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Ningbo Xikou Self-Driving Tour from Shanghai (Lu Shu)
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It's time for team building again. A colleague wanted to fly to Xiamen, but was rejected because of exceeding the standard. Finally, I decided to go to Ningbo and Xikou under my initiative. The main destination is Xikou (the former home of Xuedou Mountain and the Jiang Family). I chose to stay in Ningbo for one night. One is that Ningbo has more accommodation options, and the other is that Ningbo's nightlife is more lively.

Departing from Shanghai this morning, take the S4 莘 Fengjin Expressway to Hangpu Expressway (part of the G15 Shenhai Expressway) to the Hangzhou Bay Bridge (the interchange of the G15 Shenhai Expressway Bridge seems to be building a road and was forced to bypass the S7. One paragraph). Colleagues from foreign countries have not been to the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, so they decided to stop at the observation platform, the so-called "Haitian Yizhou", for viewing. Honestly, there is nothing to look at in this sea of ​​birds, sea and sky. (Think of the highlights of the sea water in the Hangzhou Bay of Huanghuang. Strangely, there are actually hotels inside. It is hard to imagine what kind of people would I choose such a hotel for the night), but the charges are not soft: first pay the high-speed fee of the previous section, and then pay the parking fee when you come out. There are two tickets, one is the observation tower (60 yuan) It is closed indoors, one is a viewing platform, and it is outdoor, but the altitude is low (another 60 yuan). There is a discount for buying coupons, and the price is 100 yuan. On this day, due to the haze, almost nothing was visible on the observation tower on the 18th floor, except for the bridge in front. As for whether the 3D paintings in the observation tower have the effect of attracting tourists, I also doubt it.

Coming out of "Haitian Yizhou", continue to kill Ningbo directly along the highway. The hotel in Ningbo chose the Crowne Plaza Kaizhou near Tianyi Square. This hotel seems to be a bit long, but it is acceptable, mainly because it is close to the city center and convenient. I did not expect to have a small problem when I checked in: one European intern did not bring the original passport, but only a copy. But the front desk of the hotel had to look at his Chinese visa, saying that it was a requirement of the Public Security Bureau (Is there such a requirement? Doubtful.). After repeated disputes were invalid, a compromise was reached, telling the front desk to send the photos of the visa to the phone that night. So I checked in (but the hotel staff finally checked the visa photos in accordance with the principle, I doubt it).

After check-in, walk to the nearby "Tian Ge Bi" Ningbo side dish restaurant for lunch. A colleague from Shanghai commented that the name of the restaurant should be read in Shanghai dialect. I think the dishes of "Ting Ge Bi" are barely passable, not bad, but they are also particularly picky (perhaps because I don't like the thick red sauce or sweet mimi dishes in Jiangsu and Zhejiang).

After lunch, walk along the old bund of Ningbo. Walking to the Sanjiangkou, everyone thinks that the Bund is not so good-looking, far worse than the Bund. So take a taxi to "Tianyi Pavilion" (30 yuan ticket, but it is an earthy price). Several Chinese people are inexperienced. Looking at Tianyi Pavilion, they are all of the type of walking around, not to mention the two foreigners who have little knowledge of Chinese culture. Ask foreigners, is Shanghai Yuyuan more interesting, or is Tianyi Pavilion fun? The foreigner replied that the Yu Garden in Shanghai is better. Tianyi Pavilion does not seem to be a pure mansion of Fan Qin. It also contains a mahjong exhibition hall and a stage. The mahjong exhibition hall attracted foreign curiosity, and the luxury of the stage surprised a few Chinese people.

Coming out of Tianyi Pavilion to find tea in the tea room, I did not expect that because it was the Ningbo taxi driver's shift (about 4 o'clock in the afternoon), I could not get a car for a long time. After waiting for more than forty minutes, they only drove two cars to the Qingyuan Tea House beside the Moon Lake. The decoration of this tea house is okay, and the tea fee is charged. The cheapest tea is 78 yuan per person. This price includes snacks such as noodles, ravioli, and fruits. Be considered a more common business model. Unexpectedly, the price of 78 yuan made foreigners fuss.

Several Chinese people got together and the first idea was to play cards. So began "landlord." The two foreigners looked at each other with interest, and asked questions from time to time. Selling cakes. Teaching foreign landlords how to "fight the landlords" is still a little difficult, not to mention to the extent that they can immediately fight on the field. However, don't say that, this way of playing slaps is also enjoyable.
The fight turned dark at night and turned to the side of Hollodi to practice his voice until late at night.

The next morning, he set off to kill Xikou in the suburbs of Ningbo (about 40 kilometers from the center of Ningbo). The traffic in Ningbo is also a mess (it seems that the subway is also being repaired). Tossed for nearly an hour to reach the visitor center at the foot of Xuedou Mountain (the road is also being built in Xikou Town). Another set of geese plucking: first collect parking fees, then tickets. In fact, there is a provincial road crossing Xuedou Mountain. Is it necessary to buy a ticket to drive this provincial road? The composition of the tickets is this: 120 yuan for Xuedou Mountain, 30 yuan for transportation (up to the mountain to take a scenic bus), 120 yuan for the Jiang's former residence, if you buy a joint ticket, the price is 230 yuan (including transportation) . When they come, they are slaughtered. The foreigner half-jokingly shouted to the staff at the counter in unskilled Chinese: "Too expensive! Too expensive!" But what's the use? !! Considering that we arrived late, it was almost eleven o'clock, so we gave up visiting the former residence of the Jiang family (again, the two foreigners did n’t even know why Chiang Kai-shek did n’t know, and the tour was a white tour). Buy tickets uphill.

The entire Xuedou Mountain is surrounded by thick fog, and nothing can be seen. The visibility on the mountain road is only 10 meters. I was sweating deeply for the bus driver, and at the same time I was very upset about climbing the mountain in such weather. The bus went around the mountain road, and the driver didn't slow down! !! First stop at Xuedou Temple (visitors can choose to get off here, but this is not a good choice), and then continue to the entrance to Sanyintan. Most tourists get off at Sanyintan and stop moving forward. We chose to transfer to Xujingyan Scenic Area. Since no one else was going to Xu Yanyan, we had to wait for a while before we got to the driver. After getting off at the entrance of Xujingyan Scenic Area, the staff was waiting boredly for tourists to come.

The fog is still diffuse. Seeing nothing is really awkward. Follow the signs along the field path towards the waterfall, and there are crystal dew hanging on the branches of the road. At the waterfall entrance of Xu Queyan, there were several elders on foot resting. They directed us down the so-called "step cloud ladder" and said, "You can enjoy the panoramic view of the waterfall." We knew that it was just a good wish. Such a thick fog, let alone seeing the panorama, can see the trickle of water. As for the so-called "buyun ladder", it is for the convenience of ordinary tourists that artificially made something similar to a staircase in a building on a cliff without road. Some netizens said that this game seemed too weird, but, as you can imagine, without this weird thing, how many more paths do you have to take to see the waterfall. From the "Buyun Ladder", it is necessary to take a ten-minute mountain road to really get down to the foot of the waterfall. As expected, except for the small pond in front of your feet, what waterfall? I can only listen to the sound to imagine. Do people win? How to win in such a situation?

Return to the place where you got off along the original road. I just said we had to wait for our car to leave. Ask the staff at the door when the next bus will come, and answer half an hour later. We don't have enough time, so we can't afford to be bored. So the staff asked the driver below to ask him to come up earlier. The crowd was waiting in the mist-locked mountain. Anyway, after more than ten minutes, I heard the sound of the engine coming from the fog.

It's lunch time to get to Sanyintan Scenic Area by car. There is a restaurant in front of the scenic area. Usually such restaurants are expensive and unpalatable. But at this time, there is no choice. Fortunately, the price of this restaurant is fair, not all dishes are 50 to 60, the most valuable thing is that the taste is also good. We talked a lot and thought the first reason was that the ingredients were good. For example, a plate of fried brook fish was eaten up and we had to add a plate. Any chef, if you do n’t have good ingredients, you will burn out just MSG and other spices.

Sacrifice the Five Zang Temple and enter the scenic area. The fog still did not dissipate. A colleague said that such a fog is perfect for such a scene. The problem is that you can't see anything. Just dimly forward. Although there are not many tourists, there are still some. Although China has been reforming and opening up for such a long time, Ningbo is also a developed area, but tourists are still curious to see two foreign colleagues. Coupled with the two living treasures, when they saw that the children also liked to show off Chinese, it even caused some tourists to give pointers to the two foreigners. Only I still can't see sadness and anger.

Objectively speaking, whether it is Xu Yanyan or Sanyintan, the scenery is still decent, which is in line with the original intention of running the lungs to appreciate the greens over the weekend, but as some netizens describe, "the extraordinary" is still far away. Barely count as "Xiaojiabiyu". Adding this fog ...

The whole Sanyintan takes a small train from the entrance of the scenic spot. People who walk quickly can be an hour, and the whole road is relatively easy to walk. On the platform of the small train, the foreigner rushed directly into the car and was stopped by the staff to buy a ticket (the small train plus the cable car behind it totaled 50 yuan). The foreigner mumbled: "It's expensive! It's expensive!" Helplessly bought a ticket. If Europeans come to China, they really can't adapt to it: collecting money everywhere --- tolls, parking fees, and natural scenery are also circled to collect expensive tickets. Think of a paragraph: What country is the worst for Chinese?

The small train is monorail and travels slowly. I don't know what the original intention of repairing this little train was. Maybe to save tourists a few steps. Because the scenery of the section where the small train passes is really very general. After getting off the small train, I walked for a few minutes on the mountain road (in fact, there are few steps, I don't know why some netizens say that this road is very tiring), and then I got to the ropeway station. In fact, you can see the ropeway and its next stop after getting off the train. In the middle, the so-called Yangzhi Bridge passing under Qianzhang Rock was standing on the bridge and looking up at Qianzhang Rock, so Yangzhi. There is a waterfall hanging on Qianzhang Rock, and the fog is a little bit distracted at this time, so it looks real. But I really want to say that Qian Zhangyan has more momentum, and it's not even enough. The cable car basically saves people from Qianzhangyan to Yanshan these mountain roads. The cable car went up, and there was a stream of water on the Myoko platform after coming down. This wading water is the origin of "Snow Dou Mountain"-"There are milk peaks on the mountain, milk peaks have sinus, water comes out of the sinus, and it is white as milk. Therefore, the spring is called Ruquan, the sinus is called snow sinus, and the mountain is also named" .

The Sanyintan Scenic Area is out of Miaogaotai via Qianzhangyan Waterfall. At this time, you can either see "Zhang Xueliang's Forbidden Land" or you can see the Great Maitreya. The two foreigners didn't even know Chiang Kai-shek, let alone Zhang Xueliang, let's just look at the Buddha. It was nearly four o'clock in the afternoon, and it was dim and it was raining lightly. I hurriedly walked past this new cluster of Xuedou Temple (this temple was built in 2009, it is estimated that in addition to the huge Buddha, the construction of the entire temple is also expensive, because it can be seen that the entire temple has a very fine workmanship, in the main hall The decoration is also a bit like the Wuxi Lingshan Vatican Palace. East Zhejiang is a rich place, but it is not short of money.) Then it went down.

No mention of returning to Shanghai at night.

Oil: 700 yuan toll: Shanghai 30 * 2, Zhejiang 135 * 2
Accommodation: Crowne Plaza Hotel RMB 698 Tickets: 60 + 30 + 150 RMB

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