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Worship of Jin'e Temple
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The Jin'e Temple is located at the foot of the Jin'e Mountain in the southern suburbs of Ningbo, that is, in the hillside of Jin'e Village, Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District, 35 kilometers away from Ningbo City.
Founded in the first year of the Dali Period of the Tang Dynasty (766), has a long history of more than 1,200 years

The Golden Echan Temple was built during the Tang Dynasty, and the incense has stretched for more than a thousand years. The streams around the temple and the ancient trees are towering. It is indeed a rare Buddhist gate, but due to historical reasons, the original buildings in the temple have been destroyed. Today, in order to reproduce the old style of the ancient temple, the elders and relevant experts have repeatedly demonstrated that the architectural style of the temple is determined by the Tang Dynasty, and it can climb the quiet and remote geographical environment of the temple and have a long history of humanities and nature. Chimera

Many senior officials and literati of all ages went to Ji Shou's rituals and Buddhas, and wrote poems and compliments. In the late Southern Song Dynasty, the Japanese monk Nan Pu Shaoming studied law in the temple. During the Republic of China, Mrs. Klee of Germany, Miss Beckney of the United States, and Chiang Kai-shek's original wife, Mao Fumei, etc. had lived in the temple for a long time. The delegation came to worship at Jin'e Temple.

bus routes:

Take No. 126 in the urban area to Hengxi Town Government, then transfer to No. 611 and get off at Jin'esi Station

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