parked the car in an open space and started climbing from the fire belt into the Siming Mountain, also known as Jinzhong Mountain. , Is the main peak of Siming Mountain in Zhejiang Province, and is located on the border of Yinzhou and Yuyao, Ningbo. It is also said that the Shipun Mountain is 12 meters higher than Jinzhong Mountain, which should be the main peak of Siming Mountain. However, Jinzhong Mountain has historical allusions, so the iron shelf of the main peak The road from Admiralty Mountain to Admiralty Mountain is relatively easy to walk. It is basically carried out in the pine forest, and the slope is not large. It is obviously easier than less than one hour to see the peak of Admiralty Mountain. Standing on the summit of Admiralty Mountain, looking around, the peaks at the foot are different in shape;
Standing on the top of the mountain and watching the scenery is a wisdom of life. Only by giving ourselves a future in the heart, can we have hope, and have the motivation to work for it. A five-star red flag on the iron frame flutters in the wind, the national measurement mark on the peak, to take a group photo. See the video saying: It's easy to go down the mountain and difficult to go down the mountain. The road is slippery. It's all gravel and sand. If you accidentally go down, WJJ is a big bird. It slides straight down to the mountain. Fortunately, it was held by LM and scared WJJ. To cry without tears. The pigs held Yingshanhong in their hands. It was a beautiful day to climb two mountains and conquered the first peak of Ningbo and the first peak of Luzhou. I applaud our potential. Again, there is no pressure without oil, and people have no pressure to flutter; the strength and potential of people are released in the process of conquering themselves. That night stayed in Xinchang's Rifa Hotel Apartment xujainzhong 2015.5.6

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